Wesley College, Balally, Co. Dublin

Here I Shine

Someone once told me that I was a star
But stars don’t shine for themselves alone
And when I reach that lonely throne
All I know is that I’ll be on my own.

Someone once told me that I would go far
But those I hold will be left behind
I’m selfish. It’s on my own that I shine
And this light I create will only be mine.

Someone once told me that I was a star
But I treat life as a game that I need to outwit
The underdog Brit. I want to let others benefit
But I know that I shine alone. I’m a hypocrite.

Someone once told me that I would go far.
Well, my head’s full of sins that I need to atone
But if there’s anything that this poem has shown

Here I shine. I won’t shine for myself alone.

Imogen Forrest

Ode to Myself

It’s been a long journey,
My life to this point,
Many years I’ve tried not to disappoint.
My friends and family who I love so dearly,
But they don’t understand me, no, not clearly.

There’s been darkness and light,
With times, Oh so bright.
I hold my head high and fight
Maybe one day I’ll take flight.
And many stories I’ll write.

For my family who I love,
And my friends I’m so proud of;
Even those who live with Our Father above,
A life so well lived
And so much still to give.

They call me ugly,
They say I’m clumsy,
They call me names,
They always shame,
But I don’t care about the games.

Because they are wrong,
When they say I’m not strong.
I’m the same person I’ve been all along.
I know I am free,
Just by being me.

Soon I’ll cut the ties,
Enable myself to rise.
Above all the hate,
And to my true fate.
It won’t be long to wait.

It’s been a long journey,
My life to this point,
Many years I’ve tried not to disappoint.
My friends and family who I love so dearly,
But they don’t understand me, no, not clearly.

Amelia Treacy

Ode to Myself

Sixteen years,
In laughs and tears,
I’ve grown.
I’m strong and brave, I think.
I’m told.
I put things off and keep it chill.
So, I procrastinate.
And always still,
I’m clumsy, small and
Usually pretty late.

A ukulele hand in hand, the other on the keys.
I sing all day,
I write and play,
A music devotee.

I’m always known to wear a constant smile.
I try so hard, to keep it light, a positive lifestyle.
I have good friends, they’re there for me.
To call them on speed dial.

And so, this is an ode to me,
Although it’s hard to write,
A message to myself to say,
You’re gonna be alright.

Keziah Hart


I’m a Sara Baker
I’m a house shaker
I’m a rainmaker
I’m a rule breaker
I’m a tiebreaker
I’m a tent maker
I’m an ID faker
I’m a name taker
I’m a drug maker
I’m a heartbreaker
I’m a jail breaker
I’m a jawbreaker
I’m a law breaker
I’m a lawn maker
I’m a matchmaker
I’m a salt shaker
I’m a bee keeper
I’m a bellyacher
I’m a peacemaker
I’m a windbreaker
I’m an undertaker
I’m a retaker
I’m a ground quaker
I’m an icebreaker
I’m lonely

Sarah Baker

Dripping in Paint

Some say I’m cool,
Others say I ain’t,
I think I flipping rule,
But I’m allergic to paint,
You think I’m messing around
But I really ain’t
I have really bad reactions to wet paint.

I went paintballing once,
Never again,
That’s when I went into allergic shock
Because believe it or not
I’m allergic to paint.

I was in the art block once,
Some art was drying
But I didn’t mind
I went to look at it
And my allergies kicked it
I had a spasm and hit the floor
Did I mention?
I’m allergic to paint

Alex Bucheli


The poem about me
They call me frogman
But I can’t swim
I can
Being dyslexic
Is totally epic
I’m diabetic
You said you was a fan
But do you know who I am?
I am El Spooderman

Christopher Bailey

Ode to Me

My name is becca haydo,
I’ve got a great halo,
I’m sexy like jay low,
But I think I’m just gonna lay low.

Every month is my month but may no,
I just go like a tomato,
But we still love a sis,
Even if she’s red like a flamingo.

But it’s every day bro,
With the sexy flow,
And I want a new Rolex,
But I just don’t get it.

I’m now a rapper,
Not a poet,
But I didn’t know it.

So while I’m at it,
Cardi B step out,
And come at me bro,
And I’ll put you six feet under.

Rebecca Hayden


My name is John
Not Elton John
Not Waters John
Not Dwayne the rock John
And definitely not Shelly Duvall
Libra sun, cancer moon
Pat Boone
Was born in June

John Macavin

My Poem

Toby loves painting, painting the street
Because painting the streets lets me feel the heat
The heat that no athlete could complete in a heartbeat
It’s a way of escape, it’s all about the shape
Of everything
Always bring your marker
But you have to do this shit when it gets darker
Black Krink my mate has got the pink
Get beef and they’ll bust up your lips
Flip the drip, clip the tip then spray

Toby Whelehan