Coláiste Chiaráin Athlone

Art by Marta Barcikowska


Fake Love

Love is sacred but it can be broken,
Love can fill with warmth but disappear with coldness,
He can love you and protect you but can hurt you and break you,
You can think he’s the one but he’s just like the other one,
You swear he will change but he doesn’t know how to,
So you stay and suffer when you can free yourself from this fake lover.


Dear Poem

poem, what a day
blue open sky and Shakespearean plays
their love is so strong
it can’t go wrong
oh, poem oh, poem
we went from good to bad
went from Shakespearean Poems to slight “G’day”
went from losing a man
to losing many men
should leaving bodies like a world war
heart broken families torn from below
families being left in a weep of a meadow
loss of men, loss of money
gain of muscle and loss of fat
young kids running around with face tats
gang members fighting leaving many scars
body full of scars leaving children scarred
oh, poem oh, poem what has happened
to our world?


Love Hurts

Loves gonna hurt-
Love will hunt you down,
Love will throw you around,
Love will put you in the ground,
6ft under is where you’re gonna be,
Don’t try to fight it,
Love is crazy.



I really love him,
I really do,
But he only wants to use me,
Do I love him?
Or do I only like the version of him in my head?
Is he just a regular teenage boy?
But when he looks at me, I really do fall,
But is it really worth it all?



Running around as kids,
As if we were timeless.
Then it hits we are not timeless,
We are just present.
Running through the grass,
Feeling every blade against my leg.
The sun shines on my face,
The light reflects off my face.
As if there …. wasn’t …. a care in the world.



I lose myself in a world of my own that has been created in moments like these,
I can faintly feel the blood drip to my fingertips from the self-inflicted crescent shaped scars My nails have left on my palms.
This cycle was beginning to become a daily routine for me.
But this flame I have been biting back will someday serve a purpose.
Now, this flame is merely a way of slowly torturing me.
The aim is to get me to despise something that I had once loved so dearly.
Still it seems to be working
As it slowly devours me from the inside out,
And I begin to associate pain with my gift,
A hate of it ignites in my soul.



C onstantly thinking
O f situations but
N never
F ully aware
U nsure but
S ure of
E verything that i
D on’t understand.



Why must such a feeling made up of affection and joy
Hurt more than a knife in the back.
Love is required but a cynical gamble,
Will the puzzle pieces fit
Or will several fall apart or not fit at all?
A devil, a sinner with a hollow heart
That made my heart behind walls feel
A slight drop of worth
In a world full of billions.


This World

The World is full of Danger,
Living through the World of Fear and Happiness,
It is a World of which we all come from,
A Place of which we call Home,
The Culture, the Heritage ,the Ideologies and the Impressive Inventions known to Mankind.
It is the Landmarks ,the Education Institutions,
We fill with Pride, Hope and Fear,
And Every Week we see the near light at the end of the Tunnel, coming out of Darkness and Into the unbecoming unknown,
The Greatest World of All,


can’t tell

I don’t know what to write,
i don’t know what to say,
i don’t know what to think,
i don’t know what to play.
i cannot tell who likes me,
i can’t tell who does not,
i can’t tell if i trust them,
i cannot tell a lot.



Straight A’s.
Straight hair.
Straight teeth.
Clean room.
Honour Student.
They think i’m “perfect”.
Sleepless nights studying.
Heat damaged hair.
Years of braces.
Barely any motivation.
I’m exhausted.
But I’m “perfect”.



Dread ran through my veins,
My life force this place drains,
Forced to work, against my will
Help me escape, or they will kill.
I work all day,
I get no pay,
If I speak out
There is no doubt
I will never escape, no way.



Yellow is a star
Yellow is the sun,
Yellow is the moon
When the day is done.


Things I Like

I don’t like school
But I love playing pool
My favourite colour is red
And I love my bed.