Colaiste Cois Siuire, Co Kilkenny.

Artwork by Barry Quinn

Fields Of War

In the fields of war where guns fire and men fall
The final soldier will be the one standing tall
And will go down as the one who saved them all
Until he is caught and left to rot behind a cell wall.


The bright blue skies, Shine in my eyes
The light green grass is so hard to pass
The coastal waves tremble and brings amaze
And that is the end of this craze


Happiness can be an illusion
Caused by delusion
Leaving you in confusion
With a contusion
Happiness lives in seclusion

For some happiness
Requires an extrusion
In conclusion
Happiness isn’t an illusion


Look up. Look Down,
Look left to right
Or side to side.
Behind you or in front

Make memories that will last
Fly through the air
Like a bird in the sky.
You are never alone
In the darkest days of your life.

Light a candle, let it shine
With happiness and joy,
Cherish the memories you remember.
You are never alone, you will never be
There is always a way to be happy


Life is a beautiful thing
But sometimes people can turn
That into a deadly thing
Life is full of wonder and love
But people like to tear that apart
Life is full of colour and passion

But people like to take that
And but it where it can not happen
Life is pure but sometimes
You take that and turn it into a weapon
Until you don’t know what life is about
And it all goes away just like that

Early Morning

On a nice early morning, I took a stroll into the woods.
Seeing all the different colour of the leaves
Red, Yellow, brown and where I stood
Feeling the gust of wind that runs through the trees

As I walk further, I hear the birds singing
As I see a bench, I sit and relax
I watch the branches on the trees swinging
I read my books and eat my snacks

Who I Am

I dont know who i am
That sounds weird to say
I feel like a sham
Why wont this
Feeling go away

I am, above all else
A people pleaser
Just hoping someday
Someone sees her

I change my personality
To try and fit yours
So i dont know who
I am behind closed doors

But out of all
The people i could be,
Why would i wanna be me
I dont know who i am


Home is a distant memory
Of a place i once roamed
Like a king sitting in a throne ,
We all have our stories
But some remain untold
This memory of a place
I once called my home


There in the sunshine
In the sweet summertime
Tractors roaring and cows grazing
There I am taking it all in

The smell of fresh grass
Being cut Is such a delight
While the birds chirp in the trees
While people get tans
In the beautiful sunshine

A FreeĀ Mind

Driving through the dry savanna
Wiping your sweat off on an old bandanna
Driving through the long dry grass
Is like looking at life through stained class
Out here is where my mind set free
Like drinking a cup of fresh herbal tea

Trip To The Shop

I went to the shop
Seen an old man
He fell and hit his head
So i called an ambulance
And i saved his life
And when he recovered
He gave me a large sum of money
Then i bought a fiat cinquento

Chili Pepper Bridge

I was under a bridge and
Then i fell asleep then
I woke up and went home.
Under the bridge by nirvana
Is my most favourite song