Summerhill College, College Road, Knocknaganny, Co. Sligo

Walking Out

Walking out an open door
Feeling I deserved more
Even though your decision wrong
I will stay strong

With pride in my heart
I will make another start
To show I’m not broken
And I will stay spoken


I’m Sick Of

I’m sick of being used
I’m sick of feeling sad
I don’t think you realise
That the things you do are bad
I don’t think I deserve this
Every day I try
To make your life much better
But you just say goodbye



They say we have it.
And we believed them.
So freedom means about 18 years of school.
Where it only matters to be cool
Then score high, get a job for roughly 50 years.
Grow old, battered… and bold?
Pinching pennies to get by, abiding by the law.
But we say ‘love is freedom’ and getting married.
Until we get buried… by the same people?
But if love is freedom,
That means freedom is reproducing,
To fill places in society, jobs and make more laws.
That’s not my freedom, no.
You see, my freedom can be yours too,
Right now you’re like an animal in a zoo.
My freedom is running in a field,
No limits for us to be concealed.
We Are Freedom.

Aras Palani

Our Dreams

We see our dreams as a mountain we can’t climb,
But each day you gotta commit yourself,
And give up your time,
When you play put your body on the line.
Put yourself through hell today,
So you can excel tomorrow,
Cause pain is temporary,
But the feeling of glory of lasts forever,
Every great story shows adversity.
No is not a word I accept,
But it is one I’ve come to expect,
Still my dreams I won’t neglect,
Put in the work and gain some respect.



When you are younger, you’re told it is a gift,
Growing it just seems to hinder, it won’t get you the shift.
Your friends grow further from you, begin to forget your name,
You remain friendly with all, yet distant all the same.
They laugh and joke about you, not knowing the strength in their words,
They cannot comprehend that you hear more than “nerd”.
These comments, cruel & heartless send your life into the drain,
The gift that that grew disastrous, the curse of the working brain.


School and Society

School is cruel,
They make you from a fool to a tool.
As you grow and go with the flow of society,
You will know when you are low,
What society is doing to you.
But you must stay strong to prove society
To prove society who’s boss.


My Poem

I would like to go away
To help me find my pack
I may not go away to stay
But may never decide to come back
I’d like to find a happier place
Where people show their real face
And not to hide in their disguise
They might turn out to be a surprise

Joshua Geraghty


Everything happens for a reason
Everyday people come and go
But those who stay are special
Everything happens for a reason
Day by day they all go by
But those who stay are special
Everything happens for a reason
Bad things happen, good things happen
But those who stay are special


We Must

There’s as many things that make me mad,
As there are things that make me sad.
There are some terrible moments in our life,
That some people think they can solve with a knife.
As their life flows down the drain,
They hope and pray for an end to the pain.
We must reach out to make them stronger,
They may not be here for much longer.



Her time came for her to go
As sad as it was
I wanted to say no
Her life was good
For the little that she had
Now that she is gone we are all so sad



Six years in the making,
Each year getting better.
Who’s that in the mirror?
He’s who you helped me find,
He’s the kid who is an actor,
Striving for a career.
And when I finally make it,
I know you’ll be proud of me.
So thank you Jean Marie.

Matthew Eglinton


I was camping last weekend
With a couple of friends.
All the boys and I
“Oh my”
Such a way to pass time.
It’s like we’ve not a care in the world.
Nearly dusk,
We must,
Dance to the music,
Having a lush.
Life is good,
And that’s the story
Of my brotherhood.

Odhran Leydon


Switched on the weather
They gave forewarning
About a storm that’s coming in the morning
Woke up the next day
To the view of the bay
Covered by a sky that’s grey
Walked down the stairs
I was in a rush
Had a glance out at the bush
Saw it was covered in snow
And I went ‘oh no’
Walked backed up the stairs
Got back into bed
And I’d say you could
Hear me snoring from the shed



I’m sitting here wasting my time
Racking my brain trying to rhyme
I’ve quickly realised I’m not so good
I don’t want to do this but I think I should
What should I say? Why should I try?
I watch everyone write and I let out a sigh
This is too hard, I’ll just give it a miss
On the other hand I might get the hang of this



