Ursuline College, Sligo


I don’t want to know
Everything that’s wrong in the world
I don’t want to know
The problems of the world
I don’t want to know
How everything’s getting worse
I just want the sinking
To stop.

How is other people’s pain
meant to make me feel better
Am I meant to get inspired
By the rain getting wetter
As I am pouring out my thoughts
Letter by letter
I just want the sinking
To stop.

The knot in my stomach
Is only getting bigger
People aren’t going to stop
Judging my figure
Bad though then worse thought
I’m feeling sicker and sicker
I just want the sinking to stop.

I don’t want to know
Why everything is going wrong
I don’t want to hear beautiful lyrics
From such a painful song
I don’t want to continue
Not feeling strong
I just NEED the sinking to stop.

But it can’t stop
And it won’t stop
But I can’t stop
And I won’t stop
But we can’t stop
And we won’t stop
Sinking our way
To the top.

They Say

They say the sky is violet I say it’s none but amethyst
They say the sky is autumn red I say the sky is garnet
They say the sky is nice and blue the periwinkle is at bloom
I say it’s Pearl she is due
They look at the sky and point, look at that colourful bolt.
This season only lasts a day, it’s a gem that comes to brighten your day
when it’s gloomy and hard to want to stay.
It comes and smiles at you when the rest dismiss and turn their backs on you
It comes to comfort you and adds to your dark cloud a silver hue.


When I press my fingers to your keys
And feel the music flow through me.
It makes everything else feel easy when I
Guide my hands while no one understands
That life can get into a mess and people
Get stressed, but all that falls away
when I hear myself begin to play.

Ah here, lads!

Flaggins, naggins whatever we can get
Back alleys, forests wherever the winds swept
Sneaking out once day meets night
Anything to have the time of our life
Regretting decisions without a doubt
Although next week we’ll be out and about
However the enevidable text
Might be next


We are submerged
Take a deep breath and drop
The feeling is like no other
Being surrounded by a vast blurry freedom
Sinking deeper and deeper
until we just can’t take it anymore and then pop.
We break, we have to push to the surface as fast as we can
but still feel as though we are being pulled further down,
And then the surface breaks and the wind hits our face and that,
that is feeling like no other and that is a feeling of power and joy and that is true freedom.


Cracked Mirrors

She always tries to do her best
even if she felt she failed
and then someone would say something
but she said she didn’t care

but when she saw herself in the mirror
or in the camera on my phone
she knew that person was right
and she felt so very alone

she tried to work on herself
tell herself she was really strong
but she didn’t believe a word of it
her confidence was gone

there was no point trying anymore
everyone would criticise
and there was one day she gave up
and tears streamed from her eyes

everybody’s faced dropped as they realised what they had done
the teasing and mocking and laughing
wasn’t really a bit of fun

their personalities quickly changed
to console her with comforting words
they wanted to be the heroes of the heroes they had made worse

oh how quickly people change when vulnerability is shown
so always be careful of what you say
people you don’t think are often alone

Inside My Head

You may not know what goes on inside my head
The things you say and the things you do
The hurt I feel that nobody sees
Will always be just there and there just for me
You may just see a bright smile on my face
And think everything’s good but that’s just not the case
The hurt inside that you will never see
The feelings I feel will never catch ones eye,

Life is full of joy and life is full of fun but maybe think again because it’s not for every one

Life has its challenges and it’s harder for some
So give those a smile
Brighten up their day
Ask them a question , even if it’s just are u ok ?

A lot goes on behind close doors that perfect person you may think exist it’s just not quite accurate

Be nice and kind to everyone
Make them feel strong
Be there for them especially when in need
Make sure they know that you are there
With happiness love joy and care
Make them feel safe and secure
Without them feeling they should be in fear!!!

Ableism Today

I am Autistic, I say,
“But you don’t look Autistic”,
I find it hard to keep eye-contact,
“Then I cannot grade your speech”,
I find it hard to socialise, it wears me out,
“Then how are you talking to me then?”
I hate loud noises, I get overstimulated,
“Stop complaining about the smallest things”,
Please don’t say the r-word, it’s offensive,
“Don’t tell me what I cannot say”
I was vaccinated,
“That’s why you’re like that”.


Louis was the first boy I ever kissed,
He had blonde hair and blue eyes.
He was kind and he was perfect.
Why didn’t I like him.

Lisa was the first girl I ever kissed.
We were playing wedding.
She was nice and friendly.
But I didn’t like her either.

But I found a soul that I love dearly.
He might not be perfect to others but he is to me
And I’ll cherish that forever.

I myself am no poet

This excuse of a poem will probably show it
I just wanted somewhere to express
The thoughts I feel I must compress
I don’t have many friends in school
Nobody seems to think I’m all that cool
To everyone else I come off as shy
But when you take a moment to know me I’m a rlly nice guy (girl)
Nobody sees me like I do
The things they say just aren’t at all true
I try my best to keep my smile
Hopefully soon I can compile
These words I hold deep down inside
And prove to everyone I’ve got nothing to hide.

