Virginia College, Virginia, Co. Cavan

The Fall


She clasps the crag with crooked hands;

Close to the sun in dying lands,

Abreast with the azure sky, she stands.

The broken land beneath her crawls;

She watches from her mountain halls,

And like a Dewdrop she falls.


Every Day The Same


Every day the same.

Every morning struggling to leave the bed.

Spending most nights wide awake staring off into space.

Into my own world, where I can change things.

A change of pace, a change of mind.


Every day the same.

I need a change, a desperate change.

From this monotony of life.

Can’t get out of bed, won’t get out.

Back to my world, work piling up.

No motivation, just exhaustion.

Too tired to care.


Every day the same.

Sleeping all day, awake all night.

A cycle I can’t escape.

I try my hardest to change

But I just end up in that worlds again.

A world I can change.

A world I can rest.

For as long as I need.



Every day the same.

But this one has changed.

Something feels different, I don’t know why.

Things going well, feeling in bliss.

Have I finally escaped the cycle?

Or is this just an intermission

Before the main show?


I should be happy.

The cycle is broken.

Yet why do I feel the paranoia creeping in.

That this is only fleeting.

That this will never last.

But I know that for now

I’m allowed be happy

Aren’t I?


Days go By


Days go by, seconds, minutes, hours, it dosnt matter

The virus keeps spreading

Things keep dying

What do the people do? They keep partying

They need fun and their mc chicken sandwhich

Not a thought to the cost, exept what comes out of their pocket

Flowers gone, trees gone, whole species wiped from existence

But humanity, it keeps growing

The cost is high, blood is spilt

But who cares once it’s not ours?

Not the people in charge

Humanity keeps growing,

Just like a virus




They’re stupid and drive me mad

They say to be accepting and deal you a bad hand

They show support through pretty posters

But behind the flags is colourful hatred.

We’ve been raised with these toxic assumptions,

Why are we so caught up on these stupid morals

You can be gay, but not to gay, be strong but not to strong.

Everybody’s struggles, not just the LGBTQ but everyone.

We all get assumptions placed on us but where are they coming from.

Who made them?

Who told the women only one man for life?

The men have be caught up in what they define as masculinity

Who told the boy he couldn’t love the other boys

The girls couldn’t be with other girls

The person born in the wrong body is just a cross-dressing perv

The non-binary are just attention seeking kids

So I’ll ask again, who made this up?

Why do we think the perfect adult is the child who was denied who they were?




He sat there, cramming all these new words into his head,

“It’s just another test”, that’s what they said

But as he struggles to keep up with the never ending stress,

Tears poured from his eyes, he knew he was a mess.

Early mornings, late nights, stuck in this internal fight,

More work, more mistakes, he doesn’t get any retakes,

Falling behind, his fault, his heart slows to a halt,

He no longer turns, he no longer tossed, too young, yet he still lost.

Another one, long gone.




The global pandemic has put us through this tough test,

So the government sent us home hidden from all the rest.

Heading into our 3rd lockdown is like living in a nightmare,

I wish I could wake up but yet the world is still full of despair.

So we are forced in a home like prison,

Yet everyday we see the cases have risen.

But we suffer through physically and mentally,

They advise us to live but how can we by acting so carefully.

As teenagers, we are meant to learn from our mistakes,

Yet the government doesn’t understand how much out of us it takes.

As the cases rise and fall,

I’m thankful that I have loved ones who stuck with me through it all.




The worlds gone to hell, the world’s full of hate.

Treating others bad, because they act a different way.

Hating others because of their sexuality or race.

“Oh it’s against my religion”, no it’s ignorance to blame.

Who cares about their gender, it doesn’t effect you anyway.

The world could be good, the world needs to be rearranged.

We can make a difference.

We can make a change.


Endless Loop


Stare out the window

Everything is the same

Endless loop of the same day

I stay on mute cause I’ve nothing to say

Stare at the screen

What does it even mean

Doing nothing

Whilst missing out on everything


Lockdown Thoughts


I’m sick of this,

I’m tired of this,

Locked in my own room,

Locked in my own head,




Light shining through my window,


I want to succeed,

Do something productive with your life she says,

You only have one,

So live it however you want,

You can change it,

People looking down at me,

I’m not a child,

I have my own things to say,

I’m not you,

I’ll never be you,

You dream to be me,

But there’s only one me,

I don’t care what you think,

I don’t care about your opinion,

I don’t need your validation,

I don’t need you,

Stinky covid.




You gain some you drop some,

You win some you lose some,

Real ones stay,

Fake ones leave,

Everything happens for a reason,

Pain doesn’t last forever,

It will always go away,

Keep the ones that mean a lot to you,

Close to you,

If they’re really worth it you will fight for them,

But, you need to learn out to let them go.




As we all celebrated the new decade,

We had no idea of the mistake we had made

Over in china was a virus that could kill,

And we were in restaurants and pubs paying the bill


Then covid-19 hit us like hell,

And the government locked us away from civilisation like prisoners in a cell.

We all thought we would be back to life after a week or two,

But little did we knew the virus would continue to brew.


A year has passed and nothing has changed,

No school, work or sport, you’d think everyone is deranged

Which we are, well I can speak for myself,

And we are reaching for the snacks on the top shelf


Hopefully we can all go back to normality soon,

And go on a vacation, go out see the moon

So I’m asking you Covid to please go away

Cause I’m not planning to stay home one more day




Invading an untouched world at terminal velocity,

A vessel for exploration, christened “Curiosity”.

3,000 days spent roaming alien terrain,

Before succumbing to the dust on the dark desert plain.


Covid and my Life


Covid 19 has brought my life pain,

Sitting in my bed wanting for once to run down my lane

Bored out of my life without motivation or strife

With all the homework scarier than a knife

I hate sitting at home

So now I’m writing a poem

I’ve run out of ideas on what to write

So here’s a poem on of Covid and my life




I’m silent, I don’t speak

I just sit in my room waiting all week

I dread it, it’s like my skin isn’t my own

Just suck it up, don’t speak monotone

Agree with all the things you disagree with

Like going every weekend, like getting his lifts

He only wants you, but you can’t split up kids like the wedding gifts


Covid 19


Covid 19, I’m not too keen,

I can’t meet my friends, when will all this end,

It’s just not fair, I have to wear a mask everywhere,

A new Lockdown every week,

Restrictions and guidelines ache,

I know it’s all to be safe but I can’t help but wonder if it’s all fake.

School was hard enough but online it’s even worse,

Always need to hand sanitizer in my purse.

No trips or days out but assignment galore,

It’s not that fun anymore.

Summers round the corner,

And we’re getting no further.

When the restrictions drop

Hopefully we can begin a new crop.


Covid 19, I’m not too keen.


Like a Dirty Bin


Covid stinks like a dirty bin

Cant see my friend so I am all sad

And online classes are really bad

Teachers give u a lot of work that we do not give a duck about

I am going crazy trying to stay alive can’t go anywhere outside our 5km

Or to go see if our family is ok

Go for walks to keep me insane in the forest that I see everyday