Ursuline College, Finisklin Road, Co. Sligo

I Hear

I hear soft voices,
Everywhere around me.
Hearing my secrets,
Feeling my needs.
My hopes and my fears,
Shadows everywhere…
Whispering your past,
Being dragged behind you,
Hoping these memories would last.
When I was lonely,
When I was sad,
When I was sorry and when I was mad.
As I lay in bed in those comforting voices.
I wiped my tears and smile,
For making the right choices.

Oliwia Zarzycka


They remember everything.
What has been and what was done.
The blood you’ve shed.
The tears you cried.
They remember every crumbling smile.
The heart that beats, then breaks
And dies.

Matilda Luck McGowan

Two Seconds

Two second field with pride and joy.
For two second the weight left his shoulders.
But those two seconds were just two seconds
Then silence fell, like an axe.
Where was his pride and joy now?
Why was his heart pushing him down?
Death’s silence in the core of the forest.
Even the leaves dare not tremble
After the shot, he wanted to turn back.
Two seconds and he was sorry
But it was too late
Two seconds and it was already in his head
Two seconds.
Revenge, more cold, than sweet.

Katrin Kostadinova


Once the house was filled with
Screaming laughter of excited children.
Layers of toys covered every inch of the floor
And beds brimmed with teddies.
Now, an old woman sits
Surrounded by loneliness,
Empty bedrooms and blank walls.

Eabha Moyle


Remember your giggles
Filling each corner
With childish delight.

Your fiery shrieks.
Pointed words,
Pointless anger
Echo here still.

While your tears came crashing,
Twinkling puddles of grief.

The life you’ve lived,
Each lie, love and laugh
That stopped you in your tracks.

Eimear Cannon


These walls remember,
A man and a woman,
Beaming happily at each other,
As they decide that this is going to be their home.

These walls remember,
A baby, shrieking at the two people,
Who argued over where the cot should go,
Their voices rising over the wails.

These walls remember,
Two kids chasing each other, knocking down chairs,
The girl screamed and mum rushed in,
Taking the doll out of her son’s hands and scolding him.

These walls remember,
A silhouette of a boy appearing in the doorway,
“Mummy, I had a bad dream.” His small voice stuttered,
There is a murmur and the boy climbs into his mother’s embrace.

These walls remember,
An ecstasy of noise, children jumping around,
To be silenced when the lights go out,
A chocolate cake, decorated with bright candles, glides in,
“Happy Birthday to you…” they chorused.

These walls remember,
Two voices screaming at each other,
Two kids sit in dead silence, listening,
The door slams and everything goes quiet.

These walls remember,
People moving hurriedly from room to room,
Cardboard boxes decorate the floor,
The shelves are bare.

Now, a man sits on the bed,
He stares at the empty space,
Which once had been filled,
A sad, melancholy feeling washes over him.

New pictures cover the walls,
Two kids at their new school,
Two kids with their new dog,
His kids in their new life.

Maeve Bigwood

Lonely Nights

These walls remember
The lonely nights at home
They remember the silent tears
And the similar nights to come
These walls remember
The roars from below the stairs
If only we could silently sleep
Once we had our teddy bears.



He is powerful,
Gargantuan, amazing.
He dreams and dream
Of nothingness.
No more animals.
No more waves.

You see him and you think
That he is free, but no.
He is trapped here
In a huge prison without walls.
He cannot be with his lover.
His lover calls to him.
He cannot do anything.
He screams angrily “Why?”
They cannot be together.
They are trapped.
He in a prison of darkness
And light.
She, the moon
In a prison of night.

Elena Tena


They whisper to me
‘Stay away from here’
But I know that the ocean dreams
Of a place where I have to be
Where the walls remember
The beat of my heart
In the place I was meant
To be.

Elena Savoie

The Oceans

It glistens on my memories,
Swims through the deepest shallows of my mind.
It is there where the ocean dreams,
Of what my life will feel like when the sea wall of my mind cracks open.
Slowly the person that I am thought to be
Is washed upon the shore of my past.

