Bandon Grammar


I hide myself to look normal
To feel normal
To fit in
But it doesn’t work
My mouth doesn’t move the way the others does
My brain doesn’t make the jokes they do
My body doesn’t look like their’s does
Yet I still have love
I still have friends
I still have my people.


Society is big, threatening and judgy
it is filled with amazing people who look for justice
with stupid center-worlders,
who have no empathy
Society is complicated but it could be simple
it has changed and it will again
Society is where we live and grow
but is a carnival of sorrows.


I wake up, felling the same as before
Wondering what to happen today?
Will it be any different from before
I open the doors to the new day
With family all around shouting talking, being happy
Something which I have never felt before
Walk into class with friends by my side seeing once again the teacher in my line of sight
He calls upon me by saying my surname
with me wondering what have I done at all
He chats away telling stories of before with me there wondering what have I done now
He eventually says your smart, you did well, your the best of them all
with me there wondering what have I done at all



A game of strength and might,
Where warriors clash with all their might.
From scrums to tries, it’s a thrilling fight,
A sport that fills our hearts with delight.

The roar of the crowd, the cheers so loud,
As players run, determined and proud.
In muddy fields, where legends are found,
Rugby, a passion that knows no bound.


Year of Opportunity

The world is your oyster they say!
Your in TY enjoy it,
Don’t dwell on your junior cert
Results will come in time

I am not worry about the past
Let alone caring about my grades
I just want some freedom
A little bit of space

I can’t commit to your musical
I said that on the first day
Stop preventing me from my dreams
And just let me play!

I gone to every training
I even made the team
But our “year of opportunity”
Must fit in with your theme.


Double Lives

My mother warned me about double lives,
she said those who have them dont survive

So far so good, though theres been close calls,
telling them would ruin their lives, so I stall.

The days whittle down, tick tock, tick tock.
For now, though, i keep it locked.


Holland T7

Oh, a sexy new Holland T7,
With curves that catch the eye, you see.
Its sleek design, oh so fine,
A tractor that’s truly one of a kind.
Roaring engine, power untamed,
In the fields, it’s never maimed.
A beauty in the farming scene,
This T7 is a dream machine.




The Open Road

Upon the open road, my feet take flight,
Footfalls echo, in the quiet night.
Heart pounding, a steady beat,
As the pavement stretches beneath my fleet.

In the quiet rhythm in each stride,
The world blurs, a fleeting tide .
Thoughts scatter like leaves in the wind,
The rhythm of footfalls, crystal clear.


Rare Laughter

In classrooms laughters rare
Upon the page, words in disrepair,
Lost in a jumble, a chaotic affair.
Teachers say pay attention please
But day dreaming is a breeze.


I love sport

As exciting waiting to go on holidays in the airport.
Anything can happen in it
but if you lose you fall into a depression pit.
The lows are bad the highs are good.
Running around with you and your bud.
The heartbreak is the worst
almost like your heart that has just burst



I whispered you name to see if it still hurt the same

And now I am just another page in your story
yet you took a chapter in mine

and I promise my self
that nobody will see me
so vulnerable again

Nobody will ever know what I lost
Nobody will ever see what you saw
So innocent
beat up and lost

as you pass me off as just some old friend
nobody will ever see what you saw again

Taken for granted used and then tossed
Discard like plastic
Broken like glass

Nobody will ever know what I lost
Nobody will ever see what you saw
So innocent
beat up and lost

I’ll never forget you
The things that we saw
Smiling face
A Broke promise
Your Lack of faith

No one will ever know what I lost
No one will ever see what you saw
So innocent
Beat up and lost.



I hear the sounds on the street
the sounds that you make me
i still scream
i tried to love this
but i can’t shake it off now

i am so mad and sick and tired
of you playing with my mind
hell sounds appealing now
nothing is overt us
we tried our luck to discuss
but it won’t work between us now


The Halls

I walk the halls of my school in a group
Every day I walk the same loop
As boys we are rowdy and funny and loud
But can find it quite easy to feel alone in a crowd
Clique on clique, one great big schism
But once alone y
ou feel as though u feel
a single cell organism.


Distasteful Cars

Ford Fiesta sounding dreadful,
outside my house
the owner must be mental.
Massive tailpipe,
rin bin bin.
I hope the owners rear end
caves in.


I am his

His brown eyes as bright as the sky
He looks at me
as if i’m the only person in the world
His curly ginger hair floats effortlessly
in the gentle breeze
He holds me close to him
His heart beats softly
I am his
and he is mine.


The Brotherhood

Rego, the strong and funny guy,
Sometimes a bit annoying, but oh so spry.
With lovely hair and a contagious smile,
He brings laughter and energy, mile after mile.

James, with a long and lovely black mullet,
Tall and handsome, he’s got the style, no bullet.
His charm is undeniable, his presence grand,
A friend like him is truly in demand.

Theo, rocking long blonde locks with flair,
His shoes, so lovely, make others stare.
Maybe not steezy, but he’s got his own groove,
A genuine friend who always makes you move.

Oisín, the bravest soul I’ve ever known,
In a wheelchair, his spirit has only grown.
Playing wheelchair basketball for Ireland’s pride,
He shows us all that strength has no divide.

Together, these friends make a perfect crew,
Each one unique, with qualities shining through.
Laughter, style, bravery, and more,
They’re the friends you’ll always adore.



