Jesus & Mary Secondary School, Gortnor Abbey , Co. Mayo

Art by Christina O’ Donovan

You and Me

There’s not a lot to do in the country side
I’m from a place of grass and sea

There’s never much going on
Except from the friendships of you and me

Along the backroads through the fields
Lies the place of quiet peace

Summer nights and starry skies
My favourite place is you and me

What For

I’m Tired or Living
in a World and Society
Where we have to constantly
Change to be Accepted.
Where with every little thing
You do you instantly get rejected,

Where there’s Chatter about careless Matters,
Constant Comparing with
What other people are Wearing,
Having to Pretend you’re Someone your not,
What for.
You fall into dispair.
What was once there, not anymore


Two year trapped in our rooms
The powers that be making them out to be tombs
A deadly virus keeping us from our loved ones
Parents in the hospital, daughters and sons

Idiots perpetuating this endless slog
Protesting their “freedoms” like whining dogs
Covid keeps coming through my small town
Looks like there’s no end to lockdown

Big Dog

I have a big auld dog at home
She’s fattened up the past while
Eats everything she can get her paws on
And most of it is vile
She’s kickin on in life

Ploughing through the years
And when she decides to pop the clogs
There might be a few tears
But shur look it

Pushing Through

Where I come from it is required to be on top
To be the one to have the triumph
Pushing through limits
Sparing no effort

Welcoming all the blood,sweat and tears
But free from care about what others think
As I know a feeling others don’t
Because I got my gold


Like a green onion,
He has layers
Dwelling in a swamp,
Don’t make him mad or he will chomp,
Lonely he may be, he encounters a donkey
Even though he is quite wonky,
They become the best of friends,
And fight for their rights to live
happily ever after outside their swamp


The shock in my neck caused me to freeze.
It crunched on impact against a knee.
Currents of electricity flowing through to my feet,

Stars flashing in my eyes. I get up and stumble back
The whistle blows as I’m exiting the pitch,
The pain faded but the stiffness stayed and lingered.


I like loving things. It gives me energy,
Listening to the beatles makes me feel
Like i can make it to beverly.
You see i could walk til the end of dawn

listening to that but you give me some new age music
My spirit runs higher away than lucy up in the sky .
I always think about my future but i need
To focus on my grind and hustle right now.

Not Fair

16, the age we’re supposed to have everything figured out,
Job , money , subjects , sexuality , college
Why do we have to figure out everything at 16
Don’t we have our whole lives to figure stuff out

Why is there so much pressure when some adults
In their 40’s still haven’t found their big person job
That they want to do when they grow up
It’s not fair

A Future

We need someone to listen to use
We been afraid of the older ones
Not letting use have a future
We need a voice from somewhere
Because we might not be here in 50 years
We something to go right for use
We need a future

Man U

Martial is clear of your favourite player
He bags goals left right and centre
He plays for Seville and he’s very tecky
Clear of Jota that fraud
Also Ronaldo is the goat
Hannibal Mejbri is also clear of Thiago