Glenstal Abbey School

Art by Lynn MacPherson


In The Dead (Of Night)

A starless night, the white moon shines
Like a motionless ghost, in the middle of the night
A forest path, by its bright light.

Only the bottom of the wood remains dark and noiseless
A curious traveller, guided by this path
Walked in a hurry, as if he were being hunted
He heard a noise, turned sharply
And saw his captor calmly approaching.

His desire to live suddenly took over
Because he was hunted by the hunter of time
He began to run, knowing well that his escape
Will only last a while.

His executioner held a scythe in both hands
His obscure hood hid his pale face
He was enveloped in a dark cloak
Which hid a tall and massive build.

Tired by this sudden frantic race
He collapsed on the soft wet ground
He took him by the arm, then, like two good friends
Went off into the night.



Being a man is more than just strength,
It’s about character, wisdom at length.
It’s about standing up for what’s right,
And having the courage to fight.
It’s about being a friend in need,
And planting the seeds of love and good deed.



The words that make you sad
Are the words that make you stronger
If people speak bad about me
I don’t speak bad about them
Because they are the ones with problems
People don’t change you
You change yourself.


Who I Am

Growing up to be the person I am,
Loving the person I will be,
I just want to see,
How I need to be,
I have my weapons with me,
To follow me wherever I need.
Thank you younger me,
For helping me be the person I am.


Think Before You Speak

Harmful words cut very deep
So deep that no one can see
It can make us feel so small
That we feel nothing at all
Harmful words can cause pain
And can change our brain.



In the land of Spain, where sun and sea meet,
There is a culture rich with history, unique.
Bullfights and flamenco, tapas and wine,
A land of fun, a place that’s divine.


Freestyle Kayaking

“Damn this is cold”
I say this every time,
I go kayaking in winter.
“Why the hell am I here?”
We ask each other
As we sit in our boats
Waiting our turn to go
On the wave or the hole, in the feature.

Yet we do it anyway
It’s fun?
Is it though?
It’s cold and hard.

Your turn in the feature
Means one thing
Cold. Pain.
The brainfreeze
Of flipping upside down
In near freezing water
When the air is baltic
And you’re dodging chunks of ice on the water.

Yet we do it anyway
It’s fun?
You’re damn right it is
And I mean nothing
Will beat the feeling
Of getting a trick for the first time
Of getting massive air on a loop.

Nothing beats the feeling
Of the lads sitting in the eddies
On the bank
Silently watching
And cheering and whooping
When it goes well for you
– no matter if you are just beginning, or the world no. 1
And when it gets messed up
They spring into action
Ready to rescue you.

Nothing beats it