Christian Brothers College, Cork

Our Road

Suddenly walking, a winding road ahead.
Our feet can’t stop, they won’t stop
And they lead us along this path, an involuntary Trial that we must endure.

We embrace it, some less than others,
Taking it by the hand and and letting it lead us
To places that we don’t yet know
but we must go.

Some seize it, grabbing at the opportunities in front of us,
But some grapple for any grasp on the gathered choices we have,
Scrambling to see what lies ahead on this road that we call Life.


Results Night

Out in jeans with the lads all night
All in polos we look like some sight
It’s my round next to buy the beer
All the lads start to cheer
Men approaching in full black
They look like there about to attack
They walk right past us like they run the show
Over to all the girls they go
Hours past the girls look in fear
That’s what happens
when you have had too much beer


What makes me smile?

My dogs gallop in the grass,
That’s what makes me smile.
Belly laughs with my family,
That’s what makes me smile.
Soccer ball hitting the back of the net,
That’s what makes me smile.
Going out with my friends,
That’s what makes me smile.
Watching rugby on the tv,
That’s what makes me smile.


I Make Me

Who makes me?
Who makes me is the people I have met,
The nice ones, the angry ones, the resentful ones,
The ones that led me forward, made me who I am,
Who gave me the will to be myself and strive for success,
They made me.

What makes me?
What makes me is the moments in my life,
All of the good moments, the traumatic moments and the beautiful moments,
The moments that taught me core beliefs, manners and respect for others,
Moments that shaped my body and even soul,
They made me.

What makes me?
What makes me is the culmination of my journey, everything from past, present and Future,
I am a being, a unique being that has only existed once and forever once,
Now let me tell you this,

What makes me is Me,
I Make Me.


Fire Raging

Torment spread like a raging fire
unless those who suffer hide
under a mask of masculine fear,
Who am I?
Why do I wear these clothes?
A safe environment set to steer us
into a life of silent susceptibility
that coaxes nothing but a meaningless
fragile nobility.
Are those who are themselves shown mercy?
Or must we wear a jersey to be worthy?
Maybe so.


A Countdown Begins

The machine gleams as newly shined shoes
A slow rumbling disputes the calm
The crowd gathers in royal queues

A regal event
The Starship has returned
A rocket fuelling for a flaming ascension
The crowd looks on, as stomachs churned

As cables are unhooked
The ground shaking with desperate anticipation
A roar of metallic intensity
Humanity chases stars with dreams of creation

The Small Ball

In the land of Ireland, where legends are born,
Hurling takes flight, a game so adored.
With ash in hand and a sliotar in play,
Warriors on the field, ready to slay.

The clash of the ash, the roar of the crowd,
The skillful strikes, so swift and proud.
The ball soars high, through the air it sails,
As players chase, with fierce determination, they prevail.

From Cork to Tipperary , from Kilkenny to Galway the rivalry fierce,
Passion and pride, never to cease.
With every strike, the crowd erupts in cheer,
Hurling’s magic, forever held dear.

In this ancient sport, traditions run deep,
A legacy of heroes, their stories we keep.
Hurling, a dance of strength and grace,
A testament to Ireland’s sporting embrace.

So let the sliotar fly, let the hurleys clash,
In this game of champions, where legends amass.
Hurling, a symbol of Irish might,
A thrilling spectacle, a glorious sight.

Endless Hole

Getting up early
Studying late
Not being able to think clearly
Stressing til drained
Homework is handcuffs
Put on our brains
Making people puff
To forget for a while
It hurts to know
That at home there’s a pile
We get screwed in the morning
When we haven’t complied
It drains from our souls
And endless hole.


How you’re wrapped so beautifully
You light up my day as soon as I see you
Shining like bright diamond jewellery
When I saw you I knew it was true

Love at first sight
You light up my night
The way I look at you is like no other
I’d trade you for my brother

How I come and collect you from the aisle
You make me crack a smile
I put my lips on you
As I’m taking my stroll
Down the venue
I finally have you my glorious chicken roll

What is a man?

A man hides,
Beneath the shelter of trees of the same root,
To guard the blossoms they truly yield.

A man trudges,
Through the spikes of vines
That penetrates if you don’t deflect with pricks of your own.

A man speaks,
After all canopies disappear,
After all survival pressures disintegrate,
About the vulnerability within.


It’s a mask
an object hiding your face
your personality displaced
the mask is cool and loud
behind it is fun and sound as a pound
sometimes the mask should be removed
because the real you is overruled.


