Loreto Secondary School, Kilkenny

The Moon

To the Moon and Back
That is what I said my love for you was
But now I can barely keep track
My Heart is only made out of glass

And if this love of ours ever fell
Only the Moon could ever tell
For it watches over us all
And for it will recall
The words you made me admit
The Moon is lovely, isn’t it?


The Rebirth of Dreams

They say your life begins the day your child is born,
But will that statement become selfish?
As the sun get brighter
And the storms get stronger
Why would I drag an innocent into it,

My dream is to raise someone who dreams,
But how can I be certain they will have the opportunity to dream the same,
Dream to travel
Dream for adventure..
It may never become reality.


Girls oh Girls

Girls, oh girls, with hearts so bright,
Striving for perfection, day and night.
They hide their sorrows, with a smile so wide,
But beneath the surface, their pain resides.

Their laughter and joy, a carefully crafted mask,
Concealing the hurt, they dare not ask.
They put on a show, a perfect disguise,
But their tears fall silently, in the night’s disguise.

They strive for excellence, in every way,
But their worth is measured, by each passing day.
They push and push, with all their might,
But their happiness, is just out of sight.

So they put on a brave face, and carry on,
But their hearts are heavy, and their spirit is gone.
For they fear to fail, and fear to be wrong,
And so they hide their sadness, all day long.

But oh, how I wish, they could see,
That perfection is not, the key to be.
That it’s okay to be sad, and it’s okay to cry,
And that true strength, lies in being real, and not in denying.


Leopard Print

Leopard print is like love
It’s complicated but beautiful
It comes in and out depending on the season
It has dark mysterious patches that end with beaming gold

Leopard print is like love
It resembles freedom but may become suffocating if too many layers
It resembles confidence but might be lost if taken away
It resembles attachment you’d kill to have to but sometimes you need to let it go

Leopard print is like love
You cannot change love
as a leopard can’t change their spots.


High Horse

When you sit on your high horse
Your feet don’t reach the ground
Your chin is held high
But you rock from side to side
Craving stability
Fearing the fall
The inevitable tumble
a lifetime of choking on the air that tries to slow your plummet
Until you hit the floor
The confidence knocked out of your lungs
But it’s not until you coax yourself to your feet
That you realise you stand tall enough on your own.


What truly matters?

They say to dream big and never give up .
Always get back up again .
Never let anyone stop you from following your passion.
But what happens if you don’t know what your passion actually is .
I mean everyone wants to do something big
and great with their life
but to that I say ‘how big is big’ and ‘how great is great.


Late nights

How can I express those feelings
and thoughts that come to my head
those late nights at 3 am?
Going to bed after a very long day,
out down town with your friends
Had a great time an can’t justify
why Im feeling this upset?
I try to sleep to escape those thoughts,
the ones that me bringing me back
to when I was young.


On weekends

I want to be free ,
To relax with
just you and me .
But seeing dad
I’m not so keen ,
Some time away
is what I mean.


Saturday Night

A true Saturday night , oh so divine,
Filled with laughter , love , and wine.
The stars shone bright ,the music played,
As we danced the night away, in a daze.

The fireflies flitted,like sparks in the night ,
As we sat beneath the starry light.
We sipped our drinks,and savoured the taste,
Our hearts filled with joy, our love in place.

The world outside, a distant hum,
As we lived in this moment ,numb.
Our love, a flame ,that burned so bright,
A true Saturday night, a pure delight.


A friend to all

is a friend to none,
Choose two girls, choose the one
When you are young they assume
you know nothing.


Cheese and Ham

In a land of cheese and ham,
Lived a man who loved to jam,
He played his guitar all day,
And danced in a silly way.
His hair was wild, his clothes were bright,
He laughed and sang with all his might,
His neighbors thought he was insane,
But he just smiled and played again.
So if you’re feeling down and blue,
Just dance and sing like he would do,
And soon you’ll find your heart is light,
And everything will be all right!



My stomach is growling,
I’m very hungry.
I won’t make it to lunch,
Get me some munch,
Need something to crunch,
But I forgot my lunch


I am a girl

I am a girl,
I am afraid of boys,
Afraid of what they could do,
I see the news of young girls being raped,
And I pray to God,
So that doesn’t happen to my sister, my mother and me,
And pray for other young girls that doesn’t happen to them,
And to the girls it happened to.


My heart bleeds

Without him,
like he’s a pin making it bleed

The worlds gone quiet and still like water,
I dont feel like a daughter nor a friend to anyone.

My eyes are all cried out,
almost like a drought.

Yet he’s not gone,
but he treats you like his pon.


Failure is part of life

It’s great to have people around to celebrate our triumphs,
but it’s extraordinary to have someone who is there for you
even when things go wrong, willing to jump in the mud with you.
You will never feel completely ready to face what scares you;
our brains are programmed to protect us.

But change means taking risks,
and risk is key to moving forward.
The price we pay for the process is pain,
something many avoid,
but without pain there is no change,
and without change there is no progress.
Staying in your comfort zone
will not take you anywhere you don’t know,
nor will it teach you the mistakes
that bring you closer to success.



Will do each others curls
But stab each other in the back
And respect and loyalty will lack.

Can be the biggest liars
Hearing the roomers is like pulling teeth out with a pliers
You can’t trust many because there fake
They will take your name and ruin it just for the sake.


Just a Girl

I sleep on my alarm
My jumpers on backwards
My tan is patchy
I’m just a girl

I fight with my brother
Do bad in a test
Forget my locker key
I’m just girl

I ate too much
Have bad cramps
I’m feeling sad
I’m just a girl

My friends start judging me
The boys are slagging me
My mother won’t talk to me
I’m just a girl.


Toe to Toe

Class to class, bitch to bitch
Same thing every day
No matter what you ever do or say
I watched the clock tick
God I’ve never felt so sick