Clifden Community College, Galway

Spell for the Listening Stars

To the stars who listen,
to you I am indebted.
You who listened to my endless rants,
you who listened when no one was willing.
To the stars who listen,
the stars who glisten
this poem I dedicate.


The Beach Road

I walk the beach road everyday
Hoping the memories won’t fade away
It really is my comfort place
There I am not afraid to show my face
I go there when I’m feeling high or low
I’m scared I’ll forget it the older I grow
The feeling I get when I go there
Is really one I can’t compare.


In a school

Where masked faces roam,
Pistols in hand, it’s an unconventional home.
Girls rebel, wild and free,
In this twisted place, that’s how it be.

Balaclavas hide faces, a mystery’s embrace,
Reckless pistols, chaos they chase.
Teachers with malice, rulers of the game,
In this school, turmoil is never the same.



I have likes and dislikes that I don’t like and like to show.
Emotional and vulnerable I tend to show.
I’m embarrassed and proud of all things me.
I don’t know if I’m really being me.
In a room of so many, I stay silent.
In a room of love and care, I shine brightest.
We are so different and weird and wonderful.
I appreciate everyone fully.


Plastic Masks

All these fake personas to try fit in with society
Trying to fit in by standing by stupid criminology
Trying to be the person they weren’t raised to be
How long until they realise this isn’t who they aren’t really
How they can l fit in with this silly society
when I don’t understand what I want to be.


Evening Light

In the evening light, the rays of the sun are fading,
Love, like a star, burns in the skies.
Hearts, like a magnet, strive for each other,
They find happiness in tender embraces.

Words are like notes in a gentle melody,
A symphony of love plays tenderly.
Hearts become like an open book,
Where every moment of love is captured.

Through difficulties and winds of fate,
Love is like a star, always shining.
Hearts, like birds, soar in the sky,
Love’s magic blooms forever.

I really love Ireland

this country make me change in a good way, coming here, i
t was one of the best decisions of my whole life.
sometimes is so hard, because of my family,
but i know they are only 3 months left,
that makes me sad,
i found my safe place here.


It’s hard

To know what I might become
But it’s okay because Im still young
Its not always about what people see
but more about what I want to be
Life is thought to be tough
But everything is rough


Is a kip
is definitely a skip
Loads of coke
but yet no smoke
I hate clifden
I really do
the weather is tripe
and I might get spiked
I wish I could go somewhere new

Halls of Words

In the halls of books, buildings of knowledge,
We suffer in classes, in hopes of college,
The moment I hear, my alarm bell buzz,
The whole cycle repeats, all in a fuzz
I hate school it’s always so draining,
I’m always so tired I don’t know what I’m gaining.


The snow

Soft, like a kiss,
falling on the ground,
A winter evening
mysteriously shrouded
a blanket of snow.
The moon sparkles in the sky,
In the flickering light,
the evening is like a fairy tale.
Trees in a winter sleep,
like silent guards,
This evening is magical,
the air is full of purity.

Boffin Girl

I live in inishbofin
I have a dog called holly a cat called sky
My mum and my dad are Jackie and pat
Marie and cathy
i want to get my hair cut


Really hit or miss
Even at its best can ahve its worst
Leaving the hardest part
Attention to detail can drive you crazy
Talking is the way
Intuition can put you miles ahead or miles back
Once you do it ,It’s happened
Now you’re own value
Say what you feel not what you aut to say
Having a good friend is better the 100 fake ones
In valuable times , embrace and move on
People need people


is where animals are born.
Farming is where machines are used.
Farming is where animals die.
Farming is where I grew up.
Farming is where I spend my time.



If lads are loud, they’re obviously funny,
But if girls are loud they’re just a pick me,
If a lad decides to stare at a girls butt,
And she is happy about it, then she’s a slut.
If she’s not happy about it, she’s a nun,
Either way, damage is done.
Lads pretty much do what they want,
And often don’t care about the girl that it will haunt.


Mean Girls

The girls at school are really mean
Your not enough if your not lean
Or keen to meet boys or go places you shouldn’t
If you dont, speak to you, they wouldn’t

The girls in my school are really mean
The looks that they give when they aren’t seen
They always manage to get in your head
Makes you think they wish you were dead


Music runs through my bones
Makes me feel like nobody’s there
Like I’m in a world just by myself
Or with a ton of people who don’t care
I use music to express myself and how I’m feeling right now
Music feels like home

Seeds of Joy

Farming is a place of joy
to let urself be free and be free for life
and don’t let anything let you down
bc farming will always
unwrapped and make it better

School has too many rules
School is not cool
Are school does not have a pool
School makes me feel like a fool

I love farming

I love the hardship of it
I love the rewards of it
I love the problems it brings
I love solving the problems
I love working around the house with my family
I love having the little lambs
I love all of the things about farming.

This is a place

where I love most
the farmyard full of life and hope
lots of freedom away from usual life
where the bales are wrapped
and unwrapped
to feed life
I love this place
this is my life.

I hate homework so much

It gets my head in such a bunch
I will not write another inch
For the hairy smelly stinky witch
More and more my homework piles
The more and more i lose my smile
Long short i hate it all
I just want to play some basketball

My Asian Friend

I have an Asian friend
And he has an Asian dad
But the thing makes me so so mad
And maybe just a little sad
Is that I cannot hold his asian dads hand.

Tall Object

I like tall nice boys and that gives me a surprise
when I look in his eyes
because that’s really wise he gives me piles of love
and he’s like a dove