Ursuline College, Finisklin Road, Co. Sligo


For what I yearn
Remains unspoken
Quiet, silence.
Screaming, screeching
Pounding, scraping
The light shines
The darkness burns
Quiet, silence.
My head is a head
Full of thoughts
Life and Death
Peace and Pain
Here and there
Thoughts everywhere
Quiet, silence.
Sorrow drowns
Fear consumes
Lightning strikes
And tears fall
Quiet, silence.
What you need
Out of reach
Burn it up
Extinguish the flame
Back and forth
Forth and back
Quiet, silence.
Suddenly, suddenly
Oh so suddenly



You have really hurt me
A pathetic sentence I know but
It perfectly describes the weight of your actions pressing down on me
It sent me reeling, it really did
Dazed from the blow I couldn’t shake off what you had once said
I’m genuine
I will never be false to anyone, not even you
You can spin your lies like spun sugar
Satisfyingly sweet until someone gets caught in your web
Your eyes are like my mirrored reflection
I can pretend you know everything about me but it’s only really what is on the
My ears only receive what I want to hear
The music where I can allow myself to get lost in
And shield myself from what is really happening
But I refuse to hear
The record scratch
The gun shot
The broken glass
When the bubble is popped I will become lost
I don’t even know who I am anymore
But that’s alright because you care about who I am, right?
You’re only interested in having someone
To cover the blank silences in a conversation
You need someone to make you laugh, someone
Who can patch up the splinters inside you that you cover so well
I really wanted to
I thought we were the same as each other, I really did
To me you were like a summer’s day,
The blur of gold auburn red in autumn
You were kindness and joy and laughter
Everything that made me happy packed into one person
And I wanted every single bit of it
But now I have to see that there is simply
An endless void inside of you that not
Even I will be able to fill
You have really, really hurt me
But that will never matter anyways

Hollie Hannon


We are taught we have to love ourselves
For what we are inside
But really we’re still judged and shamed
For the insecurities we try to hide
We’re expected to dress a certain way
But they keep telling us “express yourself”
And when we do they laugh at us making us feel worthless
We as women as men as teens
Have to realise what we are
We are diamonds, each a different shape cut and colour
But none less beautiful than the other


Be the Same

Alone but in your company,
Thinking of all that’s been done,
Wishing to forget,
Wishing to be done.
Alone in my head,
The place I hate to stay,
Over thinking everything and what you used to say.
Alone in my heart,
The one you broke again,
With all the lies you spoke,
We’ll never be the same again.

Sophie Crawley

Bathroom Door

The harshest words and the kindest sentences are poured onto this
Our deepest thoughts and hidden secrets
They paint over us to dismiss us
The loudest voices of a broken youth
But here I sit staring at the abyss.


It was Great

It was great,
It really was,
You were the best I’ve had so far,
I thought you were different, and
I thought you understood,
You didn’t.
And you left me in a heartbeat,
For someone ‘better’
For someone ‘prettier’
For someone… for someone not me.
All you’ve taught me is to be wary of trusting people
So thanks,
It was great,
It really was.


Someone Cares

Sadness consumes you like a ton of bricks,
Hitting hard like a bunch of pricks.
They whisper,
They stare,
No one cares,
But love thrives like the swarming bees,
In the great beehives,
Someone cares.

Shyanne R

I’m not the Same

I’m not the same as everyone here
Maybe that’s because I’m “queer”
I have a girlfriend
My friends accept me
But my parents aren’t so cheery
I don’t bring it up
I decide to just shut up
But I don’t think that’s doing me any good
Its been a year, we’re still together
Even after a few bumps along the road
She’s funny
She’s pretty
And she’s some dope
But trust me she’s the one


The House of Gold

The House of Gold,
Warm but Cold,
A throne far from Gold,
A man, Strong and Bold,
Sits upon that throne,
That is far from Gold.
The Man, Strong and Bold,
With hair, a shade of Gold,
His eyes with flecks of Gold,
The man, Strong and Bold,
His suit, Flares of Gold,
Upon his Hair of Gold,
Sits a Hat of Black.
A Cane, hand in hand,
His face of plain amusement,
While a glass, full of class,
Sits by a Plate of Gliss,
The man, Strong and Bold,
Has Eyes With Flecks Of Gold.