Blindfolds and Knots

Tell me not all faith in humanity is gone
For i have seen too many sights and heard too many words that scream darkness
I need a sign, i need to see it shine
I need some thing- ANYTHING to make me change my mind
Why do i seem to be the only one who had found the switch and turned on the light, that has realised we are surrounded by prison bars and is searching for the key
The blindfolds are in too tight knots
Turn around to me as i call, stop facing the wall
The frustration is consuming and resentment is all i feel how can i make these people see, we are marionettes of a higher power and our fingertips are wound in strings
Oh tell me not all faith is gone and that someday we all walk hand in hand with each other and the earth, that someday sunlight will be seen in our eyes instead of anger and that we will each other’s brightest, biggest star


The memories all blur
and i notice my words are a slur
i’m falling around the place so confused
god what was in that liqueur

i know i’ll regret this tomorrow
but i’m already off my face
so might as well get with my best friend
what was i at in the first place ?

Unforeseen Theft

It started with losing some weight
Skipping meals and putting less food on my plate
Quickly my size began to drop
And that’s when I knew I couldn’t stop

Obsessive she became over her weight
She looked at her body and just felt hate
Starving herself just to feel ok
Is when she began to really pay

Fainting became a regular thing
No more strength she carried, nor did she bring
Surviving off water and chewing gum
Was her lifestyle it may sound dumb

But because she never really ate
She then became underweight
Flesh and bone was all that was left
Her entire being had been stolen, unforeseen theft.


It’s not your fault your thoughts haunt you
You’ll be tired tomorrow
But there’s nothing you can do .
Half asleep most the time awake to some degree
I wish they knew that a night
My thoughts run free
Surviving off my cup of tea
I’m told to just go to bed early
As if that’s as easy as can be
I long to be
When I feel so lonely
How you see me each day
Happy and smiley and care free

Production Line

From ten to nine to ten to four
we walk in and out of the school doors
It’s a cycle we go through everyday
in and out Monday to friday
from cleaning tables to wearing masks
we’re still brought with these everyday tasks
to not catch this virus and focus in class
to stay 2 metres away and eat lunch on the grass



I can hear them gossiping about me
As if I’m not there
They talk as if their reciting a poem from Shakespeare
As I sit at the back of the classroom
I start to assume the worst
Then all of a sudden my feeling start to fuel up
I put my head down and pretend I can’t hear
But deep down I just want to disappear


Shadows are born in the night,
They follow you with the light,
They creep and crawl up your spine acting like it’s all fine.
They swim down your throat pushing you under,
Drowning you in your cries,
Never ever have they wondered if it’s alright.
Their claws scratch at your throat,
Never letting you come a float.
Shadows are born in the night
but don’t let them follow you into the light.

Night Visitor

I slowly open my window as quiet as i can,
i stretch one leg out before the other.
i’m sneaking out to see my man,
because we love each other.
i jump down and land on the pebbles,
hoping no one heard a thing.
i start walking like a rebel,
with the chocolate i was meant to bring .
i walk through the black night
and all the stars are out,
my heart feels so damn bright
and i’m about to go all out.

Love poem

When he looks, he looks with disgust
When I gaze, I gaze with amaze.
We are so different but yet so alike,
I can’t comprehend how much
I’d love if we could hike.
This unrequited love is difficult for me to come to terms,
they are like germs I can’t escape.


Growing up and with a brother who rebelled and caused a lot of trouble
Led to me being treated like a double
My parents would lean on me as the one who will ‘go far’
While my brother walked around like his head was in the stars
I have a lot of pressure on me to do exceptionally well
But my brother was treated like he was a demon sent from hell
The trouble maker he was often named
But instead they made him feel like he was a shame
A shame to the family something to be embarrassed about
But I will always understand him without a doubt

A Cell

4 walls keeping me hostage
no way of me escaping
trying to get out scraping
these 4 walls that hold me
inside this cold, dark box
watching the colourful light
shining through as it mocks me.

The Lake

As I stand at the edge of the lake
My body is only beginning to wake
I can hear the birds
And I feel like I’m standing at the edge of the world
As I watch the fish
I can only wish
That I was back home
Where I didn’t feel as alone

What Happens?

What happens when i lose my laughter
when my bright smile begins to falter
when those happy memories seem so far away
and those around me see me as prey
when at night i begin to cry
praying and praying to see the light
all i can do is hope to fly and one day maybe rediscover my shine.

Looking In

When you find yourself alone and on the outside,
With nothing else to say or do, you’ve already tried,
Sitting on the outside looking straight in,
But nothing could break me with my tough skin,
Life will be tough, with many ups and downs
But you will be the one to always wear the crown,
So life as we know will be scary and tough,
But nothing lasts forever strangely enough.


