Virginia College, Virginia, Cavan

The Ocean

What the ocean desire is to be cleansed, to be free from your plastic bottles and tin cans.
A world is contained in that large mass of water,
A world of creatures and micro-organisms swimming through the vast seas.
Yet you forget that, but the ocean does not.
The ocean hurts, as a world in harmony is slowly being ravaged by rubbish
That you could’ve shoved in a bin instead.
Yet you don’t think, no one does.
But the ocean thinks, and knows the pain these humans have subjected it to
Will backfire upon those who’ve littered.
Tears are being shed, bitter ones that taste as stagnant as the water you’ve polluted.
Tears from those who’ve ruined the world under the sea,
Hypocrites who are ignorant to what they’ve done
And the pain they’ve caused to those voiceless creatures living in the oceans.
See, the ocean knows, for she is wise and has seen the mistakes of several species before.
She knows that because of their mistakes, she’ll spread her water and consume their land.
Their world.
She cannot help it nor stop it.
The ocean merely observes, as the world changes around her,
She adapts to suit every climate.
But for once, the end seems nigh.

Our Generation

Our generation is doomed, riddled with racists and hate
Left with a broken planet, battered and torn by our predecessors
Abandoned onto us by those in power, silver lined figureheads who don’t care about our future
Even though as a generation we pride ourselves on being modern, we’re still stuck in our ways
Yet steps are taken, efforts are made,
As a people we are awaking, to take care of our planet and our lives,
Nations and enemies standing side by side,
Our generation is coming of age and we’re about to change the world.

What the Darkness Whispers

The darkness, a strange place filled with doubt and self-hate.
It creeps into your mind consuming your every thought.
It calls out to you like a siren and you can’t help but let it take you away.
It clouds your judgement and makes you doubt everything you’ve ever done.
It’s crazy to think that your mind can be the thing to make you feel worthless,
As it whispers horrible comments into your ear.
The only sad part is we let it take over us.
You get so caught up in your mind without realising
That the only way to escape the darkness is to learn to love yourself.
The darkness, a figment of the imagination that isn’t as powerful as it may seem.

How Much You Have Grown

Remember each tear you shed,
A bundle of thoughts consume your head.
Remember every time you doubted yourself,
You battled with your insecurities.
Remember how almost every night,
You stayed up late thinking about your life.
How you convinced yourself that you were not enough but,
You didn’t realise you were being too tough.
Because the things you’ve been through have shaped you for the better.
You didn’t realise how amazing that was.
Because all though you thought you were broken and lost.
These walls remember how much you have grown.

The Darkness

Murmurs your deepest thoughts,
Memories, fears, regrets, worries
When lights go off your mind goes on,
And your thoughts come to life,
And everything you’ve ever said or done comes back to you.
But it’s not all bad,
You look back on memories and remember the times you’ve had, or will have.
But the darkness is never silent.

These Halls

These halls remember,
First Days, Last Days
Fights, Friendships
Failure, Success
Happiness, Sadness
Silence, Laughter
These halls remember everything.


I had never believed that I could feel free
From being who they wanna see
I tired from being good girl for everyone
Do that, say that
Why it feel so good when you doing something that you can’t
Why this isn’t a game with trial
If you brake a rule, you need to have consequences
And then they scare us what can happen
“Nobody cares, I just want to feel free”
That is what I wanna scream to people who say I can’t
But is it a freedom?
Or just going beyond the pale?
I feel anger that I cant event try to do something that you call bad
I wanna feel it, touch it, smell it, taste it, do everything that impossible with it
But still I can’t do anything because all of this just my paper with my wishes
That it is not intended to come true

Our Generation

Our generation is messed up
We care and judge about other people too much
Everything we do we care about what others think
We try to be better than everyone else
People want more likes on social media
Popularity, branded clothes, expensive shoes.

Behind screens, people can be nasty,
Be mean talking and spreading rumours about people
We are constantly stuck on our phones on social media,
Looking at other people,
What they are doing and judging them.

Our Generation Is

Our generation is accepting everyone any shape or size.
Our generation is counting likes and followers as a measure of popularity.
Our generation is having snapchat streaks with people you’ve never met in real life.
Our generation is trying to fix the mistakes previous generations made.
Our generation is making sure there will be a healthy earth for our kids
And grandkids to live in, with no changing climate or war.
Our generation is pointing out previous generation’s poor choices
And getting put down for it since ‘we’re too young to understand’.
Our generation is seeing unrealistic beauty standards in photo shopped images online
And wondering why we do not look like that.

The Demon

The demon whispers to be better,
To change who you are,
To conform to society.
The darkness controls you like a puppeteer pulling his strings,
The way you talk,
The way you look,
The way you walk,
The silence is screaming at you.
Don’t listen to the darkness.

Our Generation

Our generation is a mess
We judge people for what they do, they enjoy and they wear
We annoy everyone and try be as mean as possible to hurt the other people

We don’t think for what we do
Get into fights which leads onto people getting hurt
Then people ending up in prison
Then their whole life is messed up no job
No family no nothing…

In our generation
It’s all about popularity and fame
People want attention on social media
Create stupid stories of them being abused by their partner
To look for likes and attention of other people using social media
As the internet is the most powerful thing at the moment.