Mia Carty

The Stop Sign

The stop sign
My passion is the moving roadway
I am rooted to the spot, bolted to the same place
“They’ll always be there,” they say
Their laughter filling the air as they whirl on by
I can observe, watch and guide
I have no misconceptions
I know they need me more than I need them but I cannot let go
A road is deemed “broken” without me
But yet as quickly as the lights change
I am forgotten
Taken for granted once again
Always silent
It becomes easy to forget that I was ever even here
When I am gone, excuses can be made
“The signs weren’t clear”
“We were driving too fast”
Sit on your lies and let them cover you like a blanket
But we all know at the scene of a crash
There is no one to blame but yourself

Hollie Hannon


Traps me every day,
Like a bee in bottle,
Trying to get away.

It does not care,
How deep I am,
In its lair.

It keeps me under,
A if I had weight,
Holding on to my mother.

K and C

This is Where

This is where we love and get broken,
This is where we spill our hearts and get denied,
This is where we try our best and fail,
This is where we fall without actually falling,
This is where we give our all and get nothing in return,
This is where we rise up from the ground,
This is where we never go back.

Nadine O’Malley and Robyn Derry


On the Monday,
I found out I didn’t get into the Gaeltacht course I wanted.
I cried all day.
On the Wednesday,
I was put into a class with I didn’t know.
I spent the day crying.
The Thursday,
I was upset all day in school
And in the evening I lost my Gaelic match.
I didn’t think I could cry any more.
On the Monday,
I left Gaelic training early
And cried in the toilets until everyone was gone.
I couldn’t cope.
What was I meant to do?
No one had died.
But I hadn’t smiled in a week.
Big deal?
I wasn’t even sure.
I kept trying.
And crying.
The following Tuesday the school finally moved me to a different class.
The Wednesday,
I got perfect results in my Junior Cert.
The Wednesday night,
I went out and I laughed and it was great.
The Thursday,
I won a Gaelic match.
So apparently it gets better.

Aoife Devlin


I wake up late
My hair is a state
I shove it in a bun
I reach the gate
And await my fate
My school decides to give me
I stroll into class
My subjects are all pass
Cause I could not give a damn
Tuesday is tomorrow
My eyes are full of sorrow
Monday’s are the worst days

Oda Carty

The Night Before

Freaking out the night before,
Blare the music close the door.
Whipping out the darkest tan
Lay it on as thick as I can
Lip scrubs, body scrubs, face masks
And more battling spots like its civil war.
Waking up with tan on my bed,
Try to tame my sleepy head.
Makeup on and off I went,
Going to Cartown,
Time well spent.



It grows on all of us,
You’ll even find it on our pets,
It’s a subject most like to discuss,
But others it leaves in sweats.
Some are proud of theirs,
While others completely cut it out of their lives,
You can often find it on a textured armchair’s,
Some get scared when it inevitably arrives,
But I’ll always enjoy the discussion of hairs.

Hannah Ryder


I see you ever day but the pain won’t go away,
I miss you around the house with your elegant little blouse.
The tea just isn’t the same with no one to watch the Sunday game
When I come to pay a visit it’s not exquisite

Kitty Leydon


Standing around waiting for a bus,
Everyone is shouting and on the lush.
After an hour the bus finally came,
We said to the bus driver get your head in the game.
Within no time people were throwing up
But overall Cartown was a rup.
On the way home everyone was dead,
We just wanted to get into our bed.

Eden Rooney


Boys are stupid
Stay away Cupid
Boys are liars
With unexplained desires
Tears and heartbreak
Why did you put our relationship at stake?

Aoife and Hannah


I went to Kerry on a fast ferry, picked a blackberry and ate it.
When I looked at my hands they were as hairy as a man’s.
My friends ran away, I had no one to play, it wasn’t a very good day!

Alannah Gallagher