Cork Educate Together Secondary School.

Art by Christina O’ Donovan:


When I die
Take my hand
Put your favorite flower in it.
Close my hand tightly
Into a fist and lay it on my heart,
Before you put me in my coffin.
So that I can hold you forever and
Feel you in my heart and experience
Eternal love


Six years ago I died
Six years later, no one’s cried
No one noticed I was gone
They shrugged it off cause life moves on

I collapsed upon the green
And since that day life’s been a dream
A reconstruction of my days
Watched through a demented haze

I’ve been gone for six years now
I never was put in a grave
Just flung into a bottomless pit
Still falling till this day

Now my body’s all decayed
Whittled down and damaged, frayed
An empty, hollow fractured shell
And now I’ve crawled inside myself

Something pulled me down six years ago
And held me there, nowhere to go
My words, my thoughts, my mind it stole
My body just ignored this theft
It left with what it still had left

I died, was forgot, was left there to rot
But my shell carried on with no flicker of thought
In limbo between life and death
How low can you go?
Six feet under that low

Two Brothers

Two brothers, from the same origin,
Same place, same womb,
Destinies aligned yet stories so far apart,
One works night and day for the salvation of the two,
The other writhes in pain as he sinks deeper into the pit,

One forgets what he fights for,
A mindless machine who keeps going
For something he can’t remember,
The other fueled with hate,
Feels so abandoned, with rage he keeps growing,

One is a flower who withers and decays,
The other a bloom who worsens with days..
But nothing can blossom without stable roots,
And feeble minds are corrupted with time,

A fuel to the fire one reaches her hand,
You cannot trust her, for she is the moon,
A reflection of the sun, a pitiful copy,
But mourning for revenge for his brother’s lost time
The weaker is blinded with the moon’s light,

The more fragile of the minds
Would accept the loose hope,
And not wait for the sun
That could truly save his petals,

Only when the clock ticks down,
The sun does appear,
Someone who is kind and would never show fear,
She lives for herself unlike the moon,

She lives for the people,
She is the she is like fresh morning dew,
And when she meets the elder,
Who not much longer can cope,

The withering flower will find his own way,
And now he remembers who he must save,
The younger, the brother,
So trapped in a cult, his own mind the devil,

The moon has caressed his gentle mind,
Hoping to erase the only way out,
But in the end, the moon does not glow without the sun,
And the moon’s blessings will come undone,
Can the moon be beautiful without a reflection,

It is a question that leaves most unsure,
The moon may be envious
But all she wanted was to be her own sun,
But in the finale who could be the Saviour
The end is a new beginning.

Simple Beauty

The sun beams break in
Through cracks and slivers
Of my blinds
Laying flat on my wall like shards of splintered glass
They caress my body as they ooze down my sheets
And trickle down my eyes,
My nose, my lips,
In an attempt to wake me up
By stabbing my unconsciousness

Slaves that have not been liberated by life’s callings
And somedays, when the required strength to pull open
Two eyelids feels like the weight of a mountain,
I still find myself risen
By the gentle kisses of light
And continue my days forward
Mesmerized by its simple beauty.

She Makes Me

My heart is hers for the taking
She breaks me
Over her knee, every time i open up
She breaks me
She’s my end and my beginning but with her,
There’s no winning
She breaks me
She’s my light in the dark like tony stark,
I love you 3000
She makes me
My favourite time is the time i give her,
I don’t want to be the couple that “were”
She makes me

Fair Skin

Oh how the fair skin
Matched the color
Of the milk in the fridge,
How the auburn in her hair match’s
The falling leaves of autumn,
How the red in her lips matched
The pumping blood in my heart,
Oh why oh why did you abandon me.

