Coláiste Eoin

Art by Lynn MacPherson



We weep in paralytic dreams
In an iron cage of silent screams
Tired of searing sunlight beams
Too cold to kill your self-esteem
Your own respect to fulfil your regime
The great escape which didn’t work
Just clasped the iron bonds tighter
In the dreaded nightmare cirque
Fully extinguishing in us the fighter.



I can’t confront the things that hurt
This girl is ageing well
I feel like I’m watered down to dirt
And there’s no one I can tell
I kind of feel like a clown
My life is falling apart
I don’t know why I feel so down
Especially after you fixed my heart.


Writer’s Block

I have writer’s block, can’t fix it
Can’t think of anything to write
I have too many ideas in my head
But still, I can’t write right
I hate having writers block,
Because I write for school
I get given so many good topics,
But I’m like a fire without its fuel.


Sinking In

The monster caged inside your skull
The hope and hurt lurking dread
I can’t control the dragon hiding in your head
Mind was not of greed and where you were lead!
The hunt will come to kill the boar
And the rhino will defend the weak
The captain was corrupted in the fire
Serpentine kills at night!
Crocodile tears betray the Liar
Shadow dragons betray the light!
The dusk will be the sword that kills
The dawn will be the healer that heals the dead.


the dreamer

these games of fantasy
are better reality
these dreams give personality
i change position
i spark the ignition
the dreamer is the real magician.