Davitt College

Art by Maxi https://jamartprints.com/artist/maxi/



The roaring winds move sand
Like a fruit ripe and littered with seeds
In a blender.

The heat being blasted from
The treacherous sun which once
Gave a nice warmth now gives
A scorching heat.

I look back at nothing but the same monotony
No idea of my progress as it’s washed away
From the blistering, blasted, horrible wind
If only we crashed in a desert of snow
We’d see where came from and
How far we’ve gone but alas
We walk here to wherever our feet take us.

I hope we get to meet the kind sun
And gentle winds


Past and Present

From the pink walls in my bedroom,
To the grey walls in the kitchen
Telling me it isn’t working,
The tears running down my face
In absolute heartbreak,
The child-like begging for them
To try it again to make it work,
Mortified to go into school
Being the only one like this
In a small village
Where it wasn’t heard of,
To the final family goodbye
In a Tesco aisle
And to this day the back and forth
Is still as heart-breaking as the start.



I come from the great Ballyvary
Where the pitches lay
Every free hour spent there
Kicking points with my old school in sight
I see where it started
I wonder where it will end
Down the windy road
The local pub Toms
Where one beer becomes 5
Where the whole village collide
In the tiny tight room
Full of large loud mouths
I’ll never forget Ballyvary
Neither will anyone else there.


Worn, But Not Down

I’ve been through enough
Through cancer and death
And I’ve done nothing wrong,
To deserve the treatment I get
I’ve been bullied
Yet I last.

I am worn like the frets
On my electric guitar
Without which
I wouldn’t have got far
So I thank my guitar
For getting me through
Playing Bon Jovi, Guns N’ Roses
And AC/DC too.



A friend is someone who is there
When you need them
And when you don’t,
A friend is someone who listens and consoles,
A friend is someone who makes memories
And reminds you of past joy,
A friend is a shoulder to cry on
And a hand to hold,
A friend comes in any size or shape
but a friend is someone to keep.



I love my new Holland
She is big and blue
She lifts heavy bales
She chugs green diesel too
She has the power to do.