O’Carolan College, Nobber, Meath

The Cycle

The spinning globe,
To which I give this Ode

Days pass by nights
Like birds taking their flights

Lives go on, like a full powered locomotive
It goes so fast, we don’t even notice

New life being born
While some don’t get to see the next morn’

The Cycle that will never stop
Until our globe goes *pop*

You vs The World

Starting young
Driving on
Not giving up when you hit a brick wall
When everyone is against you
You still stay strong
Working hard
Keeping focused
When you want it all.

What Love Is

Growing up with a brother with disability’s changed me.
I have gotten so many experiences, challenges, hardships laughter and joy.
But best of all u got a best friend.
He never judges me, he is always happy and laughing.
He changed me so much to be a better person and Friend.
I am so much more respectful
Just for growing up with a brother with disabilities



I miss being a kid i miss being small easy to hide in the cupboard away from ur brother because u robbed his favourite lollipop.
I wish time would just stop I feel like I’m growing up to fast memories feel like blasts from the past and I just want to go back.
In primary school walking in saying ‘bye mammy’ with a kiss on the cheek then I turn around and everybody’s staring at me,
Weeks after weeks I keep getting looks when I say goodbye to my mammy until finally I realise they make faces and laugh because I call my mammy, mammy and they call theirs mam.


is handcuffs locking you in
Tuesday is rubbish in a bin
Wednesday is rock that is rough
Thursday is meat that is too tough
Friday is the key unlocking your cuffs.



School is a prison,
Stuck behind bars,
Trying to escape using electric cars.
It is very cold,
And children are very bold,
School is a prison.



In the morning the buses arrive
Everyone here at the same time
Everyone wears the same clothes
No piercings on the ears, mouth or nose

Commanded by the bell, they go to class
To learn more useless facts on mass

When they graduate, they haven’t a clue
About what it is, they’re supposed to do
With their learned, unhelpful knowledge
To learn helpful stuff, they have to go to college

In a world that needs our creativity
School snuffles our individuality.


A Kid

being a kid was the best times of my life
It was the best because i didnt care about anything, i didnt care what people thought of me life was more fun
now it is a constant dread with heartbreak and always being upset over the smallest things
if kid me seen me now he would hate the person that i am.


When standing alone

In a large empty home
The silence is shreaking
And life feels like shrinking

The clock sounds like of defining speaker
The halls seem so large and confined
And you try look for somthing you know you won’t find
So you stay silent and don’t say a peep

Because it feels more sane to not speak.

I suppose


I love my scars
They have
Stayed with me
Than most people


Better days

When the streets look the same
and you only have yourself to blame
you meet with the guy who hands you love for a fiver

you told yourself you wouldn’t go back down this path
but when the weather starts to batter you know who to ask
the dealers only up the road,
he’s ready to sell you the rest of your life for a price,
but your families waiting for you,
will you surprise them, or let them down again?

Life is full of secrets

and secrets are full of life
some are white lies that mean no harm
others are there and feel like a thorn
a thorn in the side that you can’t rid of
the pain of lying to someone you love.


Music is great it brings people together, it connects people it makes people enjoy life more. I mean who doesn’t love putting on their favourite tune and pretending you are acting in a movie, don’t try to deny it you have done it before I like to call this song a ‘killer track’ a killer track can be anything from pop to rock to country but it is a song you are truly passionate about and can relate to. What is your KILLER TRACK ?


My sister left for Australia this morning,
Going to be the weirdest feeling when I want to annoy someone I can’t just go across the hall,
She’s actually on the other side of the world.
So bittersweet I’m so happy for her, but selfishly wish things could just stay the same forever.

I like school

I like learning about new things.
I like meeting my friends and the teachers. I
like all the different classes I do.
I like the challenges that come with every class.
But most of all I like talking to people.

Day of Hamiltons defeat

The day started like any other the drives were getting ready for the season finale
Hamilton and Verstappen on the front row Hamilton leads after the first lap then disaster lap 53 causing the safety car came out allowing Verstappen to pit and by the end of the race Hamilton lost his 8th world title and thus his dominance in the sport came to a end

Why the education system has failed

Something that has bothered me for awhile is the blantant disregard for quality education found in our school.
The schools teachers aren’t well trained with many of them relying on google for info (eg our history teacher thought Ireland was a part of Nato) and often only prioritise the fastest and brightest (mostly female) people in the class.
This has lead to many of the males in our class being neglected education wise and has lead to them not liking school as they are forced to do “busy work” while the “bright” like or have a neutral opinion of school as on average they are treated better and will get a quality education.


He started off amazing, caring the usual
before he got bored
then he shows who he really was
it all came together
before you could blink
he was gone from my sight
without even a wink.


My life was never easy

It wasn’t very bright,
my dad was my hero until I had to leave him that night,
it wasn’t even fair that no one even cared
but I guess it’s alright,
because that’s the rules right?
It wasn’t very bright,
my dad was my hero until I had to leave him that night,
it wasn’t even fair that no one even cared
but I guess it’s alright,
because that’s the rules right?

Kicking footballs 

Running fast,
Football fun a thrilling blast.
Tractors working fields they plow,
Hard at work they never slow.

Football and tractors a unique pair,
Bringing joy and hard work everywhere.
From the pitch to the farm they show
The beauty of passion that’s how they grow.


A country full of green ,
Amazing sights to be seen .

Running onto the field with a Gaelic ball,
My favourite place of all .

An amazing Irish rugby team ,
Every young player’s dream .

A country full of sports , views or a hike,
What’s not to like .


Is what I play and I enjoy it the school I go to is o carolan college and I like it sometimes I try to fit it when really I can be more anxious and in my own world I like football and other sports as well sometimes I feel like I haven’t accomplished what I wanted to to meet my mark but I’m happy with everything around me and my family and friends as they make me who I am and want to be and for me not to follow any egos and to be myself and to be happy.


I come from a wealthy home

Where the cows roam
The top of the table is the throne
I wander the fields alone
Alongside my dog with a stone
Her name is Joanne.