St. Peter’s College, Dunboyne, Co. Meath

Memory Boy


I come from places unknown,

Foggy feelings highlight my life in tides.

The sand drips slowly,

But I lost count of how many golden drops have dripped.


My past is missing,

Ripped away from me and buried,

My treasure maps lead me nowhere,

But I can only hope X marks the spot of time I lost.


My time is lost,

To the void of the sea,

A spec of sand pushed away from the shore,

Forever forgotten as my next voyage starts.


Voyage after voyage,

Thought after thought,

Lost to the sea of sand.


I am a pirate,

A voyager,

A memory boy who lost his thoughts and feelings,

A memory boy who lost his memories with every ship crash,

Every ship crash that sends his sand away.


Not All Men


Yes, we understand it’s not all men,

But in a game of Russian roulette are you willing to take the chance?

Yes, we understand it’s not all men,

But are you going to take a chance by walking home alone at night?

Yes, we understand it’s not all men,

But do all other men stand up for women when their friends are objectifying women?

Yes, we understand it’s not all men,

But how are we to judge the good from the bad when walking down an unlit street?

Yes, we understand it’s not all men, but still 97% of women have been sexually harassed.

Yes, we understand it’s not all men,

But the other men don’t stand by us when we speak out about our experiences

The only thing about saying not all men is invalidating

How women are constantly on edge while alone.

They only thing about saying not all men is taking away from a woman’s experience

And changing the narrative into a man’s experience.

Yes we understand it’s not all men, but this is our experience


Society’s Eyes


Life isn’t easy you can’t disagree,

When people are telling you who to be.

Why does it matter if we like girls or guys,

As we feel the glare from society’s eyes.




I come from a safe village, a safe home, a safe life

But I am not safe in the world

I cannot walk alone out of fear of not coming home

I cannot be out late at night out of fear of being taken

I cannot go out in a group anymore out of fear of catching Covid

There is so much fear that I am not safe in this world anymore




The virus is spreading

It feels never-ending

All the money we’re spending

The people we’re “friending”

I want to scream and shout that it’s our world we’re defending

By spreading a message

And not a disease

It feels illegal to cough

Illegal to sneeze

It’s ‘the new normal’ they keep repeating

As people are fired, struggling to keep eating

Our lives in the hands of others,

Our government, our country, our sisters and brothers

It’s like the 1700s we’ve got a new Black Death,

Complete with racism and sexism all we need is exotic pets,

To hope that it blows over is to hope tor the rain to pause.

We are not in control; wait for the curtain to drop and the audience applause.




We are expected.

Expected to have our futures planned out

Before we can even understand our present

Expected to be good at school

Expected to still be cool

As the world is hurled on our shoulders


I feel the ice crack beneath my feet

It’s hard to keep moving

I feel like I’m constantly proving

I can be a scholar and an athlete


Fed Up


I’m fed up,

Fed up of this pandemic,

Being locked inside with no way out

Of this tortuous, horrific global epidemic

The toughest thing I have faced without doubt


I am scared there will be no end

To this endless lockdown

Wondering if I will ever see a friend

Or be allowed back onto the streets of town


I’m fed up of online school

And staring at a screen

Wondering if I am just a fool

To keep this up, wasting my years as a teen.


The novelty of no school has long since disappeared

What I would give to be back in a classroom

And to forget about my fears

To get away from this place of never ending doom

I want to see my peers


I approach six pm in suspense

In a great fear of numbers

Dreading fidning out how many people have lost their friends

To long eternal slumbers


Sick of this trapped feeling and endless bad news

With vaccines proving dangerous

And hope that I quickly loose

This world seems so outrageous

Hitting us bruise after bruise


I’m fed up of this life with nowhere to go

It all came upon us so abrupt

Remember two weeks? The ignorance of long ago

So coronavirus, please stop we are all FED UP




It’s a perfect little town isn’t it?

Small families of four,

And smiles galore,

Expect that’s not hidden in the drawer.


There’s drugs in the streets

And children in the sheets,

But its okay cause the schoolgirl’s skirt has its perfect pleats.


Watch as she walks to class,

Hearing remarks about her ass,

But its okay the boy was only messing, wont you relax?


Look there she’s running away,

Afraid of what people might say,

Because little miss perfect is oh so very gay.


And finally she gets home,

Embraced by family yet she’s so alone,

That is why she’s sat writing this poem.


Because perfect isn’t real,

It’s someone else’s ideal,

So please tell me how to be perfect,

In a place thats even not worth it,

When you can’t even feel all of my hurting.


Growing up too Fast


Growing up too fast,

That’s what we’re doing

Used to be bout princess fairytales

Not caring bout what people are thinking

But now its all changed

We’re growing up to fast

Not cherishing the moments we have,

Its all about do you have the new bag

Are you really wearing that

Social media making you question

Why do I not look like that.

We’re growing up to fast

Soon it be us paying the bills

Starting a family

And questioning are parenting skills

We’re growing up to fast


A Family


A family is a place of comfort and warmth

A family is where you call home

A family is people who look after you

And make sure you’re never alone


A family is not cold and bleak

A family is not just a house

A family is not yelling for hours

At both your kids and your spouse


Life with Covid


The life with Covid is different from past years

I hate the way it gives me tears

Just cause others cant listen up

We all have to give up

The things and people we love in life

Seems like it wont get back to life

Im hoping for a better way

That will make the virus stay away


Missing Out


What we are missing out on…

We are missing out on ditching class and getting in trouble,

We are missing out on going to parties and dancing all night long,

We are missing out on our first drink, our first kiss.


