Coláiste Mhuire Johnstown

Art by Mark Conlan


Moving On

We learn from our mistakes,
From the wrong turns we take,
From the fake friends we make,
And from the times we almost break.

Our mistakes help us grow
But at the time we didn’t know
We didn’t want our weakness to show
At the time we couldn’t let them know.



I sing my songs
I live my life
Music is not wrong
It always feels right
So I pour my heart out tonight
To make myself happy
I’ll be feeling better than alright.



down by the river
is where we would stay
cool down in the water
on this hot summer day
we’d have an ice-cream
and have a blast
until summer
came to a last.


No Hesitation

Don’t wait for tomorrow
Do it all today
If tomorrow never comes
You’ll never regret a day.


A Promise

Never forget that all the storms will clear,
Remember brighter tomorrows are always near.


My Home

We’ve nearly been together a year
He still makes me laugh and cry with plenty tears
He said I love you first
Without him I’m my worst
I see him every weekend
Instead of being with my friends
I’ve met his whole family
And they all greeted me happily
With him I feel so at home
I never feel alone.


Him and I

We’ve been together for nearly two years
And he still makes me grin from ear to ear
He can make me cry all night long
But still doesn’t see why he’s in the wrong.



For many sport is a passion,
It’s a driving force that can unify everyone,
Despite their differences,
Two people can hate each other,
And be unified by it,
The moment somebody steps on a pitch,
Or somebody else sits down to watch a match,
Everything else goes away,
One thing that brings the whole world together,
A common unifying force,



Life began when I was young
And there is still more to come
Life may not be perfect
But it is alright.



From the tears that left my eye that day
To the smile on my face every day
I made the best of friends
From all over where I live
The ones I never knew before
Became the ones I’ll always think of everyday
I’ll never forget these best 2 months of my life
Where it will always be the best part of me.


Lonely Me

Which me to be,
It’s bloody well lonely,
Lots of talents,
Lots of opportunity,
The pressure ain’t fun,
It’s like I’m staring down a gun,
Every new thing I do,
Causes my life plan to have a re-do,
Maths nerd or hurling prodigy,
Which friends do I like?
Which friends are just bright?
My friends are often sporty,
Does that mean the smart me is lonely?
Which me to be?
It’s so lonely.



I know that I’m not perfect, I see it every day
In the way people look at me and make me hide away
It isn’t always easy and it’s mostly in my head
How I’ll never be good enough and my stomach fills with dread
I feel their eyes on me even when no one’s there
I wish I felt normal and didn’t really care.



Loyalty Over Love

I’d rather have loyalty than love,
Because love really,
Don’t mean all that,
See love is just a feeling,
You can love somebody,
Just by being attached,
See loyalty is an action,
You could love and hate me,
And still have my back.


Art of Freedom

Martial Arts is where I’m free
A place from him to become he
A place where his influence knows no bounds
And turns a child’s frown to smile
Although there are good days and bad
A place to escape and stop me
From going mad
Although this poem has little rhymes
It has a message that outlasts time.


Through the Seasons

Ohh when it’s summer
The silage is here
We are as flat-out like a badger on a bypass
Winter we fear for the silage; it could be bad.


do i care?

“something i care about”
sitting here without a care in the world
waiting for the autocorrect to produce my words
uncontrollably tapping my leg and waiting for this talk to end,
he told me to write from the heart,
i didn’t know what that meant because i didn’t think i had one,
but the thoughts that reach out to choke me like a sweaty tooth madman,
i can stretch, wrench and rearrange my thoughts
but still it will not ever be enough
for this short poem i’m asked to recite.


my home

i come from a small village with lots of boys
nothing to do only mess round with the lads
we rarely do bad but we’re never to good
it’s a bit of a kip
i busted my lip
in the summer we go for a dip in the river
that’s all, really nothing to do.



I come from country roads
No half loads
Picking stones
To feeding calves
Filling trailers
To driving bailers
I come from the county.


Love it Regardless

From early mornings to late nights
From nights out to being covered in muck
Having the craic with the lads to being up to the ears in stress
It’s the best job in the world but ya have to love it
If you don’t, you’re at nothing.



Rathdowney the town with nothing in it
Some say they should bin it
There’s not much to do
Just walk around in our shoes.



here is cullahill
there is a farm here, my farm
we have over 100 cows
we have over 70 sheep
by spring, each number has doubled
we would have around over 130 cows altogether by april
and over 120 sheep by the end of february.



I go to a school where the sky is blue
I go to a school where everyone is friends
I go to a school where we can play any sport
I go to a school where there is good food
I go to a school where everyone works hard
I go to a school I enjoy.



I playing hurling, Gortnahoe,
Where the sky is very blue,
Gortnahoe is the place to go,
We all have a good ego.



I love hurling,
Hurling loves me,
I don’t like getting injured,
But it’s prone to me,
I can score off my left,
I can score off my right,
But we won’t go down without a fight,


Match Day

March 25th, a big day for all
Him? by jaysus he’s tall
Catching balls over the Laois half back
To bring Kilkenny back on track
We’re not here to mess
We’re going back to our best
We are Kilkenny
And to the best, is where we’ll go.


Below Minimum

Working in Centra is a fairly big kip
The bouncer doesn’t let you in if you give lip
4.50 an hour doesn’t even get the meal deal
I sit in bed playing sad music in my feels.


Real Friends

Real friends will last for ever and ever
Through all your highs and all your lows
They are a place where you can go
Real friends are precious, honest and true
I am so glad my best friend is you.


Day in the Life

Met this geezer from Ballinakill
He doesn’t have money for the bill
Stuck in the car eating a sambo
He brings out the dog, a boy Rambo.


Twinkle Twinkle

Twinkle Twinkle fire alarm why did you go off I almost lost an arm
Smoke so high it touched the alarm
Twinkle twinkle I almost lost my arm
Feeling dead in the head
Wish I would stay in bed
Twinkle Twinkle fire alarm.



Wake up in the morning around 6am
Walk up to the farm, the cows are causing mayhem
The heifers had escaped over the fence
The bulls were getting a little intense
Round them all up and put them back in their pen
But little did I know the cocks got into the hens
Finally I’m finished and back home to bed
Comfy in my pajamas to watch Tractor Ted.



I love the feeling of a hurl
The satisfying sound it makes when you’re pucking with your best friend
That feeling on putting on that jersey you may never wear again
Representing your team in front of those who did it before you
Waiting till that day when you can do the same.



he has curly mullet
he does football and fighting
he goes to the gym
he thinks he is ‘him’
and he is scared of thunder and lightning.