Abbey Community College, Boyle, Roscommon


We are like glass,
we’re not dangerous until we’re broken

We don’t fight for revenge,
we fight for our future

A smile can hide so much pain

Just because I carry it well doesn’t mean it’s heavy

It’s not darkness in my heart,
just emptiness waiting for the sun.


Dead Insects

When i was younger
i used to pick up dead insects
because i thought they were pretty.
people always told me i shouldn’t
think certain things are beautiful,
like death, and girls.



Don’t Change

Don’t change for the media
Don’t change for the men
Don’t change into what they think you should be
That’s where you will differ from them

Don’t be someone else
Don’t be afraid to share
Don’t be anything but yourself
Because in the end its only you that will care

Don’t think you can’t talk
Don’t think you cant reach
Don’t think you can’t feel
A way that makes you human a way that makes you real


The Place

A place where I call him
Up in the country in the west of Ireland
I live up there as, we all call somewhere
With green fields and grass everywhere
Me trying to run and walk everywhere
Going to the farm day or night
While I do try my best to do things right
Coming home from a hard days work
You can never be a jerk
Getting a warm cup of tea
Sitting there very pleased
This is a place I called home.


Terence the unicorn

Had a pink unicorn horn
He goes to a unicorn school
And he swims at a unicorn pool
And sits on a unicorn stool

He once went on a unicorn roller coaster
With a friend who was a boaster
Who tricked him into saying toast goes in a toaster


Spice Bag

A spice bag is fantastic,
especially with curry sauce.
Spice bags are delicious but not too nutritious.
They’re unhealthy
but I’d still eat one any day,
because spice bags are fantastic
that I will say.


School is dumb

Just like a pain in the bum
So numb
Never get a break
always up till late
Doing homework
Till my bones hurt
School is dumb
School shouldn’t have begun.


Best friends

Stick together
They are like
a straight line
they never bend
or break apart.


Today is the day

We are going to collect the hay
It is a sunny day in May
The birds are out
Children are letting out a shout
The water is calm
While some people don’t give a damn.



Life is tough yet has to happen
Whether you want it to or not
It is only you who chooses your path
So let your dreams run wild
You may face some challenges along the way
But face them with pride and always think with your heart
And you will always get by



Sliding down the backroads
Feeling like a rally driva
Over a bump
Hit the hump
Next thing ya kno
I’m in the bushes
No longer have any flow.


Winter Song

It was winter
I decided to wear a sweater
It was as cold as ice
It was frosty and dry.

I stayed inside
I don’t like the outside
But I love to build a snow man
with that man.


Same Old

Get out of bed and get dress,
Have breakfast and never get a rest,
Go out and train just so I will never be the lame,
If I’m tired it’s not me to blame.
Trying to be the best,
All I want is a rest,
4 sports,7 training,3 mathes,


Cereal Killer

I was eating my cereal
When I saw someone devious
A guy creeping through the garden
Trying to stay out of sight
Feeling scared as my dog bared
I turned on the light
To my surprise there was no one in sight


Love is delusional

but also confusional
when i first seen you
i always knew
that you were the one for me
now i can feel free


Just a Girl

I’m just a girl I spend too much coins,
I’m just a girl I get mad over noise,
I’m just a girl I want more clothes,
I’m just a girl I don’t believe boys.


I love my dog

He’s like my best friend,
He’s friendly and cute and plays till no end.
I take him on walks and pet him to sleep,
Sometimes he’s grumpy when he gets nothing to eat.

School is cool

Just like a pool
Sometimes I feel like a fool
When I am in school
School can be curl
Cause you are a tool


Green hills hug Vizcaya, Bilbao thrives.
Euskara whispers, mountains touch the sea. Guggenheim stands tall,
a symbol of Basque strength and pride



The teachers like to give out
And of cource let out a shout
They say they don’t like are class
Deep down they think it’s a blast

If you wear your own clothes one day
Maybe it’s time to go pray
We like to forget our books
And then we get the dirty looks


I love to play sport

But not of all sorts
I like to play football
But not soccer at all
I don’t like to go on a run
It just isn’t fun


Jingle Bells

When the kids are jinglebelling
and everyone telling you be a good cheer.
It’s the most wonderful time of the year
it’s the hap happiest season of all.

I’m hot

I’m red
I’m well fed


The night falls after the day
The day is full of light and happy es
Happpiess is friends
And friends are fake
So, that’s settles it,
Life is full of fakes.


I play football

To escape it all
I don’t care if you don’t care
I will play it anywhere
Playing any sport
Is just my resort
Playing football
To exceed my goals