CBS Nenagh

Troubled life

from the trees to the grass
from the flowers to the weeds
the bees that brows the grass
to find there flower to harvest
the nature is wild
so don’t take it for granted
because one day
you could be living in it
we all make mistakes
and you might not find a flower to land on
and end up in the grass
so be kind to nature and life
as it could be your home,

or your downfall.

I am not a child
I am a man,
16 years old and i dont know what to say,
I think and think and now i need a drink,
But i dont even know what that means
Am i thirsty or am i just bored,
actually, i dont believe in boredom,
boredom is a phrase it has no meaning to me,
if i think of word and i dont know the meaning,
whats the point of that word existing in my mind,
When it has no place for my head.


Growing Up

15 years of age now
wish I could be 10 again
when there was little to know
and I felt no pain
life was easier
less to understand
and everyday went breezier
everything was grand
I have been opened up to the world
and I am more mature
but deep down that 10 year old boy is curled

He finds this new world obscure.

From green grass to Saturday mass

tall trees and buzzing bees
chirping birds and cattle herds
everywhere muddy with my buddy
test failing to Sunday bailing

then get some  sleep and do it all again


you were driving all night
in the john deer tractor,
it was raining but the silage needed to be finished,
the missis sitting beside you loving life,
flat to the mat with the party hat on,
only drink on your mind, few pints.

The Last Pie

I have
a garden with a flower,
A lovely blue sky,
in the distance
there is a round tower,
while looking out the window
eating a pie.


I feel as if the world is closing

as if I need to choose now
what to do with the next 40 years
I feel as if my dreams will only stay dreams

As if they will forever be out of reach


The Dirty Dozen

The dogs at home
while im writing a poem
doing his business

on the floor couldnt ask for more

match tommorow gonna lose already feeling sorrow
out with the lads getting spotify adds none of us gonna be gradds

out with the boys chilling with the cousin
you can call us the dirty dozen.

I Adore the players

Especially when they score

Especially Tj Reid

He makes croke park roar

When hes score goals or pints

The All-Ireland is in sight.


Is water wet

is grass green
is the sky blue
Is food edible
are carrots orange
Are strawberrys red
are cucumbers green