Dunmore Community School, Co. Galway.

Art by Ruth Keating: https://jamartprints.com/artist/ruth-keating/


Came into my life like a bullet
Fast, hurting me and killing me slowly
As i poured my heart and soul out.

But i did what i could to stay alive
I fought over and over again
As i lay there in pain.
I liked the feeling of the pain.
It gave me comfort,

Sometimes even the satisfaction
Of feeling like i deserved this pain.
But i kept fighting, because I loved

Teenage Years

I always get told to enjoy the teenager’s years that I’m going through now
They tell me the good times
But they don’t tell me about there bad times
I tell them my good times but
I hid the bad times
I think about the bad times more then the good

I make new friends
I loose friends
I make mistakes
I learn from my mistakes
I cant wait to be older
But will I look back on my teenage years when I’m older


Believe, think and do
Use your intuition
Turn dream into sweat,
Thought into action
Face every battle
Knowing that we fail
And that this is natural
Fall to get up
Learn to teach
That good is greater than evil.

The House I Was Born In

Many, many years ago,
My parents build a small, yellow bungalow.
Sixteen years, I’ve grown up there,
Don’t have to pay rent, of course,
Only chores, which is fair.

One treehouse, two swings and height markings on the door,
To get rid of would cause absolute war.
I love my house, the home of my heart,
It’s a shame we eventually will have to part

How about we Don’t

How about we don’t bully others
How about we don’t normalize homophobia sexism and racism
How about we don’t call out insecurities
How about we don’t make others insecure
How about we don’t bully ourselves
How about we don’t
How about we accept others as they are
How about we care for others
How about we go out of our way to make sure people are ok
How about we make change
How about we love

Dreaming And Wondering

This is were I lie awake at night.
Dreaming, or trying to.
It often doesn’t work.
I spend hours staring at the ceiling

Wondering what went wrong?
Wondering why I worry?
Wondering will I ever fall in love?
Wondering will I be happy?

Most of the time I fall asleep before I get to the answer.
But then on the odd night, I don’t fall asleep.
I fall into a rabbit hole. A deep, dark, rabbit hole.

One where, I end up alone with no family no friends,
working in the local chipper on minimum wage
because I failed my leaving cert, and so, so depressed.

But then somewhere along that rabbit hole, I take a break and sleep.
The next thing I know, I am awake and have to carry on
As if I have gotten my eight hours of sleep
That’s filled with puppies and chocolate.

A Joy

Oh what a joy it is
To have someone like you
Always with me
Ready waiting with helping hands
Helping me when I’m down
Picking me up when I’m sad
Bringing joy to my day
How i love having someone like you

Climate ChangeĀ 

Oh how the world is changing so fast,
It’s up to us to help,
Don’t litter, don’t burn fossil fuels,
It’s the future generations that will suffer the most.

Go get a hybrid car,
Petrol and diesel cars have to go,
Greta has been inspirational,
It’s time for us to support and take action,
Once and for all.

I Wonder

I lie in bed and I wonder,
I wonder what will happen tomorrow?
I wonder will I succeed in life? Will I be happy?
Will I be able to do what I want to do in life?

Will I go where I want to go?
Will I find love? Will I find purpose in life?
Will I even live long?
And then I wake up from that nightmare
And get out of bed for the next day


I see my future to be bright
To be full of love and success
I hope to God I am right
And I get nothing less

When I’m left alone with my thoughts and feelings
I tend to overthink
I want to hear the world sing
Lets hope it doesn’t push me over the brink


I cant go out at night,
Not because of the wind or the rain ,
But the fear I might not make it home safe.
I can’t go out at night ,
Without my phone in my hand and
My keys tightly grasped.
I can’t go out at night.
Without one of my mates,
It will never be safe

These Halls

I come from a place
That doesn’t care about race
Supposed to welcome all
But maybe not in these halls
It’s hard to see
If you don’t look carefully
That this “perfect” school is not what it seems
We’re taught to stand tall
And to talk about all wrongs
But how can we say
That we dread coming into school everyday

Little Crocodile

How doth the little crocodile
Improve his sinning tail
And pour the waters of the Nile
On every golden scale
How cheerfully he seems to grin
How neatly spreads his claws
And welcomes little fishes i,
With gently smiling jaws

The Broom

Sweep the broom laughing
The broom sweeping goes
Sweep sweeping laughing
He laughs nonstop
Oh what a happy broom
That is always laughing
Laughing sweeps the broom
The broom sweeping goes

183 Days of school

He went to school
Such a fool
Didn’t miss a day
He prayed for peace
His classmates said nay
The comments increased.
And yet he still didn’t miss a day.