Polar Conquests

I stand here not because I’m the son of polarity, lunacy and disorder
Not because, I’m the son of heartbreak, raised voices and failed relationships
Not because, I’m the son of disvalue, of forgetfulness
I stand here because I’m at peace with my emotions, at peace with who I was and am,
I stand here because of the relationships I’ve made, the people I love
I stand here because of the people I support, to the snotty noses to the ugly tears
It is not the sins of fathers that make their sons, it is the peace that must be made.


You lie awake in bed at night
Always thinking what could or might
You think about what she might say
If you could go back to that one bad day

You go to school and hang around
You always think how stupid you sound
You wish you could have stayed at home
You think and wish to be all alone

When you finally are all by yourself
You wish that you had someone else
When you finally go to bed again
you wish that you could go back to then

Man Made

Expressing feelings, understanding and belonging
All lie in the imaginary box of
What a true man is.

Dreams and ambitions,
The making of a true man lay,

Accepting who you are is pivotal,
Kindness and one’s inner heart run free.

All in the making of a true man.


The Wooded Depths

In the depths of the forest, I take a leisurely stride,
Amidst towering trees, where nature’s wonders reside.
Sunlight filters through the emerald canopy above,
Creating a dance of shadows, a symphony of love.

The air is crisp, filled with the scent of earth and pine,
As I wander along the path, a journey so divine.
Birds serenade me with their melodious tunes,
While squirrels scamper, playing among the bright

Moss-covered rocks and babbling brooks I encounter,
A smooth oasis, where time seems to falter.
The rustling leaves beneath my feet, a gentle lullaby,
Guiding me deeper into nature’s embrace, oh, how I sigh.

I spot a deer gracefully grazing in a sunlit glade,
A moment frozen in time, a memory to be made.
The symphony of nature’s orchestra fills my ears,
As I immerse myself in this haven, free from worldly fears.

With each step, I feel a connection to the ancient trees,
Their wisdom and strength, a gift that puts my mind at ease.
In this forest walk, I find great peace,
A place where my soul finds release.

So, let us venture forth, my friend, hand in hand,
Exploring the enchantment of this natural land,
For in the heart of the forest we might find,
Moments that smooth the soul, one of a kind.

To be a Man

I leave my family,
My mother and my father,
I go away to school
And it starts once more
This constant act,
As if behind a screen,
I hide myself,
I lock myself away.
I try to be cool,
Try to fit in,
But it’s all an act,
A shadow of myself.
I try to act tough,
But it’s often a myth.
I make my way home,
And the act is over.
The weight lifts off,
And I am myself once more.

“Let it go”

I don’t feel good, about what’s inside
So I let it sit, I let it hide
I don’t feel wrong, but I don’t feel right
But I just won’t let it go

-People say it can be easy
Just man up, don’t be so ‘feely’
But if I do I can’t live freely
So I might just let it go

-I tell my friends about my feelings
They tell me I don’t have to be things
I can be myself, I can feel my meaning
Because I just let it go.


A bubble of arrogance ,
To stand out in a crowd ,
Of similar people ;loud ,

Awkward silence reigns ,
Until you joke with your mate ,
About anything till late ,

Talking late , loud and lots ,
Anything but to be shy ,
Until at the end , it all a lie ,

You meet your true friends,
Who you trust with your truth ,
People like this are rare ,
For these days most don’t care ,

Society is very cruel ,
And causes people to drool ,
Both tears and sweat
Help hard to get ,

Till you know you’ve done it ,
Found those who relate ,
Always at your side ,
Cause maybe your lifes been fate.


Where the wind blows

Where does the wind blow?
To a damp dugout buried low
To a fortunate sailor’s leech
To a sunsweeped, crowded beach
To lost hikers on a wooded hill
It’s presence comfortable ever still
Yet there’s someplace the wind isn’t wfound
Smog filled train stations underground
Children’s bedrooms shut to prying eyes
There dreams of hope never realised
To trench ridden fields with deafening silence
With short spurts of harsh violence.

A man

Behind the mask is someone
who is just trying to figure out
the meaning of life
by trying to fit in
with everyone around him
by doing the things
that others around him are doing.

My thoughts

My parents annoy me, but I still love them
My brother irritated me, but i still love him
I dont play with my team no more but im still with them
I dont like politics, their narcissistic
I dont like my school, its a cult
I dont like modern day idealogies, their too stressfull
To the people who i care about, thank you,
To the narcissistic, egotistical shallow fools
who roam this earth,


I think I’m better than other people. That I can do more, that my cockiness is a good thing about me and means that I’m gonna go places and be successful. I think that other people are worse off because they aren’t as smart or as focussed as me.

