Carrigaline Community School, Cork

She’d Dance

She’d dance like nobody was watching
Although she liked to think he was.
The kitchen was her grand ballroom;
Her partner was a mop.
She’d Foxtrot among the pots and pans,
She’d Paso Doble to the sink, And as she swept across the floor,
Her mind danced, too. She’d think
Of how he’d held her in his arms
At the Locarno and the Ritz –
Whirling, waltzing, a world apart – In the years before the kids,
And longer still before the shadow
The doctor spotted on his lungs.
How dazzlingly they had danced!
How dizzyingly she had spun!
Her neighbors saw her sometimes
As she shuffled, bent-backed, to the shops.
Back home, she’d dance like nobody was watching
Although she liked to think he was.



The Eyes dont know the amount of meanings they can spread.
Sometimes they can be sweet, with light making them seem like stars.
They can look innocent with a look of hope radiating from them.
Yet in most cases than others theyre harsh.
As if their very being pierces through you like a cracked mirror.

I cant remember the last time I was looked at in a sweet way by someone I do not know.
As a 16 year old girl i simply want to express myself.
Im constantly told I look old for my age and im always getting stares that feel unwelcome.
Stares that pierce through my very being.
Stares that are filled with thoughts of filth and never kindness.

The world is filled with eyes.
I cant help but hope there is some girl out there that doesnt go through the “norm”.
That doesnt feel like shes constantly being watched and judged in this black and white society.


It is

A tepid summers day.
i can see the beaming sun setting down across the horizon.
i can feel the rough sand on my back as i lay and watch the sky.
i can hear the hushed waves washing up onto the shore.
i feel infinite.

The Valley

Walking through the valley he felt the ground shake
He hoped that the giant would not awake
As time passed by the ground began to rumble
Till after not long he took a tumble
The giant arrived as he let out a shout
The water dried up, he had caused a drought
He waited and waited and waited again
But still no one came
He would die alone

You are Insecure

You are giving her looks that she’ll remember when your the one who needs help
Because she’ll understand what it’s like to be in that hell

When your sat at the pub having none to show,
Your peers will carry that feeling of when you made them low

When you are in the same position as your father
You wish you did anything to go farther

Yet the ones you pushed to the brink
Will write your actions in ink

You’ll realise the peak that you waited for
Is not there to restore

As those who you looked down upon
Succeed as you look on

So stay safe in your bubble for now
Go as far as your ego will allow

You are so insecure,
While everyone else’s life will occur.


Rinse Repeat

I wake up. i feel the same
The days repeat
Again and again and again
The time flies and the days blur
All while I just sit and wait
Wait for something to happen, to feel different
I don’t know and it scares me that I might never know
But no matter how or why I feel time won’t stop . The days will continue to pass me by without a thought.
I wonder will this feeling ever stop ?


Anonymous Me

Maybe you know me
from small flower shops
from racing down roads
and past bus stops

Maybe you know me
As a kind of friend
As a music lover
Or a way to pass a weekend

Maybe you know me
Or maybe you don’t
But whatever you heard
I’d try find out first.



They have highs they have lows
They have problems nobody knows
Swing from em hide from em lie for them die for them
All the same never different nothing changes
One different view will make a difference
But only for a day or two.


On the field

rugby in the air,
A line forms, excitement everywhere.
Jumping high,
reaching for the ball,
with strengths and skills
the team gives it there all.


Train of Thought

I dont get it.
We like each other but you dont like me enough to do anything about it.
Maybe you do but youre scared I wont like you back.
But you have to know i like you back because its obvious.
But maybe its not obvious because I am nice to everyone.
But I talk to you more than anyone but I suppose you wouldnt know that.
You arent very observant. But you are, you remember things about me you wouldnt bother remembering if you didnt like me.
But maybe youre just a good friend. You listen to everyone.
But you talk to me more than anyone. Because we like each other.
Hell. I just don’t get it.


She Taught Me

My mom taught me to be honest
My dad taught me to be tough
My grandad taught me to be smart
My nan taught me to love

I have been taught so much in my life
But I just can’t get it right
To be the perfect image
To lead the perfect life
I can’t fit every mold
And do just what I’m told

I just need to make my mold
And let my life unfold
Because it’s my life
You have lived yours.



I’m a black woman with immigrant parents,
I have an interest in science, maybe I want to be a pharmacist.
I also like music, I might want to be a musician.
I enjoy business, maybe I can lead my own major company.
I love dealing with finance, maybe I can be an accountant.
I have an interest in politics, I wanted to be a politician as a child.
But I’m a black woman with immigrant parents living in Ireland.


This Town

In a place full of green,
where the grass does gleam,
In the country of emerald green,
Where ancient tales are often seen,
Ireland’s beauty truly gleams,
A place where magic fills the streams.

From Dublin’s bustling streets so neat,
To Cliffs of Moher’s majestic feat,
In Carrigaline, where I reside,
Irish spirit, strong and wide.

I am sitting in a room

Wait for the day to end
So I can enjoy the Easter break
But I’m being edged by a guy
A guy talking about masculinity
Feminity and being friends with gay people

God of rizz
God of skibidy
I chase GYATT I know I can never deserve


In the halls of school, where time seems to crawl,
I sometimes find myself feeling small.
The early mornings, the long days ahead,
Sometimes it feels like a weight on my head.