Our Generation

Our generation is face tuning until you don’t look like yourself anymore,
Its only important how many followers and likes you have.
Our generation is shaming and judging people for being who they are,
But then society tells people to be themselves.
Our generation wants change but don’t do anything to change .
People get ‘cancelled’ because of one controversial tweet they made 5 years ago ,
Back when they were younger, making decisions they never thought would be acknowledged
We hide the truth of how we really feel because we don’t want others to deal with our problems
But how long will this last before we break?


The darkness whispers for me to let go.
Let lose all my emotions and thoughts,
Tell people what I really think
Not to be coating the truth with a curtain of kindness.
Tell them what they need to hear and not what they want to hear.
Throw their emotions aside and let your thoughts explode.
Let loose the mountain of emotions and thoughts that have been building up
I hear the thought “I’ll never meet their expectations” getting louder and louder.
Once again, the darkness whispers for me to let go.

Our Generation Is

Social media is where you find everything even when people don’t know you, they judge you.
Exams and your future for education is looked upon
The way you look is important as all you can feel is insecure
Friends are a big part of your life because if you don’t have friends your alone
Popularity is a big factor in school because your confidence level is low
Your mind wonders what people think of you and how they see you in their head
Some people change like the weather and goodbyes aren’t only until the next day
And finally all I can say is this world has changed but who knows if it is for the good or the bad

Lady Ash Takes the Whisper

She whispers my name in her deep voice
Telling me to show my emotions right,
Not be hiding them
Tell people how you feel and don’t hide,
Because it will be worse
You will suffer more by not telling anybody,
Wherever I go I always hear her dark whispers,
She never goes away
Her voice is always stuck to me.
Every night I go out, I hear the whispers
When I’m out with my friends,
She is telling me to share my emotions
Tell them what is going on
But really there is nothing wrong,
But the whispers are saying there really is.
Her dark whispers can feel when there is something wrong
When you are happy
She suddenly goes away.

The Secrets

The emotionless teenager
The truth behind the lies
The hardship and the sorrow
The depressing grey clouds
The non-existent diamond in the rough
What the silence whispers?
The untold truth

A Place

The shimmering light dreams of is a world
A world of life
A world of diversity
A world where no poison is left behind
A place where life flourishes
A place where secrets are kept
A place where awe and wonder awaits
And a place where everything is still called ‘our beginning’


Everyone dreads the darkness
It wants you to submit to it
To feel like crap
It will try and try
Over and over again
And yes
It will submerge you
Every now and again
But you are strong
You have people around you
To comfort you and support
Even if you don’t
Use there help you
Will pull through
With your own strength and determination
It will be tough
But you can do it
As long as you never fully give in
And become submerged in this darkness
You shall be okay
Yes, it will be tough
But that’s the whole point
It will make you a stronger person.
How do I know this you may ask
Because I go through this hell
Myself and have nearly submitted before
But I’m still here and stronger than ever
So if I can do it so can you
It will get tough
But sure look what’s life without a few bumps in the roads
And people to try stop you like I guess life would be quite boring without them.

The Secrets

The emotionless teenager
The truth behind the lies
The hardship and the sorrow
The depressing grey clouds
The non-existent diamond in the rough
What the darkness whispers?
The untold truth

Our Virtual World

Our virtual world is filled with kids who cry for attention
And depend on others to validate them.
They only care about likes and follows
And what every other person thinks about them.
Strict diets and exercise
Just to look like the next Instagram model
And so, they fit into the category of “beautiful”.
Acting completely different
While they compare themselves to others
And tell themselves that they are not good enough.

Bring to Mind

The inspirational speeches and the hope in everyone’s eyes.
The comradery and spirt that fills the locker rooms.
The hard hits and hard-fought games
The losses matches and stolen glory
All the injuries and won battles
The leaving chants and the sound of the bus leaving

First Day

Remember the first day of secondary school.
Listening to bells going off everywhere.
Looking everywhere for familiar faces.

Then the final bell goes off.
Everyone starts rushing to get books and to be first into the class.
I look up confused not knowing where to go.
Then I see my friends from primary school.
I am then relieved.

These Walls

Remember walking into school for the first time,
A bag on my back the size of a mini fridge.
Big happy face starting secondary school,
Excited to explore a new beginning.
Remember the sheer awkwardness
Sitting in a classroom full of people
You have never seen before.
Remember you sitting beside these strangers
Starting conversation
Slowly building a friendship throughout the class.
Remember near the end of the year
When everyone seems so familiar now,
Remember you walking up to your friends
Which you shyly started conversations with
At the start of the year.
Remember how shy and vulnerable you were
And looking at you now enjoying life with new friends
And a fresh start from primary school.

The Team

The team’s spirit was tall,
But in reality they were small,
This did not suit the sport basketball,
But they played hard,
And had no disregard,
For the giants that stood before them,
All though there bodies abused
They kept on their persuade,
To tackle the challenge that was ‘above them’

Grew Up

Grew up on the bus life,
Had to defend myself with a knife,
From the dealers in Dublin,
To the Steelers in Pittsburgh,
TJ watt on the D line,
Sacking the quaterback makes him feel fine,
Joe Haden at safety,
Picking off Brady,
Colleting those rings,
Like the McCourtney twins,
We don’t need Antonio Brown,
He’s turned into a bit of a clown.