Stepaside Educate Together Secondary School, Co. Dublin

Dyslexia Fitting In


Spelling mistakes, mixed up words, gibberish on a page.

I can’t do it.

Subjects, dropping the old picking the new

You can’t do it.

Endless fighting, emails phone calls between my mother and countless teachers

Me left nail biting, she can’t do it.

Friends, classmates , strangers

She’s stupid, she can’t do it

Teachers telling me I’m clever but not dyslexic enough

Not enough.

Reading, writing, doubting, stupid, dumb, fool.

Just a spool of words, itching my head to crawl inside and eating away until its inside.

But I am enough, I am clever, and I will conquer it and win

Dyslexia fitting in


What a Little Kindness can Do


The drawn and wizened face,

The vacant eyes,

Her lips all cracked and blue,

Deep in the mind my curiosity grew.


I lend a hand,

A friendly chat,

An ear to listen too,

This poor old woman,

On her own feeling sad, lonely and blue


One hour is all it took to bring a smile to her face,

A little kindness made all the difference,

To the sad cold and miserable place.


Now when I pass by,

I pop in for a chat,

Her smiling face and rosy cheeks,

Underneath that blue knitted hat,

So, a simple hello to show we care,

So, let’s all pull together,

There is enough love to share!


What I Want


I don’t want to have smooth skin with no scars

I don’t want to have a perfect body like the stars

I don’t want toned legs or nice arms

I don’t want to feel inspired by a models plastics charms


I want to eat ice cream whenever I feel down

I want to leave the house without my confidence falling to the ground

I want to look nice and feel good too

So actually, I want to be me, I don’t want to look like you.




I was too scared of the dark to close my eyes even for a second.

My mind is like a huge silent white room and my happiness is surrounded by a wall.

The guardian of this prison is my depression.

Why people don’t see my pain and keep thinking that I’m happy

Just because of those different smiles that I’m giving to them.

Yes, I feel bad, yes I’m faking my happiness,

Yes behind those smiles, a little girl is in panicking in a huge silent white room.

So please… Help me. Help me to break this wall and escape from this room.

I want to escape and see real colours and feel the sun on my skin.

Contemplate the blooming yellow flowers together with you, my happiness.

I want special and rare memories with you.


Yes or No


Yes, or no?

It’s as simple as that,

All you have to do is answer

Yes, or no.


But it isn’t like that, is it?

Because the turmoil in your mind

Never ceases,

And the restlessness of your world

Never stops.


Yes, or no?

A simple question

With easy understanding

But it’s not so simple, is it?


It has to be

A yes, or a no.

Because if you say anything else

What will they think?

A ‘sure’ is not a yes

But a hesitation is not a no

Yet you don’t want to sound so sure

When in your mind

A battle ensues

On what you should say, and–


Perhaps a yes will do.

Is it what you want to say?

It is what they want to hear.

So perhaps a yes will do.


Dream Big


Dream big little one,

Don’t be afraid to fly,

There is so much on offer,

Underneath that big blue sky,


You must let go,

And be yourself,

Time for you to shine,

The most important thing,

Is to be honest and to be kind


Time to fly now,

Adventure lies ahead,

Go be happy,

Dreams are not only for in your bed


My Life


My life is great,

I do not hate,

It is happy and fun,

When its all said and done.


I have lots of friends,

I hope our fun never ends,

I love them all,

We always have a ball,


I hope they’re alright,

I just might,

Give them a ring,

What fun that’ll bring!


I love them all dearly,

So that’s it from me, sincerely

Your friends




Are you sure you’re…

I mean it’s not like you’ve ever kissed a…

Didn’t you date…

But you’re only…


Are you sure it’s not a faze…

I think you’re just confused…

But you’re too pretty to be…

I think I could turn you…


But do you not want kids…

That seems pretty…

I don’t think you know what you want…

Just don’t have a crush on me…




Here lies the remains of planet earth

The birthplace of humankind

What a place, so hard to find.

So much promise so much potential.

In the end it all went down the drain


Who Knows


I lose my breath

Because I forget to breath,

My mind is too busy thinking

To fill the empty space in my mind

I feel like I’m sinking

Into a deep ocean

The deeper I fall

The colder it gets

Who knows when it will ever get warmer

My body has been taken hostage

Who knows when I will ever feel again




Her beauty is otherworldly,

Her eyes are like vast galaxies,

Her energy brings a memory of a time

That reminds me of the beauty of nature

Bright, crisp and nostalgic.