But in the challenges, let’s not forget,
School is a place where knowledge is met.
It may not always be sunshine and glee,
But it’s a stepping stone to who we’ll soon be.



I come from a trying home of love and work,
I grown up skilful and scared,
I’ve lost a lot but learnt so much,
I’ve made myself from losing others,
I’ve built a life to teach
and help others in something I loved.


As we walk through the school,
Surrounded by tools,
Struggling to follow the stupid old rules.

While we sit in the class, trying not to fall asleep,
The teachers spew ass, we think they’re creeps.

Soon maybe it’ll get better,
People might stop trying to be trendsetters,
As we leave it was all a blur.


“i’m just a girl”

wrong, you’re actually my reason for being, you’re the reason i get up in the morning and the reason i’ve stayed here all those nights, you make me feel seen and happy and comfortable and loved when no one else can. you are the best friend and partner in life anyone could ever ask for. You have the most beautiful soul and articulate thoughts. When people say that platonic soulmates don’t exist i can with a fact say they’re wrong because our friendship is the strongest thing i know and the greatest love i have ever felt. i will always be proud of you no matter where you go or what you do in life. Taylor Swift puts it best when she says,”If i have children some day, when they point to the pictures please tell them my name” while i hope we will be together forever and go through all of life’s challenges as a duo if we do fall out i am beyond excited to tell my kids how genuinely good of a person you are and to teach them to be like you.


The sky is blue

Cold like the depths of my heart.
From pieces of paper to blades of grass.
From humble beginnings
to meeting this amazing man
who inspires me.



I live in a place
where there’s laughter (mowy pwence)
it’s never quiet
I live in a place where i struggle to get food.
live in a place where the nights are cold
A place in my imagination where its warm
and my belly is full.
I live in my dreams



My names Ashanthy
your local I’m a laddie.
I can rap and I can trap.

I like cats
the ones that are fat.
attract and that
and that



Bestie Boo

I live in a place where there’s vast green land ,
early mornings and chirpy chirpy birds.

I live in a place where i can go to work
everyday even though my trek is long
the people there are worth it.

I’m surrounded by people i WUV every single day
i feel motivated to get into Stanford for dentistry.

I live in a place where i work for lulus and Dunnes
during the Christmas holidays and I’m a hard worker.

I’m so glad to have my bestie boo,
he’s gay amazing
I wish i could be half as brave as him.



On a cold winter night,
Or during the summer to help me shite.
I love spicebags,
They do not judge or annoy,
But instead fill us with joy,
I love spice bags.


Fake Fools

I hate bais who think they are hard
and act like a scum.they are two-faced,
come from a a nice family but act all hard.
they go around not showing
they’re face but are from a fancy place.
|They think they are hard
but in reality insecure and


I got my tractor stuck in the mud
I said oh no I need my bud
So I sparked a fag to release the pain
And then I went back in the tractor and done it again
Once I got home I jumped into bed
And watched tractor ted.

I don’t know

What to say
I don’t know what to do
Anyways here’s a poem
Just for you.


As Spring approaches the leaves get brighter,
My friendships through time have gotten wiser,
They excelled through activities and trips we’ve done,
But soon enough the work will have to be done,
The time this year has been spent well,
But overtime we will have to say farewell.

The Sun

The sun is light it goes away in the night
when the sun goes down the moon goes up
just up until it gets bright the moon goes down
and the cats they frown but we get up for the day
hip hip hooray is what i say when i get out of bed
no laying down or clowning around
we have to have a good day
but just at the end of the day
the sun goes down and the moon comes out
again down to bed to lay my head and fall right to sleep.


The Trap

I sit in a room, seven hours a day
Listening to some forty year old blabber
On and on, his words like a drone,
Yet in my mind, I’m far away, alone.
Thinking of dreams, beyond these walls,
Where adventure calls, and freedom sprawls
But here I am, in this mundane routine,
Trapped in a cycle, feeling unseen.

Drinking pints

They never disappoint
Drinking all day
Enemies are the pray
Me and the lads bait them blue
We are the most dangerous lads around
If only they knew.


I don’t like school

I don’t like this school
I cant wait to leave
Im going to start a new life
So I can grow and achieve.

Get me out right now
and fast forward to my future
for gods sake, I don’t like these people
they give me a brain tumor! 🙂

Me and the bais

Saucin all night
Slugging pints
Talking tripe
Living the life
Smoking lights
Up all night
Fighting the fight
Like Batman in the night
Who’s also slugging pints.

Transition Year

A year of delight,
Filled with adventures, from morning to night.
This years was great
From skiing to Belfast memories were made
No homework and study in sight
When fifth year starts ohh the fright
Exams to pres no fun to be seen


On the pitch playing the game
Losing is such a shame

It takes us away from reality
Hides away all brutality

Sport is a thing that should be enjoyed and played
But instead it is too serious and beginning to fade

Dirty Shoes

My shoes as dirty as one can be,
my toes frosty like frosted flakes

I can hear the droplets of rain
while i’m snuggled in my warm
but cold bedsheets

True Hell

If you hurt someone
you have to live
with guilt of doing it
and that is
true hell