Limerick Educate Together School

Does it Decide?

Does fate decide how events unfold
Or do we change fate for our desires
Animals of our world lived in harmony for millennia
But humans evolved faster than any other

This species lives longer than many others
Our understanding of others near unmatched
We who spread across the world
Have used its bounties for our needs

Have we had our fate sealed for us
Has our control gone to far
We understand the world and its needs
But do our wants outweigh it all?

Will fate decide to keep us
Are we to be thrown out
Has fate already been decided
Or is it up to us to write it


These Streets

From getting thrown out of school for 2 months from being allowed back in
from growing up in quiet but coming to loud for it
Staying out late mother worried
Me being in a hurry coming in from the other side of Limerick
The only place you are yourself is in moyross
But growing up with people who scared of the place
To living up my life down there
2 months off school felt like summer
Now that I’m back feels like I’m in jail
Getting made come in for a hour
But it feels like years
Out seen all the houses getting raided and the guards taking the horses
They don’t understand that people our age need things like them.


Colliding Stars

As the stars collide
Would we stay by eachothers side
You left me for longer
Than you knew me for
But you still knew me more

no one else compares
I feel all their stares
If I had known how you felt
Would you still be here
Laughing like the world isn’t there

If I reached out to you and helped
How would we be now.


The School Test

From the unconfidence guy in the class
To the confidence guy on the basketball court
With all the struggles in school
And not being the smart
When ever I am playing on the basketball court
Ever thing I am thinking about goes away
I feel like my self
When I am playing on the Basketball Court.


The Beach

My favourite place to be
Just you and me
Watching the waves crash
As time does slowly pass
The sun shines brightly down
On this sweet little town
Shorts walks down the street
Where we used to meet.


Summer Yup

I can’t wait for summer
School being over will be a bummer
But I’m so happy
Life’s no longer crappy
Soon I’ll be free
From all this misery
No more sitting in class
Waiting for time to pass
I’ll miss the boyo’s jeans
Although he’s sometimes mean.



My love for the summer
is about warmth and sunshine.
I smell the flowers
Here comes joy

The beaches and seas
Wow, the feeling is a dream
My heart beats fast
Like the summer heat



We can’t always like those we love,
We hate them when there here,
Miss them when there gone,
Shouting at the sky above,
I’m scared what I say would wash the love away,
So I stay silent.



Meeting up with the lads,
Blue sky, clear of clouds,
Tarmacs melting,
The roads are shimmering,
The smell of freshly cut grass,
It’s summer in Ireland



He lurks behind her, thinking he’s unseen,
Suspecting that she’s under eighteen,
They saunter behind her, relentless and yearning
She could feel her stomach churning.
His unwanted attention created fear
His intents were scarily unclear.


Abstract Truth

I may not know reason
But i now know why
The brain acts in treason
When you have failed to try
I act like the others
When i know no better
But I know understand
The brain speaks like a letter


The Cycle

I fear
I may not break the cycle .
For what I feel
is very spiteful .
my fathers name
from me .
For I fear
being like him .


School days

Hour after hour
The clock ticks away
But yet I’m stuck in this classroom
Sticking to the rules
When all I want
Is to express myself

Teachers yelling at the
Top of their lungs when
All I want is to learn
The classroom is
A cell where I am
Stuck and must
Do as I’m told.


From limerick city

Don’t give a rats
when the boys out robbing japs
Fly around on bikes as high as kites don’t realize they’re risking there life just for a spin or smoking at night cruising around on the surrons selling stuff just so there not
sleeping rough up limerick city 2k24
U will know all about it when the guards are at ur door
And your mother don’t want u there anymore


The Problem with Friends

Some friends are good, some friends are bad
Some friends just make you feel glad
Some friends will never listen to you
And you think “what should I do?”

Some friends treat you like a cool dude
While other friends are just plain rude
Those friends can make you angry
And you will go very crazy.


Fast and Cutting

Their words came fast and clear
My guise under attack
They instilled such fear
For vulgar language they did not lack
I braved it once again
A battle once more withstood
But how many more
Am I misunderstood.


Future Proof

When the future of work determines your worth
And sends you down the line

With the eyes of the world observe your cert
Same desires that you fined

Who all knows on where this goes on how much stress you endure
How people will see on who you can be before the final abjure.


In the school

The sun shines bright
Bringing joy and light in our sight
The children play, and their laughter sings
As they dance, and ears ring,
May it forever stay,
Guiding us through and through.


They Say

I look like my mam.
I’m not just like her but I look like here,
My mam taught me maturing is ignoring.
Ignore the mean girls,
Ignore the annoying younger siblings.
I matured.
I ignore the bad treatment,
I ignore the love people give me,
I ignore my feelings,
I ignore my friends,
I ignore my own worth
I am just like my mam now.


The Summer

A time for fun and enjoyment

While winter is gloomy and dark

The summer is bright and a future to look forward to

While winter is cold with nothing to look for

I prefer the the warmth more that the cold.


A Shot

I’m not able to wright a song
I think about it too long
And now it’s nearly lunch time
So it’s time to end this rhyme

1 shot

Rang around the world
One man dead
4 years later
40 million dead
20 years later
75 million more
All it takes is one descion to change the world
Born of hate or love.


My dad died

My mam dose such a great job of taking care of me and my brother
I really want to help more I just don’t know how
So I do my best in school
To make them proud
And everything I do is to make mam and dad proud.


New Lanes

Counting cranes, brain drains
Teacher showing ways to new lanes
Sunny day, oh yay
Can’t wait to get some pay


The Cow Calf’s

This is we’re the cows calf
This is we’re the the silage is cut down by the river
This is we’re the dogs run around free
This Is we’re the Cafls run around trough the land
This is we’re the horse come jumping over the fences
This is we’re the sheep’s come running down from the mountains.


The beauty of hurling,
Such ups and downs,
From being first choice starter
Never put down

Praised and applaud,
The pitch is my stage
Playing here since such a young age.

Such a hard position to upkeep,
Mentally tough
Constant small mistakes
Ashamed and put down

The beauty of hurling
Such ups and downs.


Hannah House

I walk through the door
see paddy on the floor and I know I’m home,
I don’t feel alone.
I run up to her room and I hear her snor,
I know this is bore but I don’t care I’m home.
I sit on her bed as we talk all night
until we see light,
and I know I’m home.


Dyslexia, A Short Poem

Words float of the page like gas
Flour to flowers, theirs and there’s
Like trying to read a word search
Or reading a page that’s bare
J’s turn to G’s as my As turn to Ds
And I grow up unsuccessful
Never learning who I should be.


As I see the flower
thinking about the life we could have had.
While I’m in the sinking rain
thinking about seeing you again.
Fighting the war between life and death.
All so I could see you again.



A boy was falling
He got arrested for stalking
A girl went into the pool
She somehow thought she was cool