I also think that I’m wrong. That I’m being an idiot and don’t know what I’m saying. That I’m fooling myself into making my future look good. I have no evidence. Why do I think anything about myself when I really haven’t done anything yet.

I have all these thoughts but the one thing I know is that no one is ever going to hear them from me. Because I have both sides of me arguing all the time no one will hear anything until one of them wins the argument. The logical time for the judgement of the winner would surely be when I die and hopefully can look back on my life. But in the end it will be a draw because some will accomplish more than me and some less so there is no winner.

My real cockiness comes from the fact that I know this and I will go through life knowing I will never be the worst off or the best off. I can live in true content and that will be my greatest accomplishment.

Electric Buzz

The electric buzz before the game.
Your friends and classmates chanting your name.
Tying your laces and pulling up your socks.
You build up your courage and leave the box.
You run out with your team, strong and proud.
15 men on the pitch making a promise to the crowd.
To play for the man to your left and right.
To do your best and win your fight.
A long lasting battle, hard to withstand.
The beauty in sport that’s enjoyed through the land.
The whistle blows to begin the bout.
Supporters fill your ears with cheers and shouts.



What is a man?

A man is someone who is always wrong
A man is someone who must be strong
Always judged as something they are not
And in order to succeed they must be hot
Always seen as a scary being.
And must not show their feelings.


Is the group leader
He loves a bash and hes always eager
Hes always out in a dry fit
But everyone’s hes a right git
Spinning after two cans
Hes always the one making plans
Lurking in shmally
Hiding from shades with his bally.


I used to walk

Around town with my friends.
We’d talk about sports and a girl here and there.
An odd moment would come when one would pass by, “oi oi”, “give us a smile” it wasn’t a big deal, the consequences never crossed my mind.
A year and 3 months, that’s how long it’s been, and every time it happens to her, I see it in my dreams. I wouldn’t wish this, on any one of my worst enemies.

The Blame

Couldn’t take the blame
To go n continue
Slowly going insane
Feeling my own issue

Forever Jumping

forever jumping towards the top

chasing the big spuare who stole your fruit

then in your own doing burn you burn the fruit

spend your life going up to avenge your friend

just descend to rock bottom

you reach the end but the square doesn’t burn.


Battle Roar

In a land where battles roar and clash
Soldiers in shiny armour are strong and rash
They march to war with their hopes held high
But when it began it made them sigh
Families torn apart and scarred
Innocents were lost it was hard
While some dreamt of peace and love anew
Others thought about what they must undo
In unity we believe we shall stand so tall
while others hope war conquers all.

Tate Speech

Im always told how he is a bad influence
Parents, teachers, brothers and sometimes even friends, people I trust and respect
They tell me I shouldnt look up to somone like him
And even still I look up to him
Im always ashamed to say that I admire him and so instead I pretend I dont care
I feel like he is portayed out to be a much worse person than he is.
He is accused of hate speech even though sometimes he is stating facts.
Of course there are also parts of him I dont like, just the same as every person
but still I believe he is acctually a good person
I feel confused
I dont know what to say or do when people mention his name

The Score

You score the winner after climbing up from a beginner
You won the game, crowds gone insane
You celebrated with your friend who you want to be with you until the end
You celebrated under the stadium lights which made all the hard work feel right
With all of the fans who chant your name, you know your career will never be the same
After a scouted call, you would be payed thousands when you kick a ball
You signed the big contract and there is no going back
You scored the winner and now you are far from a beginner
You win loads of games with millions going insane
You know you are the best, maybe we didn’t need to do those maths tests…

In Ballinora

A club that’s on the rise,
With victories stacking up, reaching the skies.
Three C3 triumphs, a winning spree,
And three Mid Cork Junior A titles, can’t you see?

The coaching and training, simply top-notch,
Guiding the players, unlocking their watch.
With dedication and skill, they take the field,
Ballinora GAA, a force that won’t yield.

Their teamwork and spirit, a sight to behold,
As they conquer each challenge, bold and bold.
With every match, they leave a mark,
Ballinora GAA, lighting up the park.

On the up they soar, with hearts full of pride,
Ballinora GAA, a club on the winning side.
With trophies in hand, they’ll continue to grow,
A legacy of success, for all to know.

Everything is too much

The pressure, the weight of everything collapsing
in on you, holding you, breaking your spirit
until you have just had enough.

