Dunshaughlin Community College, Co. Meath.

That Day

That day was just around the corner,
Little by little, the most awaited moment
Of the month was approaching.
The moment for which he had been preparing
Wakes up and opens the closet,
Starts to think about what to wear,
You must wear your best gala clothes, oh, no!!
Better refrain insecurity makes its grand entrance
And they begin to look like them
What will happen, or how they will act,

The typical thoughts of yesterday and tomorrow,
But never know before you go,
Take a quick look and the image
Of someone very dear in the mirror reflected,
Return the thoughts of
What would have happened if
But wow, i had to stop
Thinking there was no going back,
Will have to continue living
With that person in the afterlife

Decides to continue his day,
Which had only begun
And maybe it wasn’t going to be
As easy as he had imagined
Goes out into the street
A wave of misfortunes have passed
That if the car has been stopped,
The dog is stuck on the terrace
The director to a run over young woman,
But what is life if not a wave of events,
Thoughts and emotions

Abnormal Normal

I don’t feel like myself
Chasing between two versions of myself
Always worried about what I do, and say,
Trying to feel like everyone else
Are these feelings normal?
Or am I abnormal?
I’m constantly switching current
AC to DC
Polar opposites, wearing a mask
It’s a constant task
Maybe one day I can lay in peace
Where my mind isn’t going
Rrom a place to place
From person to person
It’s just me, me and myself
No one else telling me
What to think or say, have freedom

My Love

To the love of my life
Your exactly my type
Your dark locks make my legs buckle
And your jokes always make me chuckle
Your dark Asian complexion,
And deep chocolate eyes
Make me stumble over my words
And tell silly lies
The ice on your neck got me hexed
Just like those massive pecks

The Tree

I’m not sure of my future even as it starts to lure,
My family in the past of led and cured,
The tree will continue to twist and turn
But my future I will have to learn.
My mum and dad they set the standard so high.
I wonder will I ever manage to let their opinion of me fly.
To take the weight of this old tree,
I need to be able to carry on the
Legends and stories of the old me’s

The Smart One

Ask her she’s smart,
Get her work, copy her
Peers don’t see how she really feels
They just need her literature
A pleasure to teach,
Dedicated worker
But for some reason nobody checks
“She’s fine” “she works hard”
“She smiles all the time”
Yet the mask can’t heal
The feelings behind


Pain is something horrible
Yet something so great,
Can cause horrible acts,
Or acts so great.
Love is something horrible,
Yet something so great,
Can cause horrible acts,
Or acts so great.
Where are the differences?

The One

He told me he’d call
But the next day he didn’t
I thought he was the one
But god I was mistaken
My heart was beating fast
While staring at the phone
Another waste of my time
God when will I find the one


Born in Dublin, raised in Meath
My folks from counties everywhere
Grew up in a village which was calm
Peaceful and didn’t have a care
Was a good kid raised the right way
Never had to get into a fight
Then turned sixteen childhood ended that summer
And was working day and night
No time for friends anymore
Or hobbies really as the days are long
Growing up is hard work no matter your background
That’s why I wrote this rhythmic song

Eldest daughter, Secretly son.

Brain wired, thoughts: one,
House secluded, hiding sun.
Body morphs, brain won,
Food disfigured, wanting some.
Hungry mouth, tired lung,
Breath shallow, songs sung


Everything I want to do
Just can’t seem to come true
I am the only one holding me back
But my emotions are coming to attack.
I think I do everything wrong,
But no matter what happens life moves along
Self doubt constantly creeps in the back of my mind
But then I remind myself, to me I have to be kind.

RealĀ  Me

Trying to be strong mentally and physically
This era is hard too many standards that are expected.
Looks are thrown at me here and there
By people who don’t even know me
They act like I’m not there
And talk about me disgustingly
Why me what did I ever do
I want to just be me ,the real me


I hate the way I can hear every single
Separate noise intensify and echoed through my head .
Constantly being told that it’s no even that loud .
Constantly being told it’s not even that bad .
All of my senses are too overwhelming .
The lights are too bright .
The food feels like sand rubbing agents
The insides of my mouth but not because I don’t like it
But the feeling of being aware
Of my own senses cause nausea and pain .

Too Much Of Nothing

Doing to much
But nothing to do
Waiting for the bell
For the day to be through
The three clanging chimes
That tell us to go home
Leave the grounds every day
Nothing to do nothing to say


I was in the Fortnite lobby with the mandem
We went into a game doing 90s better then flash
When we build we don’t clash
Pull out my double pump
These kills are free
It’s almost like I’m playing season 3
Me and the boys rocket riding
All these man are hiding


When I was playing among us
I called an emergency meeting.
Them man there were not eating.
He had his blade out like he was ready for feeding.
Stabbed him in the back with no trace
Not one man seen his face
He vented from electrical to med bay
Them man there didn’t know they weren’t gonna stay.

A Hero

Playing sport in front of 80,000 people,
Saving the world,
Army soldier,
Working a nine to five,
We are all hero’s in our own world


I’m from the middle of nowhere,
Walks to little shops with everything and anything,
Strolls on back roads with barely enough concrete
To stop the grass from growing in the middle,
Waves given to anyone that passes
No matter who they are,
That nod of the head or slight raise of the hand
Creates and unbreakable bond,
Brightening your day,
This is Ireland.

Fresh Air

Bottle on the table,
Looking at the board,
Thinking to myself
Jeez I’m really bored,
Tummy’s growling,
Dying for fresh air
The wind is howling,
While it blows through my hair


Roses are red
She is ginger
Who injured her finger
Because she’s a drinker
And a singer
Who lays by the river shivering
Sometimes you cry