Colaiste Chraoibh Abhann, Kilcoole, Wicklow


Global issues isn’t
just poverty
but what made it happened,
Global issues
isn’t just climate change
but what lead to it,
Global issues
isn’t just war and terrorism
but why people do it,
Global issues
isn’t just diseases
but what caused it,
Global issues |
isn’t just corruption
but why people do it,
Global issues
isn’t just abuse
but why we normalise it
Global issues isn’t just words
but why people only focus on one side
and ignore everything else.



One thing to think about is how people are treated,
All different people are treated and beated,
People from up there, down here, no matter where,
They all deserve to be treated right and fair,
We just worry about how we appear in the air,
We don’t understand how important we all are to society.
We are all valuable and irreplaceable in time.



In a world of whispers and looks.
Backstabbing and heartbreak.
Your girls were there with shared secrets and laughter.
Standing by your side, above anyone else.
All of a sudden your secrets are out there.
They are part of the whispers and looks towards you.
You have no one to turn to but yourself.
You finally realise you’re better on your own.



I woke up

I thought of you

Yesterday I
saw you

I kissed you

I met you

I found you

But today, today I lost you,
for you I could travel the world,
but now it’s over
You’re not there anymore,
I was afraid of losing you,
and my biggest fear just happened.
Now I turn a page
I wished I never had to close.
Maybe I should close the book



Coming home from school,
The same routine, the same day,
Finding something to do,
But i sleep the afternoon away.
There’s no homework assigned,
There’s no studying to be done,
TY is a bit of a doss,
No work is covered up with “educational” fun
As the the clock hits 9, and the sky turns dark,
I prepare for tomorrow,
I prepare for the poetry workshop


Going from place to place

For something you love hoping for the opportunity to be on that team,
recognised for the love you have
the talent you keep that can bring you to your dream
the hope you have to keep and the dedication
you upkeep will bring you to your dream

Nobody Like You

there’s no one like you,
my favourite friend through and through.
through all our school years,
|we’ve shared laughter,
we’ve shared tears.
even through everything
you’re my favourite part of our years.


Spartan Suits

From treacherous training in Spartan suits
to reenacting the Trojan horse.
Like ancient Sparta with new celestial fronts.
Fighting alien grunts with little pistols that barely shoot.
Always outnumbered and far the truth with an A.I in your head
just like your tooth.
Many have fallen and many don’t get to shoot.
Both side fight with pride and faith
but neither troop will ever find the truth.

My Sport

In my sport everything is long,
from the time it takes,
to the food you ate,

Sport is like an ache,
from the very first handshake
to the people we love,
we can not come above,
sport brings us together,
we are friends forever

Sport Is with us forever,
that’s why we all work together,
we love we hate,
but we don’t debate

Sport is our sole,
that why we have our goals.


I have a friend called dodd she is a little bit odd,
she likes to play ball especially in the hall,
she wears her hair in a plaits because she has no mates,
she’s from a place called Newtown
and she should have a crown,
i love my friend called dodd
especially because she’s not a fraud.

Da Flats

Came from the flats don’t give a rats look at me twice I’ll hit you with a bat.
Eating all the cake yea this ain’t no flake and when im done your gonna have a tummy ache .i be chopping it up call me Gordon Ramsey we be eating up spuds with your nanny . I come from the struggle you know the hustle . Try play with me your gonna end up in a tussle. I be sipping the sprite all day and night . Try take it from me il give you a fright . You heard it here first I’m about too squeeze I’m get a tissue cause your about to sneeze.

Just a Sport

Everyone thinks football is just a sport, shooting, scoring, winning and all the rest but they don’t know how hard it is to have success. Missing time with family and friends to get to ur best is what it takes to have success.

Coaches who coach players who play just want the best success along the way.

Love Bounce

I love the grass
the grass loves me
i love the trees
they love me
i love my mam
my mam loves me
i love my friends
do they love me?


Don’t Get it

I don’t get how people can think stuff like this
off the top of their head.
I actually don’t want to not submit anything
but I’m very stuck.
Now I’m helping someone,
I’d be a better assistant then poet.