But you don’t get to have had enough
No matter the weight, the failures pinning you down it won’t stop, it won’t end, it won’t.

Not unless you accept it, the fear, the mistakes,
the constant pull into the abyss.
Not until then, not until you can hold it
in the palm of your hand and let It be,
not until then.

Then, it will never be too much.
Then, nothing can be too much.


A tourist town
Where you see no one frown
But the towns got a dark story
Viscous gruesome and gory
People say it’s a rich place
But I don’t see a smile on any face
Out of the council estates
I’d kill for my friends
In kinsale struggle doesn’t end
Just because some have money
Doesn’t make them all bright and sunny.


Match Day

Looking forward to it every week
When it’s over disappointed to have to wait again
Getting on the pitch and ready to go
Until you hear then final whistle blow
Even if I win or Lose
I will tell everyone the match news
Soccer is what I like
Some just like to ride a bike.

The Measure

A man is someone who works
and treats others well.
A boy is someone entitled
who treats someone poor.
A man looks after people around him
and a boy cares for himself.
A boy shows fake confidence
and a man is confident in himself.

Saturday night

Coming home
Long day of nothing much
Seeing no one
No plans.
Fridge is empty
But heart is full
With hope for tomorrow
And what’s to come.
Today is gone
Don’t think about it too much


Colours are seeings
while feelings are meanings
If you see someone in the park
you can’t park
If you cannot read you probably can’t see
If you see someone on the roof
They probably tell the truth
If you rap you like a breakfast bap.


The art of sport

Sport is really fun
Matches are good
Especially when they are won
Training is hard
The weather can be bad
But it is worth it because you’re with the lads
When you win with your team
It’s like you’re in a dream.

Night bird

The night calm and all was still
Until I saw the bird on my windowsill
He looked at me, and I looked back
That was when he chose to attack
He flew in the window and aproached me near
That’s when he bit me in my ear
I didn’t respond because I am a man of peace
But unfortunately my dog was off his leash
He charged in like an angry cow heard
Rest in piece to that little bird.

Boys’ Toilets

Genitalia on the door and urine on the floor
“Hard men” vaping at the back door
School is a bore

it feels like a chore
but it makes you poor
That i sadly have to endure.

The Pitch

When you step onto that pitch
everything goes silent
your mind becomes empty
you are ready for war

fifteen of your teammates
fighting for one thing only
to win that game of war
and leave everything on the pitch.

Big Men

Those big big men, lying down,
those big big men, on the ground,
those big big men,
in their family’s arms,
those big green men,
defeated and devastated.
Those big big men, all for naught,
those big big men, those big big men.

The Darkest Nights

In the darkest of nights, stars still gleam,
Guiding us through life’s uncertain stream.
With every challenge, we find our strength,
Rising above, going to any length.

Embrace the journey, with courage and grace,
Seeking new adventures, exploring every space.
Believe in yourself, for you hold the key,
To unlock the potential that’s within, you’ll see.

Dream big, reach high, let your spirit it soar,
Break down walls, open every door.
With passion as your compass, you’ll find your way,
Creating a future that’s bright, come what may.

So remember, my friend, you’re capable and strong,
You have the power to right any wrong.
Embrace the possibilities, let your light shine,
For you are capable of achieving the sublime.

Once upon a time

There was a man named shay ,
Who decided to hit the town with his friends, having some fun.
They headed to a pub, ready to enjoy the night,
Laughing, joking, and sipping their drinks until it was out of sight.

As the evening went on, the drinks kept flowing,
Cheers and laughter filled the air, the good times were growing.
But little did they know, the alcohol’s effect was creeping,
Making it harder for them to stand, their balance was weakening.

With each pint they downed, their inhibitions grew,
Their laughter turned louder, their steps became askew.
They stumbled and swayed, struggling to stay upright,
Their legs like jelly, their coordination taking a flight.

As the night came to an end, it was time to head back,
But walking became a challenge, their bodies off track.
They leaned on each other, forming a tipsy parade,
Giggling and stumbling, like a comedy that never fades.

They laughed at their missteps, embracing the absurd,
Knowing that this night would be a tale to be heard.
They hailed a taxi, grateful for the ride,
Home they went, with memories they couldn’t hide.

So let this be a lesson, my friend, to remember,
Drinking can be fun, but it’s important to be tender.
Know your limits, pace yourself, and always stay aware,
To ensure a night of joy without any despair.

