Grennan College, Thomastown

Art by Maxi


Each Morning, Every Mourning

Getting out of bed to face the day,
The third hardest thing each morning
Face it hands on, or fall back and let it on you,
That decision.

Stop thinking about him,
The second hardest thing each morning
He let me be myself and showed me joy but it’s something that he can’t feel
With friends he’s pleasant alone he’s magic
Inside he has more fear than I.

I want to live our truth but he holds everyone back
He can’t see how I wake up,
And with the hardest thing each morning.


The Warmth of Joy

Some months I’ve been wondering about your way of being,
Days that we start to understand, to build,
Building a bond so that you and I are not worthless,
I can’t tell you how much I feel for you,
All I feel when I’m with you,
Without you knowing that there’s no way that I’d want to do anything with you,
What’s the point of not being attached to you.
Sometimes joy is the source of our smile, but the smile can also cause joy,
Joy is the sun of souls, it illuminates the one who possesses it
And warms all those who receive its rays.


Longer to Love

Thinking we were forever was unrealistic,
I know that,
We were going to fall out of love,
Of course we were we are young,
But I thought we had longer,
So much longer,
Longer to laugh,
Longer to talk,
Longer to have,
Longer to love,
But you didn’t see what I saw.

You saw our love ending while I was oblivious,
You saw yourself being better alone while all I wanted was you,
You seem happy without me while I suffer,
While all I can do is be happy for you.



Cancer comes and goes,
Nestles its place in the body,
Whether it’s human, dog or cat,
Controls lives for months upon end,
Living in fear constantly,
Trying to be strong for you loved ones,
It leaves scars both physically and mentally,
Leaving families weeping or broken.



The place where I feel at home isn’t my house,
My family, my community,
It’s you.

The days I feel as if I’m not enough,
You are there to comfort me,
On my worst days,
You are there to comfort me,
Even if I lash out my anger I know that you will always,
Be there to comfort me.


It’s Our Fault

I come from the light, the light of my future.
I watch it dwindle and fade.
Our planet suffering from mankind’s tumor.
Humanity’s debt is going to be paid
The ice caps are melting,
People are dying
What were we expecting?
The Earth is frying.



he sleeps next to her knowing his time is soon
she holds his hand while praying for a little longer before he passes
she looks outside hoping for a sign but only sees the moon
the moon is glistening against his glasses
she falls asleep and feels a peace
a peace that cannot be explained
his pain is now and forever released
now she feels content.


Why We Flee

Waves to been seen but words disagree but if you ever flee you never be seen.
I will never be close to see the words disagree, but life is more than the sea.
We sit and watch the birds flee but words still disagree.
We will never understand why we flee but I guess it will never be seen.



But everything seems so loud,
All the voices in my head swirling around,
Echoing in every corner of my brain,
They’re always there,
They never leave,
Fill me with doubt and insecurities,
All the things I thought I knew seem to fall apart,
And the world I once so loved is forever changed,
And the voices remain,
They’re always there,
They never leave.


Mother Nature

Even as the world swallows you down to its hell like core,
She is there,
Bronze like arms covered in ivy,
Flower filled hair, black, wavy and long as the sea,
Even as the weight of the world rests on your chest, she is there,
She holds you tightly yet gently,
All her creations surround you,
The birds, the bugs, the flowers, the mammals and the fish,
Her presence calms you,
You are released.


World Cup

Argentina vs France
Messi has won it.
Wearing his blue and white kit.
Mbappe done everything he could.
Dembele let France down.
Now all of France wear a frown.
Messi has now done it all.
The ex-champions have had a big fall.
Messi is the GOAT.