Killorglin Community College, Killorglin.

Art by Pat Byrne:


This is where I cry my tears
Listen to music safe from my fears

This is where I play my guitar
Sing my songs think of life so far

This is where there is a list on a page
That i would like by a certain age

This is where I dance around
To my favourite musical sound

This is where I lay my head
At night all safe and warm in my bed


Love makes me exasperated,
Love makes me crazy,
Love is a whim of life
Which will never last.
It’s a shy wind, a bitter one

It only ends in a heartbreak.
Love has no happy end,
Teaches you a life lesson
To never fall in this fondness again.
Love is like a showery winter day,

Like a dying tree when their leaves touch
The unlighted blackness floor
Which means everything is over,
Just like it always happen in the miserable
And sorrowful inevitable end of attachment

Only Child

I come from a home, all by myself
People think it’s unreal
But you’re left with yourself
The quite is nice from time to time
But when you’re left to think
It’s not all that nice

I have a big room all to myself
Cant share or half a problem
With people other than myself
People say “oh i wish i was an only child”
They couldn’t last two days like this
It’s not all that nice

A Reflection

The sky is high the mirror lies.
A reflection of self affection.
Through the eyes of lies.
The depths are ever scaring.
Your view on you is not but
But a reflection on people’s eyes.

The Place

This is the place I used to love
The place the puppies were bought
The little lambs and cute calves are left
This is the place the rooster screeches

This is the place I used to love
The place I now get stares because of my gender
This is the place people throw remarks
On what I can and can’t do just because I am female
This is the place I’ve grown to hate.

The Halls

Spiders crawl through the tunnels of webs and squeaking rats
As you enter the dark shallow halls of school.
Your bag weighing a ton of bricks as you walk class to class.
As you turn each page, your mind full of new knowledge
You need to keep in your mind for the days to come ahead.
Bellowing students flood the halls as the bell rings,
Like a school of fish travelling through the ocean

Without You

Family is important but it never was to you,
You try to say u care but you never really do.
All the things I’ve done but they’ve never been with you,
Me and my sister are doing just fine without you


I am not the computer at home.
I am not the quiet kid in the back of the room.
I am not the fear of being wrong.
I am not the smile on my face.

I am not everyone’s happy place.
I am the ideas that everyone has but doesn’t want to share.
I am the comfort of being able to talk freely.
I am the place you can go to have a fresh start and feel like a new person.
I am me.


Hand me downs and years of blame,
No bit of attention I’m losing my flame,
All I want need i mention,
is that you give me more attention,

Forever a bystander even in my own home,
So I felt the need to write this poem,
Even when they moan I keep the smile,
Yes you guessed it, I’m the middle child.


From the statistics of goals and assists
To the roar of a goal
Footballers have one love
The chants we sing
The pain our teams bring
Football brings us all together

To the best player in the world
To the lad who cant even make the bench
Footballers all have 1 love 1 passion
The player who cant play due to injury
To the friend making his dreams come true
Footballers all have 1 love

Any Other Way

When I get home I go straight to my bed
Laying down with just the thoughts in my head
I go sit in my chair and game all day
Or draw all my feelings straight down on a page
To be honest, I wouldn’t have it any other way

The Pitch

Out on the pitch
Wind blowing through my hair
Ball at my feet
I control everythingI feel at ease
As if nothing can stop me
I am in the moment
If only the rest of life could b this way

All I Want

I love football, I’ve been playing all my life
I’ve played in Kerry , Clare, limerick and Spain
It’s been good and it’s caused pain ,
I’ve been kicked in the chest ,
Hurt others and given out to the refs,
But never feel I’ve played my best,
Each game is a battle, and tougher
Than the one before, all i wanna do is play football.


The gym is a place u go when your feeling down to get u up.
A place that makes u forget about your feelings
And what is happening outside of it.
A place where I have found meaning and has helped me.
The gym is a place where the adrenaline rush never fails
To amuse no matter how long you’ve been going.
It’s a place where people who are unhappy go to make a change


Beauty is the thing that
Makes crazy things happen,
The people that do those crazy things
Feel those crazy and live that crazy Life w


Great passes makes happy fans
Lookout the fly half
Runs and scores a try
After that the team wins
The rugby fans are very happy

The Town

Town isĀ  where you would do anything to fit in
You start to look cool then it becomes what u need
Then u see the people making the same mistakes
That you made in town the place where it all starts