We are missing out on travelling the world and exploring the unknown,

We are missing out on staying up all night,

We are missing out on creating new bonds and friendships.


The one thing we aren’t missing out on though

Is the feeling of being alone and disconnected from the world.


Get Out


I wanna get out of this town, I’m feeling down,

But all I’m trying to do is bury down my frown.

Way too young to be feeling this embarrassed,

Would I still feel this way if I was on my way to Paris.

I wanna make a living out of catching people’s memories,

My love for rain, words and music should be hung up in a gallery.

Ballet and opera will forever be a beauty, and will always be in people’s history.

This pain in my chest, this anxiety in my body,

Held down so deep to the point I am now numb.




I hate covid

It makes me livid

It’s taking away my fun

Because a few people are being dumb

We continue to fight

And the end is in sight

If we all hang in there

Then we will be free to go anywhere




Should men be allowed?


Why shouldn’t they be allowed?

Just because.

And what is it they aren’t allowed?





The hurt, the pain, it drives everyone insane. 2021 is going down in flames.

To start, we got a global pandemic, so we can’t go to school to attend our academic.


Got pubs closed on paddy’s day, it’s like my life is fading away.

Kids can’t go out to their friends to play.

This is our life everyday, please someone make the pain go away.




Love is a very broad topic. Love can do with a person, a place or even a thing.

Love to some people is just another word in the dictionary.

Love to other people, can mean a lot more. Love can tell a story,

a story about people, a story about a place, a story about a football or a beautiful person’s face.

Love can change our lives, for the better or even in some cases, for the worst.

Love is powerful, it can change our mind, our future and our past.

Love can lead us down the right path in life.

Love can show us the light but can also bring us to eternal darkness.

Love isn’t an option in most cases.

Love is a feeling that has been brought onto us without us giving it consent.

Love can make our lives better, it can show us the true meaning of life.

Love can break us down and turn us into a ball of nothingness lying on the floor.

Love is a beautiful feeling which if we treat it right, it can last, forever.



I don’t know, I was told to write a poem but it reminds me of school. The only place I love and hate, the digrace of students face makes hate for race amd opinions for in unpopuar kids whom are tied up in the rope and hope of a reward but nope, instead learn about the pope and the chemical make up of soap whilst outside the sun shines on a roof covering enclosed minds for endless time under rules that condenm all crimes of passion and love above which a broken system stands on sin.The girl you saw leans on the chest of another man who broke school law shot down a dream youve seen in a movie and dreampt at night of a land where u can fight and think hard enough you might just light a path for you live and give back to the people that broke my back from an unprovoken attack held down by sacks full of weight and hate for not taking the bait. I could do this all day but now I run home to mount my bike and train in the rain for a weekend of racing and homework not done cause fun is precious in the days of school but as long as I know this, I live in a paradise rich of knowledge so rare that only I rule.




The way men treat girls

Is not at all stunning

It makes me want to hurl

But they will soon know god is a woman




Covid is here,

It ruined our year,

Online classes,

Workshops cancelled,

With the rising cases,

There was fear on our faces,

Social distancing, 2 meters apart,

Is the new normal now,

But will hopefully soon depart.




HI my names Ashleigh and I’m still 15

I’m a basic girl you have probably seen

I’ve lots of hobbies I like to do

Cheerleading is one you should try to

16 on June 17th

Ye I’m so excited

It’s the charm bracelet I want

My mams buying

And then go shopping until the day ends

It’s night time now I’m going asleep

And that was a poem all about me




People talk about how violent things like boxing are.

How can someone hit another person like that?

How can you break their bones and call it a victory?

Boxing is a sport, boxing is an art.

It’s so complex and yet there’s also a simplicity to it that we’re not given in real life.

The real world is burning, the real world is crashing down around us,

the real world is cruel for the sake of making a profit.

The real world has a lot of problems and not a lot of ways to solve them.

But when you step into the ring that all fades away and you only have one problem,

and I know all to well the solution to that problem.

When you step into the ring there is no hungry businessmen,

there is no oppression, there is no injustice.

There’s a simplicity in boxing that lets you forget, even for a moment, the horrors outside the ring.

Yes, you get broken and bruised in the ring, but in the ring you can hit back.




Covid is trite, why can’t everything just be alright.

I can’t do it any more it’s just complete bore.

No travel in summer another shocking summer

I just can’t hack it anymore


The Bod


I can’t believe my eyes

I want to see my prize

Not eating through the week

Has left me quite weak

My body isn’t perfect

So it must never see the light of day

Why can’t I look like her or her every other day

My body isn’t tall or grand it’s actually quite bland. I don’t like my body so why should anybody. Hopefully this will go away because I want to eat today.

Everybody has their flaws so I shouldn’t be the cause.

I’m going to love my body cause it’s the only one I’ve got.

So now I’m going to eat a lot a lot a lot.


Niamh Gordon