Trinity Comprehensive, Ballymun Rd, Santry, Co. Dublin

Feeling in my Chest


There it goes again,

That feeling in my chest,

The panic, the pain,

This sick feeling I detest,


A string of emotions,

Flowing and showing,

Cant see where I’m going,

The world feels like its floating,



But I can’t speak,

I can’t breathe,

I feel weak at my knees,

While others around just pass me by,

Without glancing back a second time,

All the while, I’m wishing to cry,

Just to stop the emotions I’m feeling inside,

Please stop.


“Oh you, you’re joking”,

Please stop it I’m choking,

You have no idea how,

I am feeling right now,

All of the thoughts and doubts,

I just want to get out,

These voices are just too



Anxiety is real,

It’s not part of the deal,

Of life’s spiel,

But it’s real,

And it’s happening,

Right now,

To people all over the world,

So stop and think,

Before you decide to hurl hurtful words,

To those who have overcome,

More challenges in life,

Than you could possibly fathom.




Born in a small town in Poland

To a small kip in Dublin

Called Ballymun

Living here for years

Hearing stories

Seeing all the things that go on

From the bin being set on fire

From the bonfires

From the rocks being thrown at the bus

From hearing the roar of the motorcycles

Roaring down the road

To the community relations

To the friendly conversations

To the amazing teachers

To the amazing friends

To the shared laughs

Moving from Ballymun

Yet it’s not the same

This area is pretty lame

No good conversations

No community relations

Turns out

It’s not a kip after all




I hate when people are made fun of because of how much they weigh

Or when some people are discriminated for coming out gay

How schools have students under so much pressure

But don’t take the time to help with depression

How people judge others because of the colour of skin

Like come on lads it is 2021, can’t we throw all that in the bin

Why can’t people just get along, instead of fighting all the time?

If we work together, we can help stop all these hate crimes

Why can’t the world just be a better place?

After all were just a big rock floating in space

If people could just be nice, this wouldn’t be the case

And people might not look in the mirror and ask what’s wrong with their face

Why am I not good enough? I just want to escape


It Hurts


Walking down the street, hear people getting harassed

Wish I could stand up and kick their ass

For scum, there is no place for them on this earth

The only place for them is in the dirt

It hurts me when people disrespect one and another

Are you forgetting that everyone is your brother?




Growing up in Ballymun isn’t easy.

Having an uncle in and out of prison, for murder and drugs.

Knowing there’s nothing you can do,

Because all the help you and your family give him,

He throws it away, acts like he cares for others,

When really he doesn’t, probably won’t see 40, but he doesn’t care.

Robs the kids money on Christmas, probably for drugs,

Pushes people away the people who are trying to help him,

Thinking they’re his enemies.

On the run from the police, at his own mothers funeral,

He’ll never change, unfortunately.




I hate nothing

I hate how people hate

Why hate?

When you should not hate

Therefore hate is what I hate

Hate is what pushes us away

Hate is my biggest hate


Don’t Worry


Every day I feel like

I do the same things

I wake up, I go out

I go to school, I work on my projects

Then I go to my bed, my life can so dull

Nobody asks me how I am feeling

I say I am feeling fine but I’m not


It is so difficult

To remain happy

But not my fault

But I have my friends

Who there for me


There is a girl who is in 2nd year, she feels suppressed

She’s constantly feeling depressed

She feels like no one loves her and her family doesn’t understand her

But we 4th year students are supportive as hell


Don’t worry

Stop stressing yourself

Just remember that I love you

I feel stressed too but at the end

I will be there for you


I sometimes no girl is interested or want to date me

I think no one loves me

But I will find somebody

A woman who loves me

It will happen eventually


I have a crush on girl

She has black, short hair and she’s so cute

I’m too scared to ask her that I like her

Too scared of rejection due to my fear

When I see other guys talking to her

I get jealous even though they are just friends


Don’t worry

It will be ok

Just remember that I love you

I feel stressed too but at the end

I will be there for you

Not everything has to be bad

It could be good or bad

Be stoic

Be heroic

Help out your community

Help yourself




I am sick of being compared to people

People have compared me to my brother, my sister, and my cousins.

I try to change but I can’t

When I try to change I start to cry

Because I feel that, I am a failure and I am not normal

How do I act ‘normal’?

What does normal mean?

Does it mean act like the famous people

Or act like someone you’re not?

Because when I get told to be normal I say,

“What is normal?”

“How do I act ”normal’?”


That One Person


I come from the lower ends

Where friends and bonds are strong

Feeling lonely should be wrong

Yet speaking to these people feels like a bong

Sucking your life force out of you

But when the course of life feels wrong the most

Is when that one person you need most is there

To be close and help and support

Yet when they are aren’t there it just feels lonely




It’s almost like silence a crime for some people and sometimes it feel like it is.

Like when you’re just after having a fight with someone you love

And all you want to do is say sorry for my stupidity,

I love you and I’m sorry, but you can’t get the words out

Because your brains fighting your mouth,

Telling you not to speak because you can’t seem weak.

But in reality being able to left speechless out of anger is weakness.


Has to be Done


Yeah I come from Trinity Comp

Yeah and I hate going to school

But what has to be done has to be done

Yeah and I love iPhone

Yeah and I have the iPhone 11

And I don’t like androids

Because they are the worst phones ever


How Can


How can knowing someone name equals them being your friend

But you know your bully name, so what now? You are friends?

How can people fake friendship for gaining money?

How can teachers always say well we spoke to the person bullying you

And he says, no, he didn’t, so we’re going to take his word over yours

How can people be like this?