Going to school
Another pointless day
Seeing that you’re voiceless
My minds on the game
Straight to the grind
My life’s a weight
Love the pain
It’s the lane to gain
Wave after wave
Day after day
All getting ready
To the battle of our lives
Live life mile by mile
Life’s a riddle
It brakes you down
Then figure it out


School can be Cool

School can be cool
It doesn’t need to be cruel
And make us drool
The methods are boring
Students start snoring
Instead of exploring
And searching for new goals
Students should have more control
So they can achieve their goal


The System

Man damn the system,
Learning all this crap just for some numbers,
Letting these numbers decide our life.
When we could be relishing it.
Learning a language that nobody uses,
When I could learn another that makes me millions.
But in the end were all slaves to the world,
As if were all a bunch of androids sent from the future.


The Match

When the whistle goes and the game gets underway
The team are excited, as there ready to play
The games even, the ball is up and down
The lucky las get one good shot on goal and it puts us down
But we don’t give up we’re back with a bump
The opposite team were shuck, we scored despite our luck
We keep pressing and pressing, the opposite team are stressing
We cross one good ball in and the striker leaps up high and heads it in.
We are in the lead, keep grinding, only three minutes remaining that fly by
Before we knew it the ref blew it up, “we won” said my guy.

Orin Mitchell


Walks around with regal stride
Her prey they go to fight or flight
Patrols her house to keep alive
The one who comes with food at night
She brings him gifts of birds and mice
The nightshifts worked of stalking prey
Her daily grateful sacrifice
For giving her a place to stay


Fear of Failure

From the hard floor to the score board
Every score is a killed solider
The sweat the tears
All full of fear
Fear of failure
Fear we must overcome
To impress our loved ones.
This is why we try to climb
To make all the pain worthwhile
All the hours
All the pain
Leading up to this big game
You hear the scream
You hear the shouts
All the fans have their doubts
You’re here to prove them all wrong
This is where you belong



A dictatorship some say,
This is not the way,
Three at the back,
It’s just too slack.

Four is just the way,
That St. Johns should play.

He just needs to track back,
Some say he needs the sack,
He is our coach,
He really likes to boast.

There is one thing we need,
Four at the back is what we want,
Do not make us plead.
If this was in Microsoft Word,
Three wouldn’t be a good font.

Ethan Scully

The Poetry Struggle

I’m bad at poetry
I can barely even rhyme
I write horribly
All the time
I deleted all my other poems
There were none of them I liked
So now I’m left with this one
I guess it will be fine


My IPhone

I have an IPhone
Which is grey
But sadly I’ve only had it for a day
On it I have lots of apps
So I don’t take many naps
On it there’s so much to do

Paul Gallagher

St. Johns

We play 3 at the back,
We’re on the attack,
Oh wait never mind,
Now they’re on the attack,
Oh no they’ve scored a goal,
We’ve dug ourselves a hole.


My Boring Day

I hate getting up for school in the morning
Siting on the bus starring out the window
Why does school have to be so boring?
In class using my jumper as pillow
Just want to go home, lie on my bed
And scroll through reddit
Then eat some garlic bread
I hate messages saying I have no credit


Lovely Fortnite

Playing solos, eating chicken wings,
Drop out of the battle bus,
Land Salty Springs,
Find a shotgun, it`s getting fun,
Storm is coming, I gotta run,
Got 50 shield, so I dip fatal fields,
I’m in the last 10, going all red,
Popping a chug jug, get sniped in the head.

Marc O`Hehir


Jose is such a fool,
Turning them to poo,
Sanchez used to start,
Now he’s not worth a fart,
Pogba was £90 million,
He’s no better than a civilian,
Used to be top of Europe,
Now a load of tourists.


Custard Creams

It was all a dream
I was eating custard creams
I love it when you call me big poppa
I only eat them if they’re cooked proper.


I Heard the Call

While in the hall,
There was a call,
The sprawl of players
Were in a haul,
But as I heard the call
From Paul,
The ball was already gone.

Aidan Thornton

Green Cheese Disease

Eating cheese.
The cheese was green.
I need to sneeze.
I feel no ease.
The green cheese
Must have given me a disease.
I woke up.
It was all a dream.
I had a dream about
Green Cheese Disease.