The King’s Hospital School, Palmerstown, Co. Dublin



I’m told I have a privileged life,

Told that I have it all,

Everything I need,

People tell me that there is no reason,

No reason at all to be blue

Or down, or depressed.


Though there is one thing,

That everyone forgets,

Money can’t buy happiness

Money can’t make the pain go away,

Joy escapes me most of the time,

Only appearing in small bursts that fade.


Why does everyone think

That privilege breeds pride,

It doesn’t make people go away

Doesn’t stop the bunch from hurting,

The words from cutting though you,

Puncturing your heart and poisoning your mind.


Scared of the Future


I’m scared of the future and what it might hold

But I can’t stay in the present as I know I won’t grow

They say there’s no pressure but that’s all I feel

So many decisions and choices to make and I still don’t know what’s my ideal

A standard to meet and being compared

Fills me with pressure and is why I’m so scared

I want to look at future me

And be proud of what i’ve done and who I will be




COVID Forbid,

How you thought you’re life was gonna go kid

Frustration permeates the nation

All we hear about is virus mutation.

You’re sitting annoyed about the friends you can’t meet

While people are out protesting on Grafton Street.

Regardless of your politics here’s my simple COVID wake up

Stay Safe, Stay Home and Mask Up




You think you know me

You think you understand

But how can you understand something

You can’t even see

How can you see the thoughts that pound against my skull

How can you see the feelings that are constantly shoved

Down and down and down because broken is weak

And I refuse to be broken.

I refuse to let you see

Because you don’t understand

Because you are not me.


I Remember the Day


I remember the day as if it were yesterday

Sitting in classrooms and hearing students screech with joy

2 weeks off school

That was the last time things were normal

Now we sit at a desk

Staring at a screen

Wondering where our teenage years are going

Staring out at the quite streets and wondering if it will be normal again

The normal hustle and bustle of people going to work

Now we just sit and look out the window

Imagining our old lives

What we should be doing with our teenage years

But instead we sit inside

Reminiscing on the days we spent out in the sun

Playing sports, hugging friends

But now we’re stuck inside

Stuck with this never ending routine

Constantly stuck with having overdue assignments

This isn’t how any of us envisaged our teenage years

But make the best of it

They say

After all these are the best years of your life

The best years of your life being stuck in a global pandemic

With little to no light at the end of what it seems as this infinite tunnel.

Lockdown after Lockdown

Masks are the everyday normal

Oh to see the day when we can take off these masks and live our real normal


Women in Sport


It’s uncool why?

But you’ll go to the lads cup tie.

Lads and their rugby

But girls mustn’t

Or else they’ll be ugly

I don’t get it

Why you think bias

I’ll say try us

Come out

They’ll say “snowflake”

I’ll say “I’ll be your headache”


The Red Planet


In a world that is ruled by the red

A place where people follow a system that they thought dead.

A ideology that washed over the world like a tsunami

Where capitalists submit to the commie.


In the past seen as a plague, survives to this day

Ruling the world stage through foul play.

World superpowers see it as a threat

But do nothing out of fear of debt




We get trapped in the image who we are built to be

Tethered by the prejudice the world bestows

Upon the men and woman follows leaders unknown

Personalities and opinion merge into one

Hating for no reason to a group who are apart from our own


The Stress


The stress of one life really gets to me,

In times of lockdown thinking what it could be,

Whether I’d be experiencing my teens or thinking of what I could’ve seen,

But this view in life is detrimental to glean,

So when I sit back when I’m eighteen and think of the time gone by,

I won’t let the morbid memories fester inside,

But cast the regrets and dark memories aside.




I don’t really know what to talk about but I guess here goes,

I grew up with a lot of insecurities not many people know.

I realised when I got older that most people don’t really care,

Whatever feelings I have I never want to share.

I’m not really depressed but I’m not really happy,

I just wait in my room for days to pass by me.


Stuck in my Head


Stuck in my head for a long time

Locked it’s home like I got framed for the wrong crime

Speaking of framed my frame of mind cloudy can’t picture being free

People In my life, but are they thinking about seeing me?

Being me ain’t been fun but there’s more to life than feeling g

Struggle makes a champ so if you don’t know now I’m healing see


Could never get caught dealing I’m just dealing with the issues

Hate seeing Mumzy crying I’m appearing with the tissues

Cause she raised me by herself, I raised myself too

Access to the pain relief just hoping I don’t misuse


My mind is always racing, only escapes are rhyming and ball

The timing of all this pain could leave you crying and small

Could leave you climbing and tall feels like I’m climbing a wall

The depression keeps on ringing I’m declining the call


Me and the Boys


Me and the boys after lockdown

Me and the boys have spent so much time in lockdown

We have runs out of games and emotions are at an all time down.

Its an endless cycle i beg someone makes it stop.

Some of us are doing worse then jürgen klopp.

But there is a light at the end of the tunnel,

Getting vaccine through a funnel.

Me and the boys storming through stephen’s green.

While sipping on that ice cold lean.

Me and the boys after lockdown

We’ll live our best lives not a single frown

Watching manchester united handed the premier league crown.


Brown Bread


The sequel

Don’t even talk to me about white bread

It such a waste a time

Eww eww eww it’s completely refined

Making me vomit and throwing up so much

I said don’t talk to me about it

Hush hush hush


Brown Bread


Brown bread I have for breakfast brown bread I have for lunch

Super super tasty I also have it for brunch

It is eaten for every meal. Enjoy with butter

Definitely don’t prefer oatmeal. # I always have it for supper

Served toasted and warm

Eating brown bread is the norm

Why is it so good you ask ? With all it’s seeds of glory

In a way the brown bread is telling a story


Well that’s the end that’s my light ramble

Stuck in a corner, no right angle

Feeling quite dark, no bright candle

Real life shambles, but I’ll handle