The King’s Hospital School, Co. Dublin

Art By Maser:


You looked in the mirror everyday,
Was this your identity?
The cracked pores in your skin,
The bruises that ran deeper than the story behind them
The only time they accepted you was when you were dull
So you filed your edges out until you were raw
Life was a masquerade ball but
You didn’t want to dress up
They told you that you weren’t worthy and you didn’t believed them
Until you did
But what you didn’t know
Was that you were not who they said you were,
Your identity didn’t equate plastic, materialistic things
Your identity was the morning sun
That woke you up,
The way you treated others
And cared about kindness
Your identity was not placed in your academic achievements,
Nor the way you looked on that one day
When people decided to be cruel
It was not even the way your hair looked perfect
Or the way you’d be complimented on your style
It was the inward you,
The ‘you’ who still felt like a child every time Christmas came
The ‘you’ whose identity was made from millions of illustrations
Of beauty
From the roots in the ground
That caused you to grow so truthfully
Why were you who you were
Why are we who we are?
Why does the moon chase the sun
And not the sun chase the moon
Why are we not gods nor giants
Why are we simply human
Why do we depend on each other
Why can we not do this alone
We are trees
Our identity like roots in the ground
We will grow and grow
And we will be who we are.

Place Unknown

We come from a place, unknown to most of the world.
We feel we can’t escape, even if we could.
We watch possibilities from behind a screen,
Sitting at home wanting to scream.
Too young to leave it behind, we stay where we’ve always been.
Too old for it to be new, everything, we’ve already seen.
We watch movies and go on bike rides twenty four seven
We have done the same things from the age of eleven
We’re thankful for a home, somewhere that we can stay.
But now we feel alone, we wish we could run away.

Grass Less Green

I see the effects on my life, grass less green
Disasters more common, rivers flooding into our streams
being told it’s our fault, but they fires been burning,
All of our predecessors guilt, trapped away in a vault.
A vault we cannot reach, a key thrown away long ago.
An eighteen year old screaming, how far must this go
I sit in the class room, pen in hand
How can I change, in order to save our land

Simpler Times

Back when times were simpler
I didn’t have to cry
But now it terrifies me thinking about just saying hi
You say it’s all jokes and fun and games
But little do you know it’s lighting me on flames
You found someone new to occupy your time
Because I’m just not worth the climb
I’m not good enough anymore but in the end Ill survive
I just wish you knew that you’re the reason why I’m not able to thrive

Your Eyes

I can’t see your soul through your eyes
I can’t see your heart through eyes
I can’t see the lies
I can’t see the whys
Or all your ties
Or all your cries
On days with beautiful skies
And perfect, infinite highs


I’m sick of feeling like the world’s ending
Loney moments, cascading words
Mumbles from my mouth
Scolds in my head
Reviewing every word
Shaking off reality
Biting at my esteem, tearing up myself
Confined to a shadow in the background
Taking others recognition
It’s suffocating, Its a cage in the dark

We Are

We’re set to stay in one lane of the road
To follow the path that we’ve always been told
When we try to branch off to a different destination
We’re left with all our thought of contemplation
The glares of the higher cars behind you
Makes you feel frozen, like a statue


I come from my ivory tower and try to relate to the poor
I go home to my 5 bedroom detached and laze around while thinking I’m helping the world
I lay on my couch like an emperor with an endless supply of grapes
It is an incurable sickness, a fountain of wealth,
I cannot relate to the important people in this world
From the shelf stackers, to the factory workers, to the sweatshop kids fighting for ends-meet
But at least I try, surely that’s worth something

Billionaire Men

Billionaire men
Sweat and tears will fuel the
Billionaire men
The cries of children with blisters of steel
Will make their pockets fuller
Don’t cry or protest
They won’t hear you through their ignorance
You don’t matter, you’re just a factor
In the climb to their royalty
To own the world, to destroy the world
Are simply equal things
These billionaire men, billionaire men
Will be the beginning of the end

Same Place

Everyday we go to the same place
We write
We learn
But often we feel out of place
Because everyone cares about our scores
But not about the things that bring us joy

About Life

From homework to exams
Teachers to coaches
Working hard or hardly working
Get up and get dressed
For the new day upon us
But every night while sleeping
We dream about life
And what went wrong
Why are our lives filled with hate
Next morning I will wake
To change for my own sake


I feel like I’m running not a treadmill
But from my life
I run from one place to another
Just to please people around me
And still I don’t know who I want to be

Little Lad

I once was a little lad
Who loved berries and cream
And I must be so as cheeky  and add
They made me scream
And before I go
There’s one  you must know,
Any guesses


Oh man I wish I could eat wheat
I miss eating gluten treats
Every time my heart beats it beats for treats made with wheat
Oh why can’t I eat gluten
It makes my heart feel as cold as Vladimir Putin


I love your eyes and how I get lost in them
I feel like forever , we will not change
I wish are memories were the same
We change our chats everyday