Tales of an Extraordinary Treasure

There’s an extraordinary treasure
One that I can’t afford to lose
A journey you can’t measure
One that I could never refuse
And when I finally find my treasure
I’ll finally get what I knew
My extraordinary treasure
I’m finally back to you

Chocolate Eyes

Chocolate eyes, give me a smile
I don’t know how I’ll live without you;
Chocolate eyes, I’m hypnotised
I don’t know how I’ll live without you;

You paint me red and bruise me blue;
My days turn grey because of you;
But when you smile it’s not for me
And for the next line, I’m so sorry;
Chocolate eyes, I think I’m in love with you


Natures first green is gold,
Her hardest hue to hold,
Her early leaf’s a flower;
But only for an hour.
Then leaf subsides to leaf,
So Eden sank to grief
So dawn goes down to day
Nothing gold will stay

Mine In Yours

Falling in love with you
Was like trying to breath underwater

Even though I knew I would drown
Your name belongs to an entire chapter in my book,

But mine in yours is just on one page.
I think deep down somewhere

Inside of me has a tiny sparkle left.
A sparkle of hope, happiness,

Empathy that I once used to project.
I think there’s just got to be a tiny sparkle of hope left,

Just a sparkle regardless of what it is,
Because life can’t be this cruel

Sadness Is a Gateway

Sadness is the gateway to joy
Sharing sadness,
Sharing the sadness of others ,
Sharing the sadness in life,
Will not bring you down,
But rather free you and bring you
The purest happiness there is,
There are no rainbows without rain,

No peace without turmoil,
No happiness without sadness,
Sadness shared with a friend,
Sadness shared with a partner,
Sadness shared with a page,
Like a weight lifted off your back,
A pillow suffocating lifted off your face
Sadness is the only gateway to joy.


School is a box with balloons inside
Balloons might be empty or almost
Blowing up by themselves
As a balloon you just have to fit into the box
Nothing less nothing more

But how about those who are too empty
Are they going to be tossed aside?
Or those who are too big?
Are they going to pop or are they
Going to take so much space
The others cannot expand anymore?

Those who fit in might think
That being less inflated is better
Because more balloons can be with you
That being more inflated is better
Because you have more space for yourself

But at the end of the day the box in unchanged
The large balloons almost explode
Because of the tiny box
The empty ones wishes for more space
For them to expand
And the Normals are wishing
To be someone else

Brand Quality

I say it’s enticing
Nah though I’m just acting,
Call me Brad Pitt, Cuz you thought I was complicit
To this Brand
That I’m seeing
Never kneeling
To this corporate nit
Headed wanker with the high ceiling
Sealing the deed
Sayin “you want the need”
Nah I just “need” you to leave
You narcissistic twit

Cash Decay

I got to ask why these Kids constantly buying all this jewelry
Spending all they’re money left to poverty its cruelty
Its like they have no ingenuity
I’m sick of seeing kids on streets
Spending every cent they have on treats

To look cool and be smooth
But its like they cant see the truth
That nothing they wear even matters
And it makes no difference to you
Every piece of cash thrown away, to decay

In The Mist

My name is in the mist.
My hope in the air.
Where am I, who am I, why do I care.
No one else seems to
And what’s worse is my head’s telling me that it’s fair.



The clouds where nowhere to be seen
The fields where looking oh so green
The day was beautiful and clean
This world is precious and unique
Lets not make it horrid and bleak
All we need to do is tweak
The way we live and the way we speak


People are Diamonds,
Some come from the best places ever,
Others are biproducts of mistakes
Nobody is truly perfect
Others take work on to reach their peak form
Everybody is different but yet the same,
We may look different, be different shapes,
Colours and sizes but in the end
We’re all the same on the inside,

There are some people who
In some peoples eyes are more valuable
But to another person could be more valuable,
People just like diamonds are tough
The majority have to go through hardships,
Whether that somebody trying to shape
You into what you’re not or being broken to bits and
Needing somebody else to help repair that damage,

Some people, like myself, like to help those who have been damaged,
We want to inspire those people,
We want to be the rock who by talking lights
A fire inside of those who are hurt,
We like to show those people how to be strong
In the real way even if they think
That they aren’t strong,
In fact, not only are people diamonds,
They’re sapphires, emeralds, rubies and even pearls,

Everybody has their different traits
But in the end we’re all valuable and amazing
We don’t have to be somebody we don’t want to be,
We don’t do it for those above us,
What we do is for us
And for those who we value.