I have lots of friends
yet there’s very few who I actually trust,
I was never very popular
until I was in second year,
I would follow around
people who I liked
but didn’t like me,
as I grew and got taller
and more confident
my life flipped
I could make friends without trying
I made and still make lots of friends
but only Surface level friends,
I have found that the only true friends I have
were the ones who I was friends with
when I was unpopular.


Are all the same,
Thats a shame,
They say we want the fame,
But dont know about the pain
They say all of that,
Thinking I only wanna kiss or tap,
Only making me wanna hit and whack,

People might call me thick
They need to stop and think.


Sunlight Beams

I am trecking up the hill home
people bustle and hustle
I am alone
judgment encompasses me as if it was the makeup smeared across my copious dots of brown freckles
They say I am lucky
I am unique
I pick myself apart as if I were an orange
Leaving the seeds of my identity
Weeping in my wake


Sunlight Beams

I am trecking up the hill home
people bustle and hustle
I am alone
judgment encompasses me as if it was the makeup smeared across my copious dots of brown freckles
They say I am lucky
I am unique
I pick myself apart as if I were an orange
Leaving the seeds of my identity
Weeping in my wake



Pottery is like painting a picture,
It’s awkward at first while you stare blankly at the clay and it stares back at you.
It can crack and fall apart or just collapse in on itself.
But when clay is in the right environment with the right people it can be beautiful and strong and admired in its best form.
People are quite like pottery.


This moment

In the car on the way to the airport feeling all excited. It start slowly hitting me as I migrate through the airport, checking in my baggage, constantly looking up at the screen checking the flight Information. Hearing my gate number being called, walking into departure and that’s when it hits me. Once I step foot on the plane there’s no returning….. Memories started flashing back as i seat in my seat, seeing the plane taking off. It’s really it, it’s real all of it aren’t just a dream


There’s not much

I wouldn’t do. Nothing I wouldn’t try or attempt, give it a go, probably say it’s great.
I don’t get that in class. In English I’m told write it down, lay it straight, copy it down don’t even think don’t hesitate.
In maths I’m told the same in different text put in brackets times by eight.
I want instruction not demand like I would with a friend hanging out in his barn.
It can work well but there’s always someone it breaks.



From old town bandon,
Went to a primary school all abandoned,
from only 3 students to the bone.
Walking through my thoughts feeling stranded,
thinking of that and this and whatever comes to thoughts and stone,
walking second to whoever is ahead, trying to keep up and keep sturdy.
Racing down the hill to catch the bus, but the car always moves faster.
Siting down at my granny’s, house
Hoping these times with last and last,
Times goes fast and everything soon to pass.

Best of Times

Bit of a fan of the yugiho, like TCGs in general but it’s my favourite. Got a deck planning to spend money on singletons.
Mum is loving the plan
Me and my brother are great craic.
Can’t get into a fight. Share all the same interests. It is perfect.
Life is great, doing what I love and get no homework,
it is the best of times and never the worst of times.

Back to the bed

Trying to sleep
Hearded in the morning to the bus like sheep
Back to the bathroom between each class
Energy’s low Like a half full glass
Home time tired in a rut
Remind myself from what cloth I’m cut
Back to bed trying to sleep
In the back of my head the next days creep.


In fields of gold

Where tractors roam,
A brand named New Holland finds its home.
With strength and power, it plows the land,
Guided by skilled hands, a farmer’s command.

From dawn till dusk, it works with might,
Turning soil, bringing crops to light.
With engines roaring, it never tires,
Through every season, it never expires.


My own mind

is something I don’t understand.
Things my mind knows I love, my mouth tells others I hate.
I know who I am but no one else does. I’m unable to speak my mind to anyone besides myself. I will fight, no matter how long it takes, I will eventually get someone to know who I am


I know im not

the best at school, but I still try
I know im not the best at rugby, but I still try
I know im not the best of friend, but I still try
I know im not the best brother, but I still try
I know im not the best boyfriend, but I still try
But I have many dreams that i want to achieve,
and that why I try.

The Shadow of Love

I look at the shadows of love
No freedom like the free dove
I want to go back to the time before dark
But alas, the cut has been made, a mark
I wish to see the world with no black
But I’ve been blinded by the love behind my back.

With the water on my skin

i do feel uncertain. When Im out and around I feel lost with no direction I never know where I am what to do what to say or where to go I never know what to write or how to act When i hear the music snd feel the wind that is when i am certain not of myself but of my surroundings , where I am and what to do.

I can be happy

I can be sad
I can be smart
I can be mad
I enjoy my life
It’s always so fun
I wouldn’t trade it for another one

Some days are good

Some days are bad
But everyday is a new day and
You never know what to expect.
In this school it’s long and you will be tired
But in the end it’s easier for you to get hired .
Most people have a smile everyday,
But for those who don’t
you wonder what they are going through.

Tika taka

Smooth football
From a baller named Macca
Playing Sunday league
Once with the great Bukayo Saka
Playing cross field passes
Like the pope planning out his masses.

If I went to school

in Bandon Grammer,
I would hate to see a scammer,
Nothing to do in Bandon Town,
But everything is going down.


I saw a man in a van

He ran as fast as a ram
He was gay and loved Green Bay
And he thinks maybe one day

Christmas cheer

Christmas cheer
Christmas beer
The teachers have a lot to fear