Holly O’Boyle

I Hope

The waves were crashing
I was lying on the ground
With my boyfriend Sean
His mom says hi to me
And I love it
I hope to marry him
And have kids

Lauren Murray

These Walls

These walls remember
All that happened in December
But also the heartbreak in November
And the lies in September
Do you remember?
About December
Heartbreak November
And September
Because these walls remember

These Walls

Nicole Tracey


The ocean dreams of kittens
Who plays with a ball of fur
They jump thorough the waves
To catch the balls of fur
There cute but fierce
There all different
As cute as they are
They will bite back in 3s

Sophie Mcmanus


What does the ocean dream
Of crashing waves
And open seas,
Of coral reefs
And sharks teeth,
Oh what the oceans dreams
Of plastic pollution
And oil contribution
That’s what the ocean dreams.

Shona Murtagh

Clear and Clean

The ocean dreams to be clean
Not full of plastic
Not filled with toxins
But filled with beautiful multicolour fish
Crystal clear and clean
The ocean dreams to be respected
Respected for all its worth
The ocean will continue to dream
Dream until we make it clean

Alanna Foran

The Ocean

What does the ocean dream?
Of moonlight and sunsets
Or hurricanes and storms

Does it dream of being free
Of plastic and pollution
Does it believe that one day
We will come up with a solution

Does it dream about the fish
Or the sharks who will eat them
Does it dream of peace and quiet
Or absolute mayhem

Sarah Gallagher


What do the shadows whisper?
They whisper of the past
Of the people dead and gone
They whisper of the children
Who run laugh and play
They whisper about the people
Who whisper more than they
But why do the shadows whisper?



Walls on every side towering above her.
A shell of a girl, so forgotten.
Alone, hidden,
It was dark.
For all she knew, nothing ever gets better.
She would cry until her eyes felt raw,
Clawing at the stones but to no avail.
The walls began to crumble very slowly.
Until finally the light poured in.

Ella McDaid

These Walls

These walls remember
All that happened in December
But also the heartbreak in November
And the lies in September
Do you remember?
About December
And the heartbreak in November
And September
Because these walls remember

Nicole Tracey


Remember a tiny bundle that arrived home,
A young mum and dad with everything to live for,
Until one missed doctor appointment,
Leaves dad with a struggling teen,
Remember the first mistake, which became a habit,
And a habit leaves a drowning father,
With too many bottles to clean up,
Remember an ambulance arriving one minute too late,
And a lonely man repaints the walls.

Niamh Carolan

A Blanket of Blue

A blanket of blue, covers her bed
From the noise of engines that are spread from head.
Underneath a whole new world,
Their lives creatures that are unheard,
They live without danger in their clear and clean nature.
No harm no hassle,
In their own gigantic castle.
The ocean dreams…

Ellen Hamilton

The Secret and the Lies

These walls remember
The secret and the lies
The hello and goodbyes
The staring of the eyes
These girls remember
Staying to until sunrise
Crying out their eyes
Being obsessed with the lies


The Darkness

What the darkness whispers
Is no secret to me,
But to the naked eye
You need to have a key,
For the darkness is screaming
And the is sealed tight,
While the crowd surrounding me
Can’t see me wallow in fright.

Emma Conlon


A sailing boat set out to explore the waves of blue,
the crashing sounds they make I remember clear and true.
I set out on an adventure to the world that lies ahead,
I remember these memories as I lie in my cosy bed.
As I look up to the ceiling, I see the wind in my sail,
and the footprints in the sand as they leave a longing trail.
As I wrap up in my blanket and see it’s ragged seams,
I begin to think to myself, what the ocean dreams?

Erin Magee

Never What it Seems

It is never what it seems
In these aquatic dreams
It wants to feel secure
In crystal waters deep and pure
It wants to protect all of its contents
From the sand to the coral reef to the great white shark
But this isn’t what the ocean got
The ocean only got what we
Do not

Kate Armstrong


This house remembers,
Long and lonely nights,
This first steps,
Their first fights,
This house remembers,
The echoes of laughter,
And things that come after,
And the things that matter.

Kate Nugent


A blanket of blue, covers her bed,
From the noise of engines that spread from ahead.
Underneath a whole new world
They live without danger
In their clear and clean nature.
No hassle, no harm
In their own gigantic castle
The ocean dreams…

Ellen Hamilton


Before the first day of men
Before there was plastic
Before headless thoughts
Before the exhilarating splash of young children into the chasm of the sea
Before the soundless drum of the world below
Before the dreams are gone and the drum becomes a dreary hum

Tessa Cassidy

Death by Plastic

What the ocean dreams
Is for the fishes screams,
To be less full of sorrow
And hope for tomorrow.

