Gaelcolaiste Luimnigh

World Song

Birds’ voices sing
A melody so sweet and calm
A light breeze soft and gentle runs through my hair
Strolling down this winding country road
I am filled with remorse. Guilt. Shame.
The nature of this world is oblivious, innocent
The true nature of mankind is cruel, cold and dark
Greed, deceit, hatred
The root of all evil
My home, my school, my life, where I don’t belong
This meandering path the sole peace I’m given
I inhale
The fresh air seeps into my soul
I rest
A single salty tear trickles down my cheek
But at last I’m accepted.


Cat Walk

Cant even walk down the street
Im not a bloody cat
If i cant walk runnings impossible
Wearing short is not even possible
Stop calling me like a cat

All my male friends go out wearing shorts
Asking why im not
They just dont get it
Cant go anywhere
Stop calling me like a cat

My mam worries
My dad worries
Every time i leave the bloody house
Its just not fair
The boys dont get it
Stop calling me like a cat


Another Year

Another year over,
Closer to the future.
Choose what to do,
After school.

Be a lawyer,
Or a teacher,
An engineer
Or a mechanic.

Go to college,
Pick your course.

Decide what to do after school,
When you’re only the age of 19.


I tried to speak
but the words wouldn’t leave
Was that right was it wrong
Did my words not belong

I watch as people connect
And wonder why



there’s a sack tied to her ankle
And her wrists and her legs and her back
It weighs her down.

And every day she sits,
Picks up the sack that weighs the world,
And dumps it on our plates.

We stare. We eat. And we drink.
And we leave.
The sack full of nothing ties us together.


But I…

What about me? That’s all you think
There’s always something isn’t there?
I would say it isn’t fair,
But I don’t have the energy
Making everything about you
When you could ask and you?
But I…
Here we go again, I sigh.


Mass Production

Uniform students file in, one by one
Not a hair out of place, but bags under their eyes
And a tiredness in their souls that will last for life
Constantly performing, playing a part
Seemingly perfect but always on guard
Memorising useless information
But what about the art of creation
The teachers say they’re teaching us about reality
While unknowingly killing our individuality
Nobody cares if you need a rest
As long as you get an A on that test
Uniform students file in, one by one



You can’t feel the crawling beneath my skin
Wishing I could just leave and never come back
You might have followed me home that day
But you will always follow me everywhere I go
You are who I see when I walk down the street
Pretending I can’t hear the things they say
You wait till I sleep to creep up on me
My dreams forever turning to nightmares
And you will always be the murderer
Who killed that little part of me
That little part that felt safe


I hate poems

I hate the way the look
I hate the way the stare
I hate the little curls in their hair
I hate the way they talk
I hate the way they think
I hate the way the way the push to the brink
But most of all
I hate the way that
I hate nothing at all about her.

I love the flow

and art of music
It runs just like a river
Right through your ears, into your brain
A symphony of messages it delivers
It heals the mind,
It loses you in time,
Music is a forgiver,
Music is love, music is live,
And music is forever



I can’t hold back
You gotta believe
I’m on the attack
You better trust me

I don’t care what you think of me
Don’t care what you say bout me
There’s only one thing I care about
Only one thing I know about
His love for me
Takes over everything
I feel it
I feel it

I love you, every one of you
With everything I have
I don’t care if you believe me
It doesn’t matter much
But trust in Him
Just trust Him


The lads

The lads, the friends, the guys
There is never any lies
The stories that are told
They make my boredom fold

The time that is spent
Mostly talking excrement
The times that are made
I hope they’ll never fade.


All Day

Sitting and working all day
Trying and successing to ignore the pain

Lads slagging and messing every given hour
Staying hidden faking power

Brimming with confidence at random times
Using it to save my fragile hide

My mind torn and shattered
Wishing I never have to cower


Bad Girl

I was a bad girl, I did some bad things
I swear I did it all for fun and it meant nothing
It never happened, it was a secret
Like when a tree falls in the forest, no one hears it
Another late night, another crazy mood
And I didn’t think twice what it would do to you
I was a wild child, you always knew it
It was a matter of time before I blew it

I don’t really know

what to write,
Writing poems is not my delight,
I find it boring.

I don’t think about it every morning.
It’s not some thing I want to do,
But it’s ok just for today.

I don’t think I’ll do it again,
Only if it’s in my English exam,
To make something rhyme,
With each line.

Writing poems is not my thing,
It’s really not my delight.



Crumbling, cracking, creaking walls
Of a home that once did stand tall

Uprooting everything twice a week
It’s enough to make a grown man weep




I wish I could begin to explain the feeling of girlhood
Joy that linked arms & gossip sessions bring
The quiet loves that are said during laughs
The adoration put into hair braids & bows
The whispers shared in classes
And the looks that pass through crowds
The simple heads resting on shoulders
The love that years won’t pass


I wish

I could live a thousand lives,
I wish I could be a doctor, a teacher, a mechanic, an architect,
I wish I could travel the world while staying home,
I want to meet new people,
I want to be peaceful alone,
I want to fall in love,
Or maybe it is just the idea of love that I adore,
I wish I did not have to choose a path, a road I will have to follow, a future,
It is supposed to be like fate,
So why is it so hard for me.


I don’t understand what school is for 

I don’t understand why your future is based off a score.
I don’t understand why i get two hours homework a day
I don’t understand why I have to write a 1000 word essay.
I understand why students are afraid to raise their hands in class
I understand why students are afraid that they won’t pass.


Are people so jealous?
It makes me feel so helpless
Like a shellfish in the ocean blue
I’m sure you feel it too
Hiding from others
Waiting for the attack
That pushes me back
Onto another track



Gaelic football is a trap,
I cant seem to keep on track.
A field full of pressured girls,
Being pushed to score some goals.
“If you dont win you’ll run a lap”
Even though you need a nap
You’ll have to run to stay on the team,
Lets hope you dont run out of steam.


I love to shop

all the time
Whenever I can I cannot stop.
I spend my money,every dime
Anytime i have the time.
I spend all my money
Like Its sweet old honey.
I cant go without,running about,
But everything I need is always sold out!



Liverpools season

was to have one last chance with Juergen Koop to wim the league
But when they came under pressure they messed it up and it seems over for. This isn’t about soccer


In school all day

Life’s a pain,
Until school stops, it’s constant rain,
While we’re in school living our lives in vain,
When the final exam comes and if we fail,
we’ll most likely be homeless and living in town,
begging outside Arthur’s quay like a junkie,
thinking “oh why the hell didn’t I study?

I hate boys

i hate school
their not cool
i like sunny days
just like u😉
gyat level 10
watch the sigma then


The boys

The boys started with toys
Grow up and make a lot of noise
And by choice play video games with the boys
And a lot of fun a joy
And destroy everyone.

I’m a sigma to myself

and sigma to others
but to others they are sigma
to themselves therefore no one is truly sigma
is what people want to be sigma
is the nirvana of the human experience