Everyone is so sad

But I don’t know why

Life isn’t that bad

But everyone wants to cry


We have roofs over our heads

We have food in our belly

But people give out about sizes of beds

And how they haven’t gotten enough Jelly


We have no reason to be sad

Life is not that bad

Not for us at least

But some do have a reason to be mad


Never the ones complaining

They’re the ones with reason

They don’t have a roof their heads

Nothing to sleep on not even beds


They have no food in their bellies

Not even jellies

They live in starvation and thirst

But they’re never given anything first


They build our phones

Mine the materials to make them

They build our computers

Mine the materials to make them


They build our technology

And can’t even use it

Because they get 1.50 a year

Enough for food and water but nothing else


They are the ones that can be sad

We have no reason sulk and to be mad

We have a roof over our heads

And food in our bellies


Yet we still give out about the size of our beds

And that we have not gotten enough Jellies.




I don’t have many friends

And I’m not sure if the ones I call friends,

Are in fact my friends.

How can you classify someone as a friend?

Do they come over?

Do they invite you out?

Do they stick up for you.

I’m can’t say, as I don’t really know if I have friends.

I hope that when I get out of high school things will change

That people will welcome me and invite me out

That I will always have people wanting to hang

I don’t believe this will happen and so I hope

And keep hoping.




Another great report

Attached to me like an ugly wart,

The higher the climb the higher the fall

I won’t be surprised when you get the call,

The A’s turn to D’s in a matter of weeks,

They seem to know it all, the nerds and the geeks,

The pressure would dissolve like a tablet –

If I could share a fraction of their talents.


Grandpa, Grandpa, Grandpa


You are the source of my happiness

Your memories are with me even if we are apart

No matter where you go you will always have a place in my heart

You always had a rare heart

That’s why it never took us apart

Grandpa, Grandpa, Grandpa


Same Route to Training


I get in the car

Drive the same route to training

Up and over ramps

In pain and fear

Mum parks the car, I jump out

I walk across the field

I see the rest of the girls laughing

My lace comes undone

I bend down redo it

I rapidly run to the pitch, drop my bag

I can see in the distance my coach giving the death stare

He yells ‘girl in the pink do 5 laps’

I could feel the tears coming

I don’t know why I do this


It Begins


You’re so beautiful,

This mood is so suitable,

You not so renewable,

This can be do-able,


Why you mess with my feelings,

I hope this real-things,

Please, ignore my sins,

Here we go, it begins,


I miss the way it was before,

This hard, you got me on the floor,

All up in my head, it’s a war,

I don’t want your love anymore.




I’ve never been a fan of poetry

But I wouldn’t waste a class

So I’ll make sure to write a poem

Even if it’s crass


I’ve never understood how people

Could get their poems to sit in a row

Mine just don’t blend in

Normally they just get tossed in the bin


I Moved Internationally When I Was 14


I lived in Seattle in the land of the free

The land of the big city

The land of the tall buildings and long dark alleys

The land of parking garages and

Hobos playing pianos on the street


I lived by the fire department and a Starbucks

I walked three blocks to the bus stop every day

And went to a school that I hated

And where the only good parts were my friends


When I was 14 my dad was offered a job

In Ireland, almost 10 hours flight away

We decided to go, on the promise to travel the world,

And we did


Paris and it’s tower

Denmark and it’s canals

Switzerland and it’s mountains

Portugal and it’s beaches


I lived in a winding estate by a Centra

I walked three blocks to the Luas stop every day

And went to a school that I liked

Where the best parts were my friends


And lived cramped in my house

With my family, during the pandemic

Where our travels where cut short

And where we watched, scared,

During the riots on the capital

And the inauguration of Joe Biden


And where we decided to leave

Because we were all homesick


I moved Internationally when I was 14

And I can’t wait to go back again

To my house by the fire station and the Starbucks

Where I walk three blocks to the bus stop every day

And go to a school that I hate

And where the only good parts are my friends


Life as a Teenager


Once I was 14 years old

I was in second year and

Life was so Cosy,

Once I was 15 years old I was in JC year and

Life was stressing

Once I was 16 years old,

COVID came here and life was changing

Now I’m 17 years old and COVID still here

And life is not changing.




Why ask the student the five positive/negative things about each gender?

Without noticing it, you were sharing and explaining stereotypes,

That in our society should definitely be wipe,

I saw people writing what they were taught by the society,

So, the adjectives that were written weren’t of a great variety.


Lockdown Number 3


We’re in lockdown number three,

I’m missing my family and friends,

They say the end is getting near,

I simply can’t agree.

The days are getting longer

And my patience is getting shorter,

I can’t wait for this to be over,

So we can come back stronger.




I’m tired of waking up at 8 in the morning

To sit at my screen listening to teachers being boring

All this work is making me mad

The headaches are getting bad

I miss beaches and the sun

And always having fun

But most of all I miss my happiness

I’m sick of this crappiness.


Good Friend


Roses are red violets

Are blue a face like yours

Belongs in the zoo


Roses are red violets are blue

I love you

Sometimes we argue

Sometimes we fight

Sometimes you smell a bit alright

You really annoy me

To the point, I want to hit you

But you’re a good friend

And I thank you