Christian Brother’s Cork

Art by Pat Byrne


The Lighthouse

I’m from the country by the sea,
But I go to school in CBC,
It’s a long journey home,
Lots of time to engage the dome,
There’s a lighthouse at a distance out at sea,
Illuminating the coast just for me,
The wind is rough my mind is calm,
It’s so close I can feel it on the palm of my hand,
The red beam of light flickers then disappears,
The waves crash upon the island like it’s shedding tears.



Back again with the bloody rucks and the mucky hits,
Back again with the crushing pressure that makes you sick,
Back again with the praying you make it,
Back again with the shame when you don’t,
The pain makes it worth it and the tears make it sweet,
It’s the sport I love but it makes me weep.


Positive Outlook

Throughout life challenges arise,
For those who despise,
Often meet their demise,
For those who push through,
That small few,
Live a life of content,
As opposed to resent.



In the hidden crevices of the heart,
In thine it is,
In the impregnable psyche of man,
In thine it is,
Be careful, for it rages and rages when provoked,
In thine it is,
For it is in all of us,
And all of us are what it is.



From a plane to a train to the mid-morning rain.
From the scorching sand to a language, hard to understand.
From the burning bright light to the long freezing night.
Australia to Ireland. It was a tough cruel fight.
My friends and my loved ones all left behind, but alas, a new life I have come to find.
This place that I lived in, so barren and dry, even when leaving brings a tear to my eye.
The leaves and the trees, so lush and so green, a welcome change from my old dusty scene.
“A new land awaits” my parents did say, Australia, my friends, I’m coming back again one day.


Appreciate Life

Live in the moment,
Work on yourself,
Build relationships,
Live in the moment,
Feel free and at ease,
Go through tough times,
Live in the moment,
Find happiness and joy,
Discover new places,
Appreciate the people around you,
Both good and bad,
Live in the moment.



In the dark halls,
A force calls,
Sending waves and shivers,
That make people ignore their previous tremors,
Fighting every day,
See their hopes fray,
Maybe they’ll find their hope lighting again some day,
So long as they don’t butcher their way at slighting the pain,
Make the force wither away,
To find happiness at last.


Inner Room

As you lay in silence, you have never been louder,
The curtains drawn, as the curtain drops,
Than the echoes outside, I must stay prouder,
Trapped inside my head, the bubble pops,
Being led out of the room, and her out of life,
The door part closed, her head turns to see me
As I look back, I drop the mask,
And smile.



Robert is called and his heart begins racing,
The challenge ahead is not one he imagined facing,
84 minutes gone and he’s given a chance,
To impact right now would feel like a trance,
The ground was quite damp the air almost mystical,
Robs on his way up feeling less and less physical,
The missions near complete and all that’s left is conversion,
And rob falls on his face and fails the excursion,
It’s a pity that Rob will not be remembered,
But I guess that’s just sport and he won’t be commended.


What Love Is

Love is hate, and love is happiness.
Love will drive you insane, love will mess with your brain.
Sometime you want to fight love, like it’s your worst enemy.
Sometime you are sick of love, and you don’t want it anymore.
But love is a kind soul, it will fill your empty heart.
It will make you blind, but open your eyes to so much more.
It will close doors, but open up your options.
Sometimes you take a bite of love, but its from the wrong slice.
Love can be a mistake, but the key to success.
Love is hate, and love is happiness, but this is why we love, love.



Prison, waking up before dawn,
Prison, a strict schedule,
Prison, a roll to tell whose here,
Prison, slaving away doing meaningless things,
Prison, a break to go into the yard,
Prison, everyone eats the same food,
Prison, you go to sleep and do it again.