Skin prickles as the sensation
Of a thousand tiny legs scuttle
Their way across skin,
The anxiety of the situation only increases
As the stupidity of fear
Over a simple fabric leads way to shame.

You want to tear the fabric
Elevate the sensation as you rake your fingers
Over your arms and through your hair in panic.
You just want to curl up
Mortification taking over as your eyes swell with tears
And your face reddens.

And nobody close to you will ever relate,
Nobody will offer a quiet space
To calm down as you cram yourself
In a stall to take shaky breaths.


I hover over myself, like I am in third person
I lose my train of thoughts, everyone can tell; I am certain.
I tend disappear then teleport somewhere new,
I don’t even understand what I go through.
I try to speak but nothing comes out,
Or I won’t shut up and I scream and I shout.

But my head is so loud and fuzzy
and no one can touch me.
And now it’s getting too loud,
With this messy, scary crowd.
My clothes are too tight,
They’re choking me just right,
To the point where I can’t seem to breath,
But nobody notices me

Deep Slumber

Sleeping, the houses walls creaking
Sleeping, the cat scratches the door for feeding
Sleeping, the webs fall from the ceiling
Sleeping, knocks from the door are heard no more
Nothings been heard, nothings been cried

Cinema Sins

Thou shall speak in the movie shall not be groovy
Thou that are slurping I shall be chirping
Thou that flash will be bashed
Thou that spill shall not refill
Thou shall spoil you will boil
Thou shall push I’ll crush
Thou throw food at me you’ll brood because of me

Growing Up

Talking about who i am when i don’t know me
Wondering when i will be free, from stress of the future
How am i sure, these subjects are what i want to do, when I’m older
All this weight on my shoulders, i am only fifteen
Pondering sexuality like its a routine, why is it so hard
I don’t want to grow up, why do people disregard this

Infinite Cycle

I think therefore I am but what am I?
Am I important in this infinite cycle we call time,
Will I get to live in a future where your self worth
Isn’t decided based upon how much money I have?
A wise man once said that sea water is like money
The more you drink the more you want
But will this always be the case?
I am a victim to society

But is society even real
Or am I a figment of someone’s imagination,
So much stuff has been proved, yet so much hasn’t…
Is there a purpose and if there is,
Why do I search it?
All I can say to all my questions is
I don’t know


I have literally no idea what’s going on.
My audio is delayed, everything is glitching,
There’s no information anywhere,
I keep disconnecting, my iPad is overheating,
Nobody is explain anything,

My headset isn’t working, I left my glasses upstairs,
My head hurts for no reason and
I can barely see anything on the screen.
It’s like my iPad is going through sensory overload.
This feels like an analogy for something.


I get off the bus and take off my mask,
The mask that protects me from covid.
But I put on another mask, one that is not physical,
But protects me all the same.
I get in the car to my mother doing her hair,
She doesn’t care, doesn’t care about my day,
Doesn’t care what I’m going to say,
She just wants one thing, she wants me to win.
She drops me at training, then says goodbye.
When I win I get a nod of approval,
That’s enough, and yet I still sigh
And can’t help but wonder, who am I


Returning a pencil that was took
Starting to read a new book
Lifting weights in the arms that shook
These are some of the ways we look
To improve
Make music with a groove
Act a little less aloof
Find some proof
That we don’t woof


My Grandad is cool
My grandad is no fool
My grandad didn’t go to school
My grandad, my grandad
My grandad isn’t a fan of pool
My grandad stayed at home instead of learning at school
My grandad is a titan
My grandad, my grandad


Growing up moving from north to south.
One has a big mouth the other big ego.
Having trouble growing up learning .
But sometimes its harder to learn to grow up.
Heart broken thinking in the past
Hoping it wont last.
But when something like this happens
You have to learn to grow up fast.

Pat The Rat

My name is pat I’m a little old rat
I’m kind of fat but don’t worry about that .
I’m very quiet i should start a diet
But cheese is to good i eat it in the hood.
My rat friends live in the sewers
We are called the rats
If you come near us
We will hit you with our bats