St.Peter’s Community School Maulban, Passage West, Co. Cork


She sat in her room, on her bed, with her books,
Saying “she missed home”,
“But you are at home, darling”, her mother said
“You don’t understand –
Home is not a house,
It’s in good friends, warm campfires and peace, yeah even in smiles.
But sometimes I got the feeling it’s within ourselves…

{The blue smell of space}
Following my eyes to this infinite horizon,
And imagining how lovely it would be
To dance on this narrow line between,
I thought that my eyes couldn’t be separated from my thoughts,
Because without them my world would be grey.

They say, eyes are the windows to your soul…
But when I look in your eyes,
I see mirrors, not windows,
Walls, not bridges,
Clouds, not sparkles,
Tell me, what stole your sunlight?

Tamaris Kessler

On my Own

I swore I would not shed tears
But everything comes back,
I better get out of the way
I once dreamed that we will someday understand each other
And then regret again
I can`t see the lies anymore
Meanwhile I am away and miles away
I’ll take your mistakes
Just to learn later
I don`t want to talk to you or clarify anything
But it always strikes me hard to ignore you.
And now you want to talk again
But I’m not listening to you
You’re not like me and I’m not like you
I never wanted to see you
And didn`t look for you
It’s the same as always
I’ll fix it on my own


Who are You?

Who are you?
Are you who you want to be?
Success will not come to you.
You have to work.
You have to cry, bleed and sweat.
But In the end you can tell the people
Who you really are.

Life is not easy
But you can beat it.
You can do whatever you want to do.
Work hard
And you won’t be
A shadow of yourself.
You I’ll be he light.

Malin Mitza

Down the Halls

You walk down to halls your heart beating fast,
Are people staring or judging you as they walk past.

Forgot your books, or weren’t paying attention,
No talking or laughing or you get a detention.

I do all my homework or study a lot,
And all that happens is I’m called a S.W.A.T

Roll down your skirt, or push up your tie,
Is that all they see, don’t you care if I try.

Áine Higgins


A girl burdened with the expectations of society today
Even from family or friends
Not being able to ever be herself
Not being able to ever break free
Expected to look, think, act a certain way
Like the word ” individuality” has been erased
To behave like a clone with no mind of its own

Favour Nduwuba

Willow Tree

We are whatever we wish to be,
Or so we think,
As we are no more than a willow tree,
No matter how unique,
Or how we choose to see,
We are the same at our core,
Like every willow tree.
To be different no longer needs awareness,
As a topic that no longer scares us,
As however different we wish to be,
We are, at our core, the same as every other tree.

Jay Russell

The Petrifying Truth that Hit me Hammering me Down

At the age of five – that’s when it started.
Gramma’s words would envelop me
And deliver me to the monsters who are liars.
Girls are pink, tidy and beautiful. Girls always
Play with dolls, our fine long hair tied up in a braid.
Perfection. Every day, every hour, every minute, every second,
Every damn moment must be perfect.

Boys are blue, dirty and muscular. Boys always play with balls and cars,
Their muscular arms popping out every time. Perfection. Every single day,
Every word, every look, every move must be man-like, perfect.

Girls can weep, screech, and die inside when their world is crushing them,
Cutting them with sharp sides that leave bloody,
Haunting shadows that torment them and swallow them whole like a tornado.

Boys must stay up when their world is falling apart and rumbling in them.
They must be like statues, still and silent, unfeeling, inhumane.
A thing, an object, a forgotten creature.
They must swallow their problems and turn them into stone like a frozen nightmare.

Yet the truth dawned on me, hard hitting me like a hammer
And destroying my rainbow-like magical, dreamy world.

These perfections we cut ourselves with are monstrous, inhumane.
They are breaking us piece by piece.
Ripping our very insides, shattering our bones, exploding our every vein.

This isn’t right, it is destroying us, controlling us.

We call ourselves humans, so why are we imposing these rules
That shake our every bone, make our every vein scream with so much sorrow it tortures us?
Why are we inhumane?
Why are we being monsters, killing, ripping ourselves and others apart when we see,
We fell, we know it’s wrong?
In the end, what is the real truth?
Are we so humane as we say or are we monsters?

Anani Moraru

“Constans Reperiaris”

Where this came from I do not know,
But this is me from head to toe.
Everything is not as it seems,
An insight on my private dreams.

Assumptions made here and there,
Every time I say a prayer.
I don’t show anyone who I believe,
Afraid of what they might perceive.

