Glenstal Abbey School, Co. Limerick.

Wasted Youth

When is the age of me
When are the golden years
When are we free
When do we stop and smell the roses
Where are they

The road is covered in dirt
The garden with thorns
Roses are red but the only red I see is the blood from
looking for too long.
Tomorrow is a new day but so was yesterday.
Youth is wasted on the young,

Here take it.
I’ll take tomorrow anyway, but today,
Today is overrated.
Get the grades, get better, don’t dwell
Instructions to a good life
Not a realistic life not a true life

A good life
Who wants a true life
When you can be successful
Who wants youth
When youths are the issue

Who wants to be different
When identical and silent wins the race
Today you are too progressive
Tomorrow you are ineffective

If I am destined to fail
When is the age of me
When are the golden years
When are we free?


School’s a systematic fail
No wonder why students bail,
A system where students
Are all viewed as the same
Where their ability to regurgitate
Information is the blame,

They enter with their imaginations soaring high
And they leave with their hopes about to die,
Stress and anxiety over a grade
All so their motivation fades,
We live in a society that values memorization
Instead of taking a moment of realization to value talent

Inside Your Soul

Hope is the thing I thought I’d lost
A long long time ago.
It’s quiet presence unbeknownst
Engulfed to waves below.
I found myself forgetting how
The thing is meant to stir

My feelings. Then one day I saw
The word and could remember
That hope is not a thing to think
Or contemplate or seek.
It sits inside your soul always-

As long as you believe.
And I believed it long ago
And so forgot I had
Because the thing was always there
In moments good or bad.


When i think of it, yeah i get to it,
Todays world sometimes may be bad
Getting to focused on all these unimportant motions,
Motions trying to destroy us in our situations.
Setting devasting expectations,

Expectations which showing us we’re never be good enough
That there’s a million people with the same stuff
And if we going to think were different man we just be kidding.
Its impossible not probable to many obstacles
We are not going to make it through.


Time is like the wind,
soaring through the plain.
It brings us good fortune,
But can often be pain.
The longer it lasts,
The more it rots our brain.
But for as long as time goes on
It will drive all humans insane


I like to see you sleep, without knowing what will happen
I like to see you fight, even if you know it’s a lost cause
I like to see you Scream, every Time you loose a toe
I like see you beg, for forgiveness and mercy

How could I forgive him, after what he did yoto my daughter
How could I forgive him, After what he did to my wife
How could I forgive him, for the death of my closest human being
Only God can forgive you, and it will be in heaven

The Closet

The closet is a scary place,
Where no one will find you, not even a trace,
It’s as if your up in outer space.
Where monsters hide,
Behind the tide,
Of what deep dark secrets lay behind.


Dark abyss
Of my soul
Trumps the bliss
Of life’s goal