Loreto College, St Stephen’s Green, Dublin.

Broken World

A tank drove over a car,
Like it was a pebble on the road.
And people gather underground,
They listen to screams and thuds above.

Last week they could go for a walk,
Laugh, dance, work, live.
But now they huddle together and gaze at the faces
If those they love wondering if it’s for the last time.
And not so far away,

We walk our dogs for morning coffee,
Do wordle and read the news,
Shaking our heads and moving on.
Because the world is broken,
And there is nothing I can do.

Life Of Chaos

A life full of chaos yet there they stand,
Surrounded by competition and expectation,
Superseded to be something,
Someone of significance
Someone of representation.

Yet inside,
Something twists and turns,
Screaming to get out,
But yet there it lies hiding,
Hiding alone.


Fluffy brown hair, shimmers in the sun
Always energetic to go on a run
Seeks friends to play with while out and about
Loves to cuddle with her small brown snout
She’s always there if you need a friend
She’ll be with you until the end
I love my dog more than anything else
If I didn’t have her, I wouldn’t be myself


Love is something that people look for.
It’s something that people dream about.
You read about it in fairy tales and watch it in movies.
Where the rich man falls in love with the poor woman.
It’s everyone’s personal mission to find love,
So when they can’t, they use the word
In a lot more ways when describing things or food.
When they realise they might not find love
In a partner they get angry.

Anger is the most powerful emotion.
It makes you act out before you can
Think about what you’re doing,
And you don’t regret doing
It until you see them upset,
Like how you are.
But if people just open there eyes,
You will realise that the best love you can get is from a friend
Who has been there throughout everything,
Not from a person that they just met a few months ago


He woke up that morning
No expression on his face
I’m not sure what he’s thinking
When am I sure these days
Hours passed
But in his presence it felt like days
As we sat in silence
Listening to the wind’s whistle and the tree’s sways

A Mother

I don’t want to be a mother
I don’t want to be a mother
Not because I’m an independent woman
With big dreams and ambitions
But because it seems selfish to bring someone
Into a world filled with such pain and judgment

A world that destroyed me
Leaving a body of matter slowly decaying
A broken shell of a person
I don’t want to be a mother

Not because I am incapable
But because I can’t bear seeing my child need me less and less
While I need them more and more
Until one day they will only visit me out of obligation
My existence – a chore.

The Power of Shutting Up

Words have always been incredibly powerful.
Persuading populations,
Inciting revolutions,
Creating nations.

And in this age of technology even more so.
But the most powerful thing in the world,
That nobody talks about…
Is the power of shutting up.

Not everything has to be commented on.
You are no better for having posted a black square,
You are no braver for posting popular opinions,
You are no smarter for having used kleptocracy wrong.

Not knowing or understanding something is fine.
You are not a bad person for not saying anything.
In many situations the most powerful thing you can do
Is shut up.

Wish On A Star

Gazing at the stars is like gazing at the ocean.
Each one equally as beautiful as the other,
Casting a glow on the dark blue sky,
Loving you was like gazing at stars,
Watching our hearts glow,

Addicted to the purity that shone through our eyes.
But sometimes when you wish on a star,
That star turns out to be an airplane,
And airplanes are not endless,
They have a destination,

Where they come crashing down,
Away from the beautiful stars,
Back down to earth where the glow cannot reach
but can be seen from a far away distance,

Making your eyes wander past the clouds
To the reality of what you thought was love.
Loving you was like gazing at an airplane,
It had a destination.

Small Spaces

I like small spaces,
They make everything seem so much closer to you,
Like there’s nothing you can not achieve.
I like observing people,
Watching them, taken in every mistake they make.
Making sure I don’t do the same

Maybe that’s why I don’t have a real personality.
I’ve grown up mirroring people,
If they make the wrong move
I’ll do the right one.
Maybe my granny was right when she said
‘You copy your sister’
But that’s how I grew up
– The golden child.


I didn’t think I’d be here
When I was told to write
About my life in 10 years from now
10 high, low, fast, slow years ago.
When 6-year-old me thought nothing
Got harder than making my pink bed.

But look at you now,
Taller than little you thought was possible
Look around you, with the sky so high and the air so thin;
Still not fully there yet.
It’s not supposed to feel complete.
If every lesson was a pre-learnt,
Every problem pre-solved,
Then what would life be?

We’re our trials and tribulations,
Each one another branch of the tree.
Every lesson a leaf and every love a flower.
And though things grow slow,
Look up, you’ve got a far and beautiful journey to go.


Thoughts scratching
The inside of my head
Trying to get out,
Be skinnier
Be prettier
Be funnier
Be smarter
They rip through my skin,
Cracking and breaking.

The confidence inside me
Is trying to fight them,
But I’m in pieces now
And it’s no use,
So the poison leaks in
And soaks me through,
Filling me up,
Up to the brim with envy.


I can see myself through it.
It makes me think that there is always a light,
Even if it is very dark.
The moon has its own luminosity,
Its own beauty, which few understand,
And the only ones who understand,
Are envious, because they wanted
To be as pure as the moon.


Why can’t I be a pessimist
If the world is such a terrible place
How I am meant to look on the bright side
If I know what’s truly out there

Why I am to assume everyone I meet is a good person
When people out there get away with such horrific things
How I am meant to assume that everything will be ok
When people in power do nothing

Because how does looking on the bright side
When people suffering help them
Because how does saying somethings ‘not a big deal’
Until it affect you fix anything
Optimism is selfish ; it puts a bandage on a wound
that doesn’t exist while leaving those in need bleeding


Life, the way we know it
We start off as immoral beings,
Who grow to have a place in this world.
We are individual sightseeing’s,
We have our own history, life, and whirlwinds.
But yet we still feel out of place?
Why do we feel this?
It’s life.
Life, the incredible gift in the world,
Life, the imaginative idea of greatness,
Life, the dismal idea of importance,
Life, the crazy rollercoaster of emotions.
Life, the way we know it.

Mirror Mirror

I look in the mirror and see my imperfections
Floppy feet, muscle less thighs and posture
Everyone else stands tall like a stick
Long legs and arches for days
It’s just a phase i tell myself
And one day my fat will decay
And the work i am putting in will amaze
These thoughts are infecting and collecting in my brain
But when i leave and show myself some affection
I really can see my inner perfection
And the complexion of thoughts drift from my brain
And i go to sleep knowing the thoughts will come again


Gender is a construct.
What is a girl
A boy?
It is an idiotic ploy,
Created by villains
Who lust to put us in boxes,
Who lust to make humankind feel worthless,
Who lust to inject such a violent hatred in people
To make themselves feel less insignificant.

Hot And Cold

Cold exterior
Filled with warmth
Always by my side
Even in the summer months
Can be hot or cold
With an icy punch
My flask is always with me
Especially at lunch

Next Stage

At age 5 you idealize age 10
At age 10 you wish to be 15
At 15 you can’t wait to be 20
All throughout our lives we are told
This next stage will be the best one
We are taught to prepare for the next stage

Through tests and homework our teenage years
Is spent working for the future
The things no one teaches you
Is how to live in the moment

No one tells you that if you live your whole life
Looking forward you will never have really lived
Life is about making the most of the stage
You are in not always wanting more.
Live in the moment and not just for the future.

Trip To Mars

The wealthy taking over the world and building up mars
From fancy cars to a trip to mars
Money can give us fears and leave us scarred
Luck of the draw or families with fancy cigars
They cause pain and suffering on those who are disregard
Wealth can be a curse
They rule the world, but things could be worse
Maybe a trip to mars ?