Presentation College, Tuam, Co.Galway.

Art by Barry Quinn:


Pain is like the rain
It comes and goes
Like the wind blows
It comes in waves
Some stronger than others,
But unlike others we fight it

We look to stay positive
Even if it’s impossible
We get past,
We last,

We live another Day,
To have fun and play
Pain can change us
But we are brave


A thank you to my mother
For all the love and care
You were my number one supporter
When nobody else was there
A thank you to my friends
For making my heart full
For all the laughs and giggles

There’s never a day dull
A thank you to my teachers
For the time put into my learning
Because of you,
The candle of my creativity keeps burning

A thank you to my father
And although he’s not around
The love I share for him
Will never go unfound
Lastly a thank you for my life
A rollercoaster full of ups and downs
A time Full of smiles and frowns

Let It Pass

You will break.
But oh, you will also heal.
You are enough, a thousand times enough.
The pain, it will leave once it has finished teaching you.

If it comes; let it. if it goes;
Let it pass by, breathing dreams like air
In the end, it’s you against you.
Fighting for yourself


Our parents are one of a kind
They start us off on our life long journey
From those first little steps
To the next big steps
From the jokes they say
And the help the gave
They will never truly know
How much I love them

Far Away

I love you more than the stars i really do
Is that what you say to 15 other ones do you
Being the one you go to when she says no
What once was is gone
You’re so far away

I once found comfort in you
We can’t run far
Feeling is addictive
Almost perpetual
Don’t forget me
I cant help it


Love will hit your ankles with a scooter
Love will knock you out
Love will hit you till you bleed
Love will find you
Love will drive to your house
Love will drag you to the car
Love will hurt you
Love will change you.

Another Day

Grandparents are a gift
One we really treasure
They teach us right from wrong
And help us the whole way along.
They tell us all their stories
And all their crazy adventures
We look up to them and their strength
And thank them for all they do !


Everyday I want to learn, But I do it very slow.
Nothing is clear, Struggling,
Thinking my thoughts disappear.
My words appear upside down,

Feeling like my world is spinning around.
Getting judged for not understanding
But really I feel like crying.
I know I’m different and I’ve learnt to live with that
But sometimes it’s harder to even try.


It’s hard being a teenager
The boys sexualise girls
And girls gossip with the world.
Teachers expect way too much
And I just can’t wait for lunch.

I should be worried about the future
But all I can think of is how I am insecure.
I’m thinking about how others view me
When I should be focusing on how to be happy.
It’s hard being a teenager.

Girls and Boys

Sixteen years of age In 2022
I hate the way I look and I don’t like school
My appearance , I’m not happy with
The way my legs are too long and my hair is too fuzzy
Teenage girls are judgmental and mean and care too much about popularity

Boys on the other hand are annoying and rude
I’m never picked out of the group of the girls that walk past a boy uptown
I feel there’s something wrong with me and should sink into the ground and never come out
How friends can just turn on you in a second and how you go home and cry in your room all alone
I do appreciate in the world I live in now but sometimes
I wish I was always the one who got picked


I’m so tired
Training ten times a week
Don’t know what to write
Overworked and under pressure
Hurt and more
Happy and sad
Alone in a room full of people
My life

What To Say

I haven’t a clue what to say
If there is someone up there please god stop this covid.
It is so hard for young people we have to wear masks everyday
It’s hard to communicate and to socialise with family.
Can people just get on with it and live there life
Because it’s not going to go away soon.

Please god we just go on with life and forget about it but that won’t happen.
There is new restrictions every week and they are getting sickening really.
It is really hard for our generation with no social things to do there’s no discos
I didn’t know what to talk about today but I really am sick of covid.


Loneliness while surrounded by people
Jealous of others who I love
Unhappy while I have everything I could want
Desperately wishing for change,
While not actively doing anything different
Hopefulness for the future, it will get better.

Alarm Clock

I wake up in the morning with my alarm clock scraping at my brain.
I feel the cold and the kettle downstairs.
I so wish the Christmas break had not ended
I wonder if everyone else feels the same

Last Place

What do they want
What does anyone want
I am always the bad guy
Until there’s nobody else,
Am I in second place
Or am I just tied for last place with strangers

The Moon

Covid is here
Haven’t hugged granny in nearly two years
But do not fear
It will be over soon
I want to go to Spain
Or the moon


I woke up this morning and I heard my alarm go off.
In my brain I thought it was early but that was my first thought.
Hopefully the day is good and full of fun.
I did my hair this morning and I did it in a bun.


Nearly 3 years of our lives wasted
I feel sympathy for every single person who is sick or in hospital or near death
I feel some guilt as I didn’t obey the guidelines
Has society led us to believe we can’t defeat the one thing ruining every single persons life
Well, I know we couldn’t as I lie here in the hospital bed waiting for the bumpy line to go straight.

Life is BoringĀ 

Nothing is happening and it’s very upsetting
Before covid we went and had fun but now I go to school and that’s it
I want it to go away I’m sick of it
I want my teenage years back

In a Time

I live in a town where u can get covid
I live in a time where you can’t see loved ones if they are sick
I live in a time where everyone is afraid
I live in a time where you can’t live your live properly


It’s distanced, it’s empty, it’s lonely
They say we’ll be back together if they keep us apart
They say it’ll be over soon if we all do our part
When will it end
And we can be happier again

Speak Up

Speak up, but not too loud.
Do something, make someone proud.
Have manners, be polite
Stop that, it’s not ladylike.
Don’t slouch, stand up straight.
Restrain, but don’t make them wait.