Ardscoil Mhuire, Limerick.

Art by Barry Quinn:


Past the violence, worry and no choices
Past the sleepless nights and silent screams
Far after the exhaustion and helpless witness
Long after the insanity with aggressive delusions
I live in happily with the loved ones that travelled

There is no one good solution, not one to choose
There is no ending either
But I can finally say, I’m truly at peace
With the precious people I choose to be
I know what matters most, I have never let go
I hope that you can understand, and like me, grow

My Love

Our love blossomed
During the coldest season
I loved you so much but
I never had a reason
As the leaves fall away slowly
You changed with the seasons
But my love for you
Will never weaken


How do you make the sky dark?
Said the sun how do you wake up and shine
Said the moon I keep it simple?
Said the bright one day at a time said noon


They tell you what to do
They tell you how to live
And how to look a certain way
‘Don’t be too big or too skinny’
‘Don’t be too small or too tall’
As if we can really control these things at all
They say you should be doing more with your life
And to be more successful
But they don’t care about how stressful it is for us
So why should we care about them or what they say
Its not like they know us anyway.

The SIgns

I cry when I see boy
Because they treat me like a toy
But it doesn’t matter because I’m strong
And that’s why I wrote a song

The title of the song is why am I so wrong
The song is made up of ten lines
I wrote the song after few wines
We have a problem because he gave me signs
And some how now we are partners in crime

Love Inspired

Love inspired my kidnap plan,
It started with a hit man.
Who put her in a white van,
To chop her up in a can
We plan to look innocent
While her spine is bent
I release the vent
To spell her sweet scent

You Don’t Know Me

I don’t know you, you don’t know me, let’s keep it that way
I am what you would call a weird kid,
Never had many friends
The things i like i was bullied for,
Thing i didnt like i was again bullied for,
I envied the people who had everything growing up,
I grew up in a place with a bad reputation
So of course i’m a bad person,

Thats not me, it never will be,
Everyone judges me because of this,
I am starting to think that will never change,
I can get jobs because of the dealer next to me,
I can go out places because the people are sacred i wil mug them,
I will always be seen as one thing and that will never change,
I can’t count on my fingers anymore
How many times i have been told be what they see,

A druggie kid from a druggie place,
I am going to push myself to upstand my reputation,
The reputation of my home,
But more importantly for the kids to come,
I’m the weird kid,
The kid who will change everything

Real Me

Nobody knew the real me until that day
Before then judged and told how I looked and told it defined me
That I would have to changed to be loved
Nobody wanted to know the real me they just liked how I looked
Nobody cared when I was down and at my worst
When I lost a person I was closer too
The worst battle anyone could go through

When I met him it all changed
I could be myself I felt loved
I had the twinkle in my eye and the constant butterflies
All the arguments are with him are worth it
Because I can be me with him because I know I’m loved

Always and forever it’ll be him no matter what
The guy I love the most is the guy that saved me
The one who’s my biggest supporter no matter what
The one that knows the real me and I know
The real me and will love him till then end

Forgive Love Smile

Forgive but never forget
Love but don’t forget the hate
Smile through all the sorrows
Everyday is borrowed


Why do we care,
Is it because we’re scared.
Scared of boys because they may treat us like toys.
Scared of the unknown because
We don’t know what they’ll do to us alone.
Scared of the fact of how they may act.
Scared if we’ll ever be loved well don’t be behooved.
There’s Seven billion on this earth,
One of them knows your worth.
There’s always a saying that says your amazing


Is it that boys have more power or am i
Just sour that I feel like less of a person,
Do I speak out about it but without a doubt
That the issue will most likely worsen,
Do I let them walk over me, just keep calm

Be orderly or do I stand up for myself,
Do they realise their wrong are they
Trying to act strong because they’ll be left on the shelf
Should i leave it behind and imagine their kind
Or has the time come to teach them.

Fitting In

Walking into a room filled with laughs and giggles
The feeling of judging eyes looking at you
That gut wrenching feeling of being the weird kid
Judged for what they view for things you can’t change
For looking different, liking things that aren’t the norm
Race, sexuality, hair, face, body, age
Never judged for your personality or mind
Nothing to do with being kind

Trying to be a different person in school
Just to fit in or be “cool”
There’s simply no point, just be you
I like harry styles, like like school
I like the things I think are cool
Surrounding myself with people I like
Doing the things i want and enjoy,

You’re┬áthe Problem

How do you, a boy
Get the right to touch what’s mine
How do then you, a boy
Get to tell me I’m being dramatic

When I’m not fine, I’m not okay
And its not fair in anyway
You are the problem i am not
And i know that without a second thought.

Teenage Girl

Being a teenage girl,
In this messed up world,
From cat calls to snaky friends
You never know who to trust.
When have to fit in
Being yourself isn’t important
they only care about looks
Can’t say the wrong things
Nobody can own up to
The mistakes they make
I feel like i’m in the wrong era
I just want to be me
I just want to trust people
But in this world its hard
Why can’t it be easier
god forbid your happy and they aren’t
The jealousy is toxic
why can’t they be happy for someone
This world is messed up
I just want to be happy
Without the drama or consequences

A Sacrifice

she sacrificed her life for us,
he turned to drink and went away,
protected me with everything,
struggled to go from here to there,
smiled through all the pain she had,
but in the end she went back to him.


They make you smile
They make you cry
So insecure you want to die,
Will I ever have love?
One that’s true
With all my tragic loves, if only I knew
Will my world fall apart?
Will I crumble and fall?
Or will this boy finally give me a call


Everyday I’m feeling stressed,
It cause’s me to make a huge mess,
I try to fix it but I end up Mixing it,
Then I end up in a twist,
Twist, Twist , Twist
Fist, Fist , Fist
It makes me break my wrist,
My Mom is very mad but she understand’s,
She gives me a band,
Now i feel grand,
I am very stressed but I am so blessed.

Box of Chocolates

Life is like a box of chocolates ,
some are bitter ,
some are sweet ,
but some are just perfect.
And when you find your perfect chocolate…
Keep it!


all i am is mediocre
i can do things well
but all i am is mediocre
i will never excel.
i can sing fairly well
and sometimes maths is fun
but i will never be good enough to be number one.

Who Am I

who am i? is the question everyone asks
thinking to themselves at the back of the class
my answers always ‘i don’t have a clue”
while i just want to tell them all to shoo.
does anyone ever have an answer
meanwhile they all think i’m a chancer

Sweater Weather

I looked out my window and saw the weather,
It was time to put on my sweater,
The sky was grey and it was raining,
I found it very entertaining,
Me and my friends were planning on going outside today,
To see the new fancy cars on display,
When the rain stopped, I grabbed my coat,
But then I got a sore throat.

Lock Down

Lock down hits,
It was the pits,
Nothing to do,
How will I get through.
No more putting up my shield,
To step on to the camogie field,
I need to find my groove,
And use the time to improve.
All that’s left to do is get up early
And head out with my hurley.

Chicken Curry

I love chicken curry
but it does not love me,
time goes by and I wait patiently,
hoping, longing, waiting,
people say it gets better,
yet I’m still left pacing.