All this plastic and trash
Causing one big, long splash,
Decreasing the chance
Of this sea life to dance.

Katelyn Doherty


What the shadows whisper
The tone the whisper is said
The way it affects your head
The rumours spread all around
A scratching, snarling, grating sound
If it’s quiet or loud
It will still slither through a crowd
No matter how exciting
It is still like seed or vicious fighting


Some Days

What these walls could remember
They hear everything that happens and what you do
They will also listen too
They hear arguments, shouting and screaming
But some days only what you’re thinking and dreaming
If they could speak, oh what they would say
They could recall every single day

Meabh Sweeney

Under Rule in Rome

These walls remember
The last time I stood,
The 15th of December
In this busy neighbourhood
Nothing seems the same
In this old town of Rome,
The people seem tame
Like it’s really their home.

Katelyn Doherty


Remember the snow
In late December
When all drinks were warm
And families were together
The blankets and presents
Under the tree
Oh I wonder what Santa has left for me!


World of Power

A man safe with his sensitivity,
A woman who doesn’t fear her insecurities
To create unity.
A world of power
Not by money but of respect for ourselves
And for our mother earth as she is a gift
She dreams of peace and justice
A dominion of self-acceptance

Blaithin O’Boyle

The Mirror Remembers

Every person who stands in front of her
Talking about their lives
About their successes and their hard times

People feel free to open their hearts
To scream, to cry, to laugh

And some people just stand here
Enjoy the silence
The stillness the peace

Finnja Friedrichsen

There was a Time

Where no woman could cross them.
They were simple walls, unguarded, whitewashed
Yet for a woman they were prison gates
Barbed, brutal, uncrossable.
The science lab was a distant dream
For girls who were born to be ‘the perfect wife’.
It’s time for the gates to open,
For the walls to be broken down.

Rosha Mcdonnell

She Dreams

She dreams to be free of plastic,
Shimmering shining unravelled elastic.

She dreams for her coral reef to live on forever,
The mysterious lost sea creatures reunited together.

She dreams for her oceans to be filled with joy and laughter,
The exotic beauty of the ocean to live on happily ever after.

Anna Hamilton

The Light I Needed

The dark recall,
All secrets untold,
Before the bad,
You would be told.

I told you it all,
The bright and darkness,
Without making me feel small,
You prevented the distress marks.

Once I spoke up,
The pain instantly receded,
With my now, half full cup,
You, you were the light I needed.

Amy Coyle

Lifeless Heart

What the gun wants,
A lifeless heart,
An eternal soul,
Liquid red streets,
Lifeless bodies without a voice to speak,
Justice for those who have died in vein,
The gun is a powerful thing,
It hungers for many things,
A lifeless body or a jail cell for those who have done wrong,
But the gun wants a voice,
It needs a voice,
As a silent gun kills no one.

Yaida Joof

The Dreams You Forgot

The ocean dreams the dreams you forgot,
The ones you neglected, that were not enough
Or maybe too much, it’s always too much
To sparkle, to shine, to be who you are
Dear ocean, I’m scared of what you remember.

What the ocean dreams is all of everything
And everything alarms me
Is it wrong to want to forget my dreams
So ambitions past won’t haunt me?

Aoibheann Kearins

Buried Hopes

These walls remember
All that have passed through them,
And those that could not
They know more than you think
And they see what you don’t show
Stand still, and listen
To what they are telling you
About your buried hopes, and dreams
And deepest fears
Stay there, and listen
Until those walls come crumbling down.

Ella Rose Feeney


They heard the children scream and cry,
As hundreds of soldiers passed them by.
Looking around the battlefield was harsh,
Thousands of bodies lay scattered on the ground.
The hopes and fears of the remaining soldiers,
Were forgotten among their tears .
As I stared at his face, I shot my gun and killed him in his place.
That is what the guns want.

Katie Gilmartin

The Gun Howls

The gun howls for the shootings to stop to have an end put to them
People are dying cause paining
Distressing cries from all around
Because of a gun everyday someone misses somebody they would have lost
I remember the loud bang after the trigger being pulled
And it was silenced straight after
The room shaking with fearful people inside
The room is shattered with people not knowing where to hide.

