Coláiste Choilm, Tullamore

Art by Gary Reddin


Really Dead

When is someone really dead,
Is it when they are shot
Through the heart?
Or when they have an
Incurable disease?
Or maybe even when they drink
A soup of poisonous mushrooms?
No, they aren’t dead until their
Name is forgotten.



Now that I’m sixteen
The gym is where I’ll mostly be seen
I love keeping fit by lifting weights
But my favourite thing to do is hang out with my mates.

In school I think woodwork is the best
And in PE I aced the beep test
I upload videos on TikTok
This passes my evening on the clock.


Who I Am

When I was growing up
I used to walk to school because we didn’t have a car
When I remember the days I realised that
It was my parents and friends that made me happy
It wasn’t the things I had that made me happy but
The people I had that made me loved
And even today it’s not the clothes or objects,

It’s the people I have in my life that make me myself.


The Art of War

Some have never seen it before
Some have seen it far too often
Some see it from a coffin
Combat sports engage us all
Waiting to see who will fall
Stories of the mighty and fallen
Are a great mix like potions in a cauldron
Violence entertains like nothing else
Everyone sees it in themselves
It’s part of our nature and our bearings
Maybe it’s time for peace and changing.


Happy Place

I put my boots on,
early mornings in the winter,
gloves and hat,
everything is quiet,

The voices in my head are gone,
I’m in the place I love most,
Nothing can hurt me,

In a match, the feeling of scoring or winning,
pure joy, pure happiness,

If I could stay there forever I would.


Star Player

He runs with the ball like its World War 2

He tackles the players at the speed of light

He gives them an awful fright

He shows them no mercy

They call him Percy

During half time he drank a lot of water

And then he went on the pitch to win the game

After that he got all the fame.