No matter what or who you are,
The mind is always quite bizarre.
Before a win, after a loss,
I always seem to see the cross.

Because of what I accept,
They see my views as inept.
They have their own stereotypes,
Because I believe in the Paradise.

What they say I do not care,
When they whisper or they stare.
When I stand out from the crowd,
I will always stand up, unbowed.

Barry Vosloo


The process of teaching, especially at a school or university
Somethings that’s supposed to stay with us eternally
Learning things we never need
Words and numbers that make us bleed
Information that clogs up our brain
Which is too hard to contain
So with this information we lose our imagination
And this then leaves us with frustration

Precious and Kacper

One Last Time

The fish of youthfulness swims away like a boat in the unpredictable sea

The saving smell of the black gold swamp over your drowning body
And the annoying sound of one of the charmed creatures
In this bust world reaches your deaf and blind body

The day of reckless torment comes to the beginning
And you take on your dark and stifling coat of daily life
And groan under its load

The mask of innocence torn off your face

You shed your skin one last time


Shake it Off

Welcome to the world starring me
She’s a bitch
She’s annoying
She’s a weirdo
She’s boring
All these phrases floating towards me
Shake it off they say
I was gonna do it anyway
Coz I’m tough
But I’m not I hate it
The thoughts i have you wouldn’t wanna hear it
I get through it though with hate in my heart
Coz the words don’t hurt if you don’t care about the mouth

Tobi Okwo

Right, Left and Centre

People look at you
Right, left and centre
Like it’s a zoo
Calling people benders

“When I was you age
We worked every day”
But you don’t understand
That there’s so much pressure these days

If you’re not “cool”
Please stay away
Draw on the walls
Calling people gay

School is such crap
Waiting for the bell
Once it rings so I can
Leave the living hell

Clodagh Quirke

In the Sky

In the sky,
They talk about the sea
And the sunset.
They talk about how amazing it is to watch a huge fireball
Sink in the waves.
And barely visible light, as if from candles,
Burns somewhere in the depths.

Anastassia Tarassova


I am scared
Scared to say no
Scared to say hello
I am scared to forget how to talk
With my mom, my sisters, my friends.
What if I say something wrong?
Will I be misjudged all my life long?
I fear to be alone
Because I don’t know what I want
Funnily I still manage
And I know I will change
But will I fall or will I rise.


Selective Perception

You don’t know.
Cause you only see what you want to see
Cause you want things to be like you want them to see
Because it doesn’t suit you and your ideology
You think truth is a ho.

But thinking truth is a ho,
Believing only what you want to believe
Doesn’t change reality.
It only makes you pay a high fee,
Namely that you don’t know.



Starting up school set a ground rule
Told to be yourself but your criminally uncool
Dress to impress
First day was a mess
Met our new teachers
My classmates are a bunch of screechers

Tara Whyte

Start Again

Starting up school set a ground rule
Told to be yourself but then you change yourself just tryin fit in and be cool
Then you finally make some friends that’s when the school year ends
Summers over back to the school to start the year over again


Express Yourself and Relax

A poem or a book about one of the only ways that a person can express themselves
Without being judged in some way
But why can’t it be like that normally by just speaking
I feel that no one gets what I’m going through
I want to explain but something in my gut tells me no
Cause if you say anything they’ll think your weak and they won’t treat you the same way
So you just sit there in silence cramming it in to the back of your mind
But you don’t understand that at some point it’s going to blow
And you’d be even more alone than if you had just said it sooner
And now look at you in a bank with a sawn off shotgun
Wearing a brown waist coat putting a girl in a head lock
With the Garda and your family outside asking you to came down
And at that point all your thinking is that there is only one way out and its death.
But your wrong there is always a bit of light at the end of the day
And it would overwhelm you and shove all the bad thoughts out
As you see the women’s child stars at you in belief that you could be better
Than this and at the end of the road you’re able to stop all this
And get away from all the stress by just telling someone that you’re just not feeling good
And if there a proper human being they’ll listen and care about what you say
For there will be always somebody that cares and will help

Colm O’Neill


I woke up every day,
Feeling alone and so afraid,
When school would come,
I wanted to run,
Far, far away.

Tried to find a way,
To lighten up these dark days,
Tell someone,
That this wouldn’t work in the long run,
And that I could no longer stay.

