Coláiste Clavin, Meath

Art by Lynn MacPherson



A dark night dressed in clouds
Hidden amongst them, the full moon’s out
This type of scenario is rarely seen
Especially on All Hallow’s Eve.

I leave my house to get fresh air
2020’s been a messy year
The fireworks explode, and birds flee
I’m sad imaging how scared they must be.



At the beginning of sun rise, my eyes slowly open
I leave my dream and enter a nightmare
I put on the uniform that I wear five days a week

The feeling of buttoning up my shirt is mild and bleak
I know these school walls better than I know myself
The voice at the top of the room is haunting to us all
Overpowering and yelling so early in the day
I hate this school I attend every day.


This War

Russia has caused war on Ukraine
It has caused an unbelievable amount of pain
Husbands and fathers have to stay back to fight
None of that is right

Russia has caused so much trouble
And left houses and towns in rubbles
All for what, power?
A soldier dies by the hour.


Moving Forward

When I stop and think
About how far I’ve come
I think about friends, family
I think about myself,

All the struggle and pain
Of which I’ve endured
I know there’s more to come
Later in my life
But I know who I am
And there’s nothing more I would want.