Inspireland are leading providers of secondary school poetry slam workshops and creative summer camps in Ireland.

Every year we deliver creative writing and poetry slam workshops to over 6,000 students throughout Ireland. What we bring into classrooms and our summer camps is what builds the bridge between the creative spark and the incredible dream.

We are fuelling the fires of youthful creativity like no one else before. We are helping to build great castles in the kingdoms of their imaginations. Kingdoms that will shimmer, enshrined in their memories forever.

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Inspireland’s Poetry Slam Workshops are consistently the highlight of our schools’ in-school calendar. The buzz reverberates around the school. Staff rooms murmur of students that have never seemed so energized. Corridors buzz with excitement, there is clamour to get into the workshops again. Perceptions of poetry are flipped on their heads and the results are spectacular.

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We encourage young people to find their creative voice, engage and use it by inviting them on a roller coaster ride into a headspace that is edgy, entertaining and profoundly inspirational. The work produced is breathtaking, addressing many SPHE issues such as wellness, identity, equality and bullying. Every month we feature students’ submissions in our Brave New Words blog.

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Workshops are available September to mid-May for Junior Cycle and Transition Year students. Primary School workshops are available from the third week of May until the end of June.

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Inspireland Summer Camps 2018 will bring together some of Ireland’s most talented artists to mentor and nurture the creativity of children and teens aged 8 to 18 in what promises to be one of the most magical and creative experiences of their lives.

Participants will learn about creativity and the art of storytelling through shadow puppetry, illustration, stencil, comic art, drama, poetry and craft art book making.
These week-long boutique summer camps will take place during the summer of 2018.
Check out this highlight video created by some of last year’s students at our Summer camp in Limerick:
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