Shane Walsh


I know your life is crap
I knew it because you are talking about me
Learn how to mind your business
And you will be happy without nastiness
If you are able to shut your mouth
Just do it, thank you so much
Don’t mind my hair endings
And take care of your immatureness
You love saying my skirt is too short
But then you just try to imitate me
Stop that bull and buy a life
Or I can give you one

Natalia Martinez Gomez

When I Dream

When I dream it’s really nice,
I don’t have to deal with the crap in my life,
From the moment I wake to the moment I rest,
My life is an attack fest,
Keep your name out of my mouth,
I know you just want a clout,
Being around you makes me ache,
Because you are so beyond fake.

Rachel Cotter

Bepp, Beep, Beep

Seven in the morning
Beep beep beep,
Your alarm goes off
Beep beep beep,
You need to wake up,
Beep beep beep,
Too lazy to get up
Beep beep beep,
Sick of everyone’s bullshit
Beep beep beep,
So you make a decision
Beep beep beep,
You pull up the covers
Beep beep beep,
And go back to sleep.

Laura Finlay


Addicted to the pain of it
Same day different crap
I guess I’ll make the most of it
By drinking just, a little bit

Spend my days locked away
For there I might stay
Until these thoughts stop my way
Everybody is afraid that they’re gay

If I sit and think any longer
I will sit and drink way stronger
My heart will stay beating prolonged
I have never truly belonged sober

Sean Drury

Passage West

Down by the sea
Where the water is so green
A little town where the wind is wild
Rubbish problems make it vile
Dirty as it is, it’s still my town
The people there are my own
Deep down I love my home

Aidan Gildroy

What you Want

School isn’t about learning
It’s about trying to remember certain facts for a week
In order to pass an exam
That forces you to do something that you may not wanna do with your life
We don’t have a choice as we are put in to school without choice
And jobs nowadays want results from a test not facts about yourself
This is unfair as if you are not smart in school
You should still get to have a shot at what you want



When you get in trouble,
You become rubble,
Stalin will find you the kulak and he’ll send you to gulag.

When a Ukrainian disobeys you,
Stalin whips out the starvation card,
Ukraine starts to starve,
The West doesn’t intervene.

Mateusz Kedzierski

Young Boy

Since I was a young boy,
My father said to me,
Always be a good boy,
And follow Cork City,
We travel all of Ireland,
From Cobh to Derry,
Fuck the Lily Whites,
The famous Cork City.

Dean Hickey

The Bear

There lived a bear of wear and tear,
A beast of brown and wiry hair.
Muscles of iron, jaws of steel,
No link of chain could make him heel.

Yet a heart lay there, within his chest,
That loved so pure, it dwarfed the rest.
He longed for love, so very much,
And lust to feel a maidens touch.

But the bear knew, the world was far from fair,
And was aggrieved to find,
That no fair lady, no matter how kind.

Luke Danaher


Tasty biscuits
Easy going
Any craic lads
Teapot each
Infused tea is rotten
Milky cups
Every ten minutes

Luke Fox


This school is crap
We don’t have soap
Not trying to glote
We MUST wear skirts
That looks like dirt
We’re stuck in 1950
It doesn’t look too nifty

Kate Gannon


“I truly love to sleep,
A slumber I fall into so deep,
Dreaming of a nice new jeep,
Or sometimes I just count sheep.

Other days I need some rest,
Scared and afraid in my birds nest,
Stressed and depressed for the upcoming test,
Drowning in my life vest.

And some days I need a simple nap,
Thinking, knowing that I’m a good chap,
Trying to escape from this mousetrap,
After all, life is just a sketch map.”

Liam Dorgan


School is such a drool
Full of fools who don’t follow the rules
They think their cool
But let’s be honest their right tools.
English is a bore all you wanna do is snore
I’m so tired and this gaff is like a fire
They think this heat is a treat.

Eva Manning

Manchester United

The managers useless he completely lost it
The fans are trying their best not to scream
The teams can’t pass a ball there all playing crap
United is playing like a championship team
Our defence is as strong as straw
Mourinho’s an artist he loves to draw
United till I die

Adam Joyce


A bunch of tools,
Stuck in school,
Falling Asleep,
Dreamin’ of sheep.
Heads wrecked,
No respect,
Let me go home,
An’ everything’s tome.



Manchester United
Our seasons been crap,
Mourinho needs to be sacked,
There’s no team spirit,
Pogba needs to be capped,
And our defence is clapped,
Best results we are getting are ties,
Manchester United,
I will support them till I die.

Jack O’Hanlon