During these troubling times, Inspireland will be reaching out into peoples homes, to connect some of Ireland’s most talented authors, poets, storytellers and creative writing teachers, to the isolated and the vulnerable.

These free online creative writing, wellness and poetry workshops, will be provided for people in isolation. We publish our work online, for others to read, and by sharing our stories and experiences, we will help to let people know that they are not alone.
We will write for ourselves and for each other, for those we love, for those we miss.
We will say the things we never said, but wished we had.
We will laugh and we will cry.
We will share our stories, our hopes, our fears and our dreams.
We will sing for each other from across the four corners of the globe.
We will light a torch for each other and together we will shine brighter than ever.
Wherever you are, we are here.
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