Ursuline College Sligo

I’d write an ode to the joy of being, but sometimes being is hard,
Being good is hard.
Being good is the only thing I want,
Good requires willpower, and determinedness, and a plan.
And I have a plan- be intelligent, be pretty,
Careful with your words but speak your mind.
Confident but don’t be cocky, cocky is embarrassing,
Don’t be embarrassing and don’t be embarrassed.
My plan is always in action, my plan is survival,
My plan is the volleyball with a bloody handprint that keeps me sane.
And watching the tv, Tom Hanks
Wrecked with grief when the sea swallowed him,
I know I too would would wither away if I was to lose my friend, the plan.
But I am withered now, I am a straw house
A shaky foundation that is the guidelines, the rule book of how to be,
God forbid I ever see wind.
The best doesn’t have a plan, doesn’t need one,
I realise in my mind this isn’t working,
In my mind I am cracking at my seams
My skin is getting thinner and I am chipping away because I am not the best.
At every breath, I notice everyone else breathing better than me.
I am a house and I have a volleyball, but God forbid I ever see wind,
Because I would crumble to the ground like a straw house does.
At least I think I would.
Sometimes though,
I think the only thing I need is wind.

Screaming To Angry Songs
I am an angry young lesbian using the words that are meant to hurt me
As my armor against the world
I am a short Irish punk correcting the word choice
Of the grown woman shouting abuse at the two teenage girls
Holding hands after school
Still in uniform, still in love
I am screaming along to these angry songs
I am wearing my heart on my sleeve
I am calming myself down with the angrier I get

Masked Smiles
The locked doors, the masked up smiles,
Anxiety all around us in a pandemic that went on for miles.
Touching, hugs even a kiss. Human touch is the thing that we all miss
The music is blaring, the lights are on,
Hope has returned among us in the hope we all party on.
But damage has been done and we can’t all be brave
Normality is the thing we all crave.

The Sun
The sun comes up, the sun goes down
The world continues to go around
What has changed
My thoughts the same
Constantly spinning around my brain
A breath of air, a new conversation
But when it ends the thoughts spill in
What has changed
Everything remains the same

Books and Pens
Books stacked of notes high
Endless amounts of words
That are meant to make up the rules
Society lives by
Words on words from one educater to another
Both neat hand writing and unreadable others .
The rules contain of how the rich act in vain
The poorest of poor go their everyday life
Being discriminated against
By the ones who were Born into the good life
Which was decided by a few pen swipes.

Beneath The Snow
This is a joint poem just to let you know
We don’t like poems so here we go
We choose to laugh to help us grow
We make people laugh because you never know,
What people are going through
They never show the pain and hardship
Buried deep beneath the snow

To Be Free
Growing up thinking we needed a prince
Or a knight in shining armour to come and protect us
While we wait in a beautiful dress.
What if i don’t want a prince to protect me?
Maybe i want a princess.
Decide I want someone to see
What is right for me
Tell me which path
Will allow me to laugh
Will bring me enjoyment
And let it be permanent
Will let me be free
Just let me be me.

I’m happy to be me
I’m happy that I’m better
But being me
Sometimes feels like a burden
I’m happy to be me
As long as I don’t need to feel that pain again

Wearing My Colours
They say wear your colours with pride
But I feel so much safer when I hide
Oppressive society, caging us within prejudiced misogyny,
Ignorant opinions, how is anyone a prodigy
I love me, why can’t you too?
Why be a duplicate, can’t you just be you
They say wear your colours with pride
Maybe I don’t want to hide.

I got blessed
With good friends and no need to stress
Live in the moment
That’s what they all say
And I live by it to this day
I have my dark times, don’t we all
But I’m always here if you need a call
At the end of the day nothing really matters
So go out and have fun,

Digging In
They say school is the best time of your life
But to me, its more like a knife
Stress and pressure digging in
Feel like throwing it all in the bin
Some think it’s a distraction
While some think it’s an interaction

I am me when I’m at home reading my book
I am me when I don’t like the way I look
I am me when I like the way my hair falls
I am me when someone makes me feel small
I am me when i do well on a test
I am me when I don’t feel my best
Both good bits and bad bits
I am me

A Fearsome Beat
I should flow with a rhythm
And glow with the light
And demonstrate a wisdom
It should follow a system
The beat should be fearsome
It could race and pulsate
Make you love make you hate
Draw you in make you wait
Increase to your heart rate.

I’m scared.
Scared of being judged
Scared of letting people down
Scared of people leaving
Scared of saying something wrong
Scared of being different
Scared of looking in the mirror
Scared of having spots
Scared of posting the wrong picture
Scared of not getting enough likes
Everyone sees me as someone i pretend to be
I am scared im becoming this person im not

Behind The Mask
Behind the mask are words to say
But we are to tired to think every day
We go to school to get jobs , to get a future
But instead we get sleepless nights and to many bright lights
We wait
We wait
We wait

The Sidelines
Looking on, standing at the sideline
Checking the watch, counting the time
Hoping and wishing to be one of the same,
Players and teammates playing the game.
Here I was wondering what I could do , t
To make myself more and more just like you
Now years later, I realise why I am free
All I want out of life is just to be me

Shut Up
Days go by, the joy of mundanity follows me as i walk
I trudge and I listen and I think and I laugh
And I am angry too, all the sometimes of a day
I am angry
Teachers, parents, classmates, eejits in the street
Shut up, piss off, be quiet,i think
You are disturbing my time to shine, my thoughts, my endless daydreams
Please for the love of God
Just Shut Up
Covid is bad enough, without you mouthing off
Let me be, enjoy my time with my friends,
Before the winds of time, whisk away the day
Just Shut Up
And stay way

Why can’t inequality end
Why do girls role their eyes at anyone who doesn’t follow trends
Is it my fault for not keeping up
Is that why I feel the need to shut up-
about my thoughts and opinions I own
Why am I basically a clone

You want to be noticed. You want to be seen.
But for some people, a lot of people.
You always seem to stay in the shadows.
You start to change yourself.
You change your hair, your style, your attitude, your behaviour.
You paint a picture of what you “think” is lovable is.
But In the end, you’re still the same shadow.

I Am
I am the way I look,
The way I speak,
The way I act.
I am the way I dress,
Money I have,
Place I am from.
Why can’t I be me?
Why can’t I be my hopes and dreams,
My goals and aspirations?
Why can’t I be just simply me?

Simple Word
It’s a simple word
One letter, one syllable,
One person, one meaning
And yet it holds so much,
A mind, a soul, opinions,
Memories, hope, fear,
And all that comes with being I
I, a girl, a normal girl
A simple girl, a one and only one,

I am me
Nothing will change the way I am
I dress basic
I pierce my ears
I colour my hair
I am me
Nothing will change this