Girls will look in the mirror and see everything they hate.
Everything they’ve gained from everything they’ve ate.
The years of being fat shamed and told “maybe lose a bit”.
The years of the anxiety of “is this top going to fit”.
The constant weighing scales and measurements and starvation.
The constant image obsessed and the feeling of suffocation.
The feeling of everyone staring when you turn away.
The feeling of not good enough, a feeling that outweighs,
the constant feel of body shaming that goes on in our world today.

Hate World

From a world full of hate,
To a world full of great,
How can this be the same place?
All a mix of emotions and different devotions,
This is hardly this same place ,
Different opinions, cultures and people,
How can they all get along?
Forever a mystery in a place full of great history !

What I love about life

Seeing people smile when you tell a good joke
Feeling so happy after feeling so broke
Dancing alone with music blaring
Looking around to see no ones caring

Seeing a fluffy dog and petting it
Getting a takeaway when your day has been shit
Seeing your best friend open her birthday gifts
Not getting caught when you’re fully pissed

Although these moments are temporary
You’ll realise when you focus on what you love,
life is not even half as scary.

The cliche that is our lives

Filled with uselessness of misunderstanding and miscommunication
Why can’t people just listen, take the time to understand
To reassure insecurities to rid any doubt
For people to stop doing stupid stuff for clout
Only to show those who feel they are lacking that you are not your downfalls
Everyone sees so much more in you than you see in yourself
To stop the slut shaming and victim blaming
The homophobia, racism and sexism
The damn patriarchy for pressing stupid ideals onto minds of young and old,
for it to be and influence makes me sick
The cliche of our lives


The days have gotten longer
The weeks are flying by
We’re not getting any stronger
Still everyday people die
Everydays a trek
So much cleaning and stress
Every teachers a wreck
This whole place is a mess


Life is a big puzzle,
left for you to unmuzzle.
A difficult path,
involving lots of math.
A long rocky road,
with no option to reload.
No going back,
to fix a crack or eat that delicious snack.
No option to restart,
even if everything’s fallen apart.
You must make the most of this one life,
and not end up in prison from playing with a knife


Walk one way, stay 2 meters away,
never yes yes to guests
Yet if we go to school,
your safe from the virus once I sanitise my desk
School then home school then
home the cycle never ends
But we’re still lucky
so why do we complain
cause we still see our friends

Waiting for my fantasy

From their tiny waisted to their perfect face
Waiting for Prince Charming to fill them with grace
Will it ever happen ?
how bout ask princess Mulan
Always smiling, not a worry in the world
Living their best lives in their enchanted dreamworld
How can I get out of this underworld I’m living in?
I don’t know how bout ask princess jasmine.

Waiting for my fantasy

From their tiny waisted to their perfect face
Waiting for Prince Charming to fill them with grace
Will it ever happen ?
how bout ask princess Mulan
Always smiling, not a worry in the world
Living their best lives in their enchanted dreamworld
How can I get out of this underworld I’m living in?
I don’t know how bout ask princess jasmine


We are in a pandemic.
Masks make us clones.
All in this together.
Yet we’re all so alone.

“Look on the bright side!”
Yet we’re all depressed.
The young and the vulnerable,
Ending up dead.

We’re bending the rules,
We’re making it worse.
Only for thousands of people,
To end up in a hearse.

We’re all so selfish.
No vaccines for protection.
The people at risk,
Natural selection.


If Walls Had Ears What Would They Hear? :

If walls had ears they would hear it all
They’d hear your cries
And they’d hear your calls

Walls cannot talk, but the can remember
The many times
He lost his temper …

Hearing him beat you to a pulp
Yet there was nothing they could do
But silently gulp

The walls remember the very last time
He hit you so hard
He committed a crime

And now he rots in his lonely jail cell
As for you
You never woke up & never got well.

My Star 

Paddy was your name,
You and I we are the same

Thou you are now afar
Still you are my guiding star

When I think of you
I shed a tear or two,

Dear grandad,
I love you !


School has changed
It’s not the same
Your less engaged
And masks are lame
To go back in time
Would be a charm
A year ago was our prime
Huddle together would now raise a alarm
So we have to distance ourselves
For another while.


One two,

Fight a kangaroo,
Three four,
Giant spider at my door,
Five six,
Koalas eating sticks,
Seven eight,
My Australian mate
Nine ten,
His name was Ben


Bitter Honey

All of your talks but no real action
You’re face as sweet as honey
But really a monstrous poison
Everyday you speak out loud
‘Oh be kind, be generous’
But all you do is different to that
You act all kind and seem to be nice
But if you want to know
You have to change
Cause the world is a horrendous place


Love will be the hell out of you
Then do the exact same thing
you did to me
And every couple of months
it will hit you
and beat you senseless
That is love

Love will threaten you

Break into your house
steal everything you own
Love will make you go helpless and homeless
Love will leave you distracted
Love will make you wanna rip your hair out
Love will starve you from oxygen.

Cruel Love

Love will catch you ,
Shove snatch you,
Love will soak you in tar,
Because you are far from a star,
Love will give you millions of paper cuts
And make you spill your guts