Emma Durkin

My Shadow

My shadow could see all the memories before they were lost,
My shadow could see the aches in your stomach brought
From laughter when I made a funny face,
My shadow could see the chiselled bones smirking
From the deepest vulnerability of mine which was you,
My shadow could see the ache in my stomach
When I got that phone call on December the 17th.
My shadow could see how you really were.

Kirsten Martinez

The Human Race

The ocean dreams of a life with no plastic
To be free of the death of fish from elastic,
The ocean dreams of endless calmness
But it’s dreams are crushed from humans madness,
So stop dumping your waste because everyone is disgraced
The human race is bringing the ocean to a horrible place.

Holly Gilligan

The Days

The days filled with love and lust and everything in between
The ones with new life and laughter, filled with first walks and first talks
The hours turning sour, the slamming doors, the final hour
This house still remembers the hurt
And the lies as he packed up his things and said goodbye.


In my Dreams

What the shadows whisper
To me in my dreams
Are memories
That only seem
Good and bad
As the light gleams
I wake up
Not knowing what it means
Because the shadows whispered
To me in my dreams

Keela Scanlon

The Ocean

What the ocean wishes of is to see peaceful waves flow in the mist of its heart,
What the ocean wishes is to see each new schoolchild dive under its waves
And discover a new world
The ocean wishes of carrying millions of passengers to new lands to write their destiny

Emma Curran

No Longer Home

These walls remember the day you left me alone
This is my house but it’s no longer home
Why don’t you want me should I have done more
I will never leave you that is what you swore
My life feels empty this may be the end
I can’t stand not having you as more than a friend

Casey Cox

The Forsaken Secrets

These forsaken secrets are tossed around
Know not of their meaning, length or sound
The wistful monstrosity of what lies under
Can never be seen like lightening or thunder
Although they track us, watch us, feel us
They never will know how much it will deem us


Memories you Left

These walls still remember
The memories you left
Flashing stark vivid images
Running wild through my head
As I walk through the corridor
A new image appears
Making my eyes well up
Slowly dropping a few tears

It’s been a few months now
And you’re gone for good
But my mind won’t forget
All the memories and the good

Grace Molloy

The Mystery

These walls that whisper
On the corridor that still remains
From the mysterious disaster that is still unknown

Where the dream catchers are hung to gather the evil
And the hollow black hole that awaits at the end

The sound of the whisper that speaks
While you walk and the mystery behind the walls that surround me


Not a Clue

These walls remember
Aisling’s first day in the convent
Let me tell you how that went
She walked in not having a clue
Not one notion what she was getting into
Into 4c she was thrown in
Only knowing Orla Middleton
Double Japanese on a Friday
Please just send me away

Vivien Spisiakova

Natural Beauty

Many years ago the ocean was blue
And now he doesn’t know to do
To recover its beautiful colour
The ocean dreams of being clean
Of plastics and bottles
The ocean dreams of being free
Its trash and pollution
The ocean dreams of being happy
With its natural beauty.

Esmeralda Romero

Filled with Possibilities

What the oceans dream
To be free of plastic
That would be fantastic
Where the fish will thrive
The ocean will feel alive
It will now shimmer and shine
That will be divine
Filled with possibilities
Lots of new abilities

Dearbhail Grogan


The dead swim here
In these beautiful clear waters
Which we never see
Why should we dive
When we can stay alive
Let us sing to the ocean
Let us give praise to the sea
Glisten like the deep for all eternity



The shadows leave a deafening reminder in my ears
That I can’t bear to hear
So I fill it
I fill it with fake laughs,
False promises,
Empty goodbyes.
I fill it so the truth will never be revealed,
As I cannot bear to face it.
But the truth is
I’m lonely.

Amykate Hannon

She is the Ocean to Me.

Her blue water drapes the globe,
And turns fingers to shivering, cold
The white waves drumming the shore
Like fingertips drumming my door;
Hollow it echoes through
The empty dark rooms in the moon.
My darkness unknown to the sea
And her depths a mystery to me,
But our ignorance is shared
And luck uncompared
To dance, forever with me.

(Our audience the stars)

Grainne Mulkeen Casey

The World Falls Silent

When the world falls silent
And everything stopped
Remember those words
To any cost
For once they were told
By shadows so old
In a room full of books
Was all that it took
For take you away
In a world full of fun and play