Gaelcholaiste Luimnigh

Art by Lynn MacPherson


A Silence Like Screaming

There lay a silence like screaming,
As all in the world lay grieving,
Of the golden days of yore,
That had come and gone before.

There lay a silence like screaming,
As all the people of the land lay weeping,
Of families that were slain,
Swallowed by their endless pain.

There lay a silence like screaming,
Of forgotten days the people are dreaming,
Of hope and its powerful might,
That in the darkness would shine a light.

There lay a silence like screaming,
As all in the world lay weeping,
Of laughter and love and more,
In the days that had come before.

There lay a silence like screaming,
As all in the world lay weeping,
Of nothing they did gain,
But Death’s cold and cruel reign.

There lay a silence like screaming,
As all in the world lay grieving,
Oh, I can hear it so very loud,
The hunt of Death and his viscid hound.




The streets of Pallasgreen they have my name
I have so much fame but yet so much pain
I shall persevere all the people it is me who they fear
Where is Pallas but In my heart
The centra is a great place to start
I want some food but nothing can fill me like Pallasgreen
It’s so great unlike Andrew Tate.



Stand Out

The horses in a field, gallop and eat.
One of them, black and white, doesn’t quite fit in.
The black and white horse tried to be normal,
So it painted itself to be
Just like the other horses
But even then the other horses could tell,
That this one was not like them.
And they made fun of them again and again.
So the black and white horse ran away,
Because it wasn’t like the other horses.
They ran until they found a new group,
A group just like them,
A group of black and white horses just like them,
They found a new group where they could all be different together.
With all the other zebras.




As the moon disappeared and the sun grew larger, she shone a beautiful golden,
The flowers awoke in their soil beds, their night’s dew now olden,
And everyone was still asleep.
The old oak tree had fallen with the strong midnight winds blow,
Leaving a mound of disrupted soil lifted from below,
Even with the loud thud of the night’s mischief,
Everyone was still asleep.
The empty hole where the tree had once grown, filled up with rain and formed fresh pools.
The wind grew stronger, the strength the wind had alone, there was no need for tools,
Everyone remained asleep.
And as the day flew past, leaving the people to problems of their own,
The night grew brighter, seeds blooming secretly where they were sown,
Everyone was asleep.




3 weeks left,
It feels like forever,
The weather is getting nicer and school days are getting shorter,
5 days a week use to feel like a year,
I can’t believe the end of TY is here.



A Girl’s Girl

I love the way I can say what’s on my mind to the girls,
No judgment or shame,
We’re all the same.
If I need to cry,
The girls are there
There always fair,
No judgment or shame,
We’re all the same.




Are these the days of a glory restored?
Slip ups and mistakes
Nothing to separate
The city walls will crumble
This team won’t stumble
North London is the Premier League’s home.



A Normal Day

I rise to the sound of chirping birds
And bright sun beams to where I turn
I stretch and reach to start my day
And hope all this good luck will stay
The clock strikes eight and off I go
To get the bus for school I go
Where I spend my days learning and growing
And all my luck starts showing.



Irish Dance

hitting the stage
eyes on you
sick feeling in your stomach.
excitement ruining through your body.
Adrenaline for days.
Crying after class
Crying before class
Crying after feises
Ready to finish
The best feelings on earth
Reasons to keep going
Reasons to dream
The best feelings on earth.



A Walk Home

A walk home can be different things for me
A mixture of different sounds
The noises are different every time I walk home
The chorus of high pitch laughter from my friends
The slurping from a slushy from circle k
The lashing water hitting the ground after travelling all the way from the sky
But it can also be
The sound of the car beeping their horn while whistling
Their loud ear piercing shouts
The names I hear when fixing my shoes
And so on
But the sound I love hearing the most is my dog barking when I am home.




A thing which we’re taught us the be all and end all
However me and many of my peers fear not receiving that fate
Dying alone and never finding it
The one fate we hope to receive
However we need to learn that it is not a guarantee
Not something which is our fate
But a hope we wish to receive




I step outside and breathe in the fresh salt air
While running down the hill the wind blows my hair
I stop in the shop and buy myself a milkshake
After passing a few girls who are very fake
I jump into the sea and feel the cold water
Looking to my left I see my father.



Moving On

I walk to school and see them there
All the memories flood my brain and makes me miss the old times
I then remember how your actions made me feel for months
Sometimes I miss our friendship and then remember why it is no longer
Thank you for the memories but our friendship is no longer needed.