Clifden Community School, Co. Galway.

Art By John Rooney:

Best Friend

Oh what joy it is
To have a best friend like you
For always giving me strength
The way you do
For lifting me higher up

When I am feeling down
And putting a smile on my face
When I am wearing a frown

Thank you for being there
And helping me grow
Our friendship means a lot
This I would love you to know


Seeing Red

The sound of distant waves and birds awake
He rises from his cursed bed
With thoughts of violence in his head
A flash of rage and he sees red.
Without a pause I turned and fled


The questions of life
Of who, or why, or what
Make people really wonder
If what they do is enough

The questions of life
Sometimes makes us doubt
But do we really know
What life is really about


Life is a chance to learn
If you make mistakes take a turn
Live life how you want you only have one shot
Be yourself no matter what

If you get put down
Head back up and turn that frown upside down
Words are only words don’t take to heart
Be yourself that all you can be


What is a man
Some say a man is someone who is the strongest they can be
I say otherwise
I say man is someone who is completely in touch with their feelings.
But that’s not right either because if a man is someone in touch with there feelings
Then what is a woman.

In the past there was a clear line between men and women but not anymore.
If we have different words for men and women but the meaning is the same
then what’s the point of having the words in the first place.

What was ever the point,
Why must we be put in categories
Why can’t we be free.
Why Why Why

Listening To My Heart

I’ve been thinking about myself and this life
Am I doing this interesting thing right
Who are these people who judge my actions
What if they’ll make me crumble into fractions
On my own I stand,

Listening to my heart, that’s my favorite band.
This is me, the person I like.
Every time I doubt myself, I let my spark ignite.
And they hate we all receive, will be tossed into the night.

The Clock

You watch the clock, slowly ticking by
You’re only getting older
You stop and wonder “why?”
It’s out of your control
No matter what you do

You pray and hope that it’ll stop
But we know that won’t come true
So don’t sit at home and lie around
Go out, maybe find a wife
Because at the end of the day
You only have one life

I Exist.

I am who I am, sometimes someone I don’t want to be.
A bird in a cage screaming and everybody thinks you’re singing.
Happy but you’re not.
But what if the door was never locked.
It was locked in our imagination.

And your freedom was always there,
waiting for you to reach it, to touch it
It always comes back to you.
So what are you waiting for

Be You

Don’t take in the words ,hurt and hate
Think about the things people appreciate
When the hurt you hard , kick you when your down
Just remember the light that can be found

The bright sunshine behind every cloud
Just make yourself feel proud
Don’t get anxious don’t get overwhelmed
Just be you not someone else


I swing my arm in a figure of eight
Oh I won’t leave until the whole clip empty
This boys ain’t nothing but pigeon
I can see y dem boys love envy

I want  Prada and Gucci
Or I might just offend my Opps with Fendi
When the juice spill like soda
Oh I won’t say no words like Kenny

The Hate That Exists

I hate how in some countries I’m not accepted
As who I am, who I want to be, who I feel inside.
I hate how some people don’t understand
Homophobic slurs are just not right and
Genuinely hurtful to most people

I hate how some of my class mates shout slurs
‘That’s so gay’ or ‘Your gay’ to their friends, thinking its funny
I know that in the future it might get better but who knows
Because the hate that exists in the world will never go away

Everything But Nothing

We type on our keyboard
We type on our screen
We send out feelings and thoughts
That mean everything but nothing

We don’t think about who receives
Who thinks about your thoughts
Who analyses them
This changes their thoughts on you and your name
What would you do if they did the same

Stuck At Home

From holidays in the  Big Apple to laying at home in bed.
Life moves to quickly two years missed because of covid
What a shame the supposed to be best 2 years gone
How can I complain what will change we stuck in a loop
Covid cases up covid cases down vaccine this vaccine that
I don’t see a change but we need a change
People can’t live like this anymore.
Stuck at home no where to go what can we do

Worst Thing Since Elvis

Though I’m not the first king of controversy
I am the worst thing since Elvis Presley
To do black music so selfishly
And use it to get myself wealthy
There’s a concept that works
Twenty million other white rappers emerge
But no matter how many fish in the sea
It’d be so empty without me


Men are disgusting, they hurt, they abuse and they murder women.
Why is my question.
I hate the saying ‘boys will be boys’, what is that supposed to mean
If men can’t control themselves around women with skirts on,
Who let them control countries
Who let them think that they are more important than women.
Women literally create life and bleed every month,
So why are we not running countries
We can definitely control ourselves around men.


I strive to live an idyllic life
Where I’m not rich nor poor
Just happy to be alive
Happy to be able listen to wedding vows
Children’s cries
And the gentle closing of a door
People say “don’t romanticize your life ,
Admit its full of strife”

Cannot Think

I don’t know what to write about
Maybe that’s the thing
The social constructs of hope and doubt
Bring me down and make me shut up and make the mean words sting
I’m quiet and scared of what people would think
I can’t even think properly anymore
I don’t know what to write about

The Day

Wake up, eat, school, repeat
Come home, study, sleep, repeat
Over and over as time goes on
Nothing changes it just gets more long
Drained and exhausted when I finish my day
I’m more excited for the month of may
Summer’s the one that’s keeping me sane
And distracting me from all this pain

Growing Up.

Today i sat in school,
Staring at my computer.
Where do you see yourself in ten years time
Everyone was typing endlessly,
But i was lost.
My future

I do not want to be my mother,
College was just not for me.
My future
How lost could i be
How am i supposed to think about my future
When getting through this week is hard enough for me


It was like a crash, like a comic book
They said it was hard but sweet
I fell so far , swimming my hardest for the surface
Gasp like a comic book
No air , polluted so bad
Hated for a book
hated for what I wear
Hatred for the people I’m with
Spat with words ,so harsh
They said it was easy
Like a comic book
Nothing to compare


Welcome to Brixton I’m in the party with barbies and thrillers,
The kid back man on the spinner, see enough man just run from my brothers,
How you talk about dingers
They ain’t got thinner,
They ain’t be cool like a thinker
Mg lil bro riding lose with the changer,
Man get done my brothers


This is where you go no where is where if you show yourself your weak ,
If you like something someone doesn’t your odd,
You do sports or your a lazy buck, your  crowed or weird.
Where no one understands you,
You’re different. you want to go far
But get dragged down by your surroundings.
Yes I have a loving home a loving family ,
Loving girlfriend, one or two close friends but it’s not all.
When I thrive it’s laughed at, no praise for my success.
This is Clifden