A Little Thought

Even with a little thought,
I seem to spiral into the biggest thing,
From gaa to study,
From school to life,
I grab my Hurley from out side the door,
I puc the Sliotar of the wall,
And now the thoughts seem so small


Even with a little thought,
I seem to spiral into the biggest thing,
From gaa to study,
From school to life,
I grab my Hurley from out side the door,
I puc the Sliotar of the wall,
And now the thoughts seem so small


The Art Of Sport

It’s like war
It’ll tear you down
Running into the fields of brown
Not a single frown
It’ll make you feel down
But there’s no better feeling
Then winning the crown


O)h what a thrill,
The competition, the skill.
From soccer to basketball,
We give it our all.

Running, jumping, throwing,
In the game, we keep going.
Teamwork and strategy,
Bring out the best in me.

Whether on the field or court,
Sports bring us support.
The joy, the sweat, the cheer,
In sports, we have no fear.

The feeling

About going onto a pitch with 30 people
all hoping for the same thing victory
is just a different feeling makes you feel accepted
with no judgement from anyone there you have
15 of your own teammates there
to help you all 80 minutes feel like war hard fought
and sometimes hard won sometimes comes with sacrifice like injuries but in the end lose or win the feeling of just going out there and playing your heart out till the very end just will leave you with a smile on your face and happy you stepped on the pitch.

Jimmy Butler

Oh wow ,Jimmy Butler
Your play style is as smooth as butter
How do you win so many games
Some would describe you as “straight flames”

You are really are the core of the Heat
Oh my , how I wish to sniff your feet
No one can compare to your fame
I fantasise about taking your surname

You make me believe in love at first sight
For your legacy, I would eternally fight
So Jimmy, Jimmy , my dearest Jimmy
You are well deserving of the name Himmy


Oh men, a diverse bunch they are,
With strength and courage,
they’ve come so far.
From fathers to brothers,
friends and more,
Their support and love,
we truly adore.

A man

is strong, caring, and reliable.
He’s a beacon of hope in tough times
and faces challenges
with bravery and kindness.
We should appreciate
the important role men play in our world.

I hate war

It makes you look to the floor
So many deaths
Makes you count your breaths
Bombs are falling
Next to soldiers crawling.

Sport raises resilience

Sport uses strength
Sport gives us friends
Sport gives us freedom
Sport gives us expression
Sport teaches us patience
Sport teaches us dedication
Sport teaches us hard work
Sport shows passion
We learn from the mistakes and the feeling of loss and strive to become better to taste the feeling of success and victory.

strong as a bull

yet as delicate as a butterfly
a man can be shallow
yet has a heart as deep as on ocean
a man is as tuff as nails but softer than a pillow


are complex in that they are a way to escape our lives as well as a way to look at our lives in a clearer way. In the world of sports the line of victory and defeat is quite clear. There is no question of what team you are on or what position you play within the team. These things are not always clear in real life. Escaping to the world of sports is an opportunity to think about these questions in our own lives.

The lads

Are always up for fun,
With them, there’s never a dull moment,
They bring laughter and good times,
Making memories that forever shine.
Whether it’s a night out or just chilling,
The lads are the best, no denying!

Top of the Hill

Top of Sydney Hill
Parents paying for the bill
Constantly gazing beyond the window sill
Results coming soon
Dying for a swoon
Lads acting the maggot more like baboons
Sick of this class
Watching all the clouds pass
Waiting for the bell
Get me out of this hell


A game so grand
Players swing, sliotar in hand.
With speed and skill, they compete
In Cork, where passion’s complete.
The crowd cheers with all their might
As players battle day and night.


Brings happiness and sport brings sadness
Sport brings joy and sport brings despair
Sport brings excitement and sport brings anxiousness
Sport is entertaining and sport is addicting
But most importantly of all
Sport brings people together
For that one moment where people are running around and having fun
Nothing matters anymore
They are all one.


is a technical game . The small margins can make a big difference in a big game . Small things like dropping the ball missing a conversion can be the difference between winning and losing . The difference between being the man if u score the winning try and being the worst player on the team if you mess up and lose the game . You also have to wear a mask playing rugby not wearing a scrum cap but a mask of toughness . If you make a tackle you get up like it doesn’t hurt if u get injured you play on like it dosent hurt if you drop a ball you play on like it dosent hurt this is why rugby is a different game then what it seems . That the people playing cant fell anything .

I hate germs

I can never come to terms
On how people don’tc

over their mouth when they sneeze

sport is

so fun
when you win
i play better
when i have a fresh trim