St. Oliver’s Post Primary School, Oldcastle, Co. Meath



I am like a young tree, a sapling,

Winds hammering against me from all sides,

Trying to bend me to their shape,

Trying to make me fit their mould.


I am stuck at a crossroads,

Two paths ahead of me,

But my eyes are shut

And I am stumbling through the dark.


And there’s help all around me,

People trying to guide me down the right path,

But to get that help, I need to know who I am.

And I don’t.


I don’t know who I am,

I don’t know who I want to become.

Every time I think I might, I worry that I am just telling myself

“This is what you want”.


But is it?

Or am I just trying to stem the flow of worry

That I am wasting my life away,

Burying my dreams before they are even born.


My life in my own hands now.


But it feels like instead of lifting, supporting, guiding,

I am squeezing the life from myself,

And when I distance myself, try and catch a breath,

I am cutting of the circulation, losing touch with those around me.


Trying to figure out my life from within my handmade cage,

The four walls that trap me,

That save me from the horrors that lie outside

But trap me with the demons that lie inside.


I am a prisoner in my own mind.

Not good enough, try harder,

You’re slacking,

Throwing away everything that you’ve worked so hard for.


But how can I do my best if I am my own worst enemy,

Constantly correcting, criticising,

Pointing out the flaws,

Or staring in the mirror long enough to summon them.


It feels like I am in a pool, sinking,

My pockets filled with lead.

But when I try and empty them,

I find that the lead is in my blood, the problem is within me.


A Chance


Don’t think of lockdown as a prison,

Think of it as a chance,

A chance to change something,

Maybe the house,

Your bedroom,

Or maybe even yourself,

Even though you can’t go anywhere,

Yet you can be everywhere,

Not physically but mentally,

We make our own reality,

A reality in which you can do what you want,

People are sick of this,

To be honest, I’m am too,

But in my own reality there is no lockdown,

Reality is the world as each different person sees it,

And see it as a new hope not prison.


To Reclaim


I don’t know where I belong,

It’s hard when there are columns for everyone.

A way to look, a way to dress,

And the expectation that you have to impress.

I guess writing is a great way to reclaim,

A way no one has to know your name.


Her Sisters’ Mistake


Bury her in the grave

Dug by her sisters’ mistakes

Dress her in linens thread with dread

And the tarnished family Jewels

Shell sleep and lay in the coffin built by the actions

Of the women not even the girl to whom were cruel and lied

Lay her to rest in the bed of lies with the lawyer’s bills

Fighting her sisters fights

Forever robbed of her innocent delights

And her ability to dream and feel

Bring a million blue bells each year

For every shredded tear

For under the tree six feet under lies

The little sister that died

Protecting her older sisters lies

With red tears in her eyes

May the flowers bloom above her

With her unrealized hopes and dreams

Her one hope remains

That you visit your little sisters grave

To honour your broken sibling

And her unsurmountable pain

Kneel down under the big tree and stare at the branches fair,

For this is her view now

And that might not be fair


The sun shines down through the cracks

And branches shining down on you

Telling you she forgives you even after everything you put her through

Smile at her even if she can’t see

It will ease her heart and let her rest easy

For the bluebells you planted were a sign of peace

The tears that you shed helped her dream

The last thing you told her was a lie

And that kills you the most and makes you cry

For this was the last of her insurmountable pain

And you can never say sorry again


I Am


And a mother’s best friend.

I am an older sister

With two shoulders to cry on.

I am a granddaughter

And a niece.

I am all of this

Yet you don’t want a piece.


I am the cry when no one is there,

But the ray of light in the room.

I am the shy girl in the corner,

But yet I’m the loud friend.

I am the person, who takes all your insults,

And never yields a wheeze.

I am all of this,

But still you don’t want a piece.


I am that person who goes all in,

But is scared of commitment.

I am that girl who will go all out,

And expects nothing in return.

I am that friend that will do anything,

But yet I always get left aside.

I give you all of this,

And you still don’t want a piece.


Upon My Head


Sitting upon my head,

A cloud of twists and turns,

A winding waterfall of spirals falling down my back,

If you touch it,

Your fingers may never return.


“Curly fry”, “hagrid”

Believe me I’ve heard it all,

Girls spend time and money to have it like mine

While with little fuss,

Mine looks fabulous.


Younger me would kick and scream,

At the sight of a hairbrush,

And would long to have sleek, luscious locks,

While I was stuck with an outrageous mop.


But now I’m older and I have learned,

Life is too short to have boring hair,

So, I embrace the natural curl.


Head Held Up With Pride


This whole pandemic is driving everyone insane

But remember, we all got to stay home and keep safe

Because if we don’t, we’ll stay insane

There’s nothing new there just a simple little bit of pain

You gotta keep your head held of high with pride

And remember one day there will be light

From them good old hugs to the good old days

Please stay home and keep safe


Wake Up


Wake up in the morning look outside

Hoping today would be on the brighter side

Heading to school in the car

Listening to a man play a guitar

Only thing that keeps me going is the sport

That in the evening me playing rugby and football in my mucky shorts

Get home and go to bed

And get ready for the next day ahead


I Am Not My Dad


I’m not my dad,

I couldn’t be futher,

Though the slight murmur

In the back of my head

Tells me I am,

But if I am who do fail,

My family, my mam,

It makes me feel frail,

I am not my dad,

I never will be,

For I am far from as bad,

And that I now see.




I sigh as I look out again

A world disrupted by trauma and pain

Why does it have to be this way?

The world isn’t black and white it’s definitely grey.

So many shades of grey that I cannot comprehend

This feeling of distraught, it just won’t end!


Virtual Learning


I used to sit in a classroom

6 hours a day

7 days a week

I used to see my friends everyday

Talk about everything we could

Now I sit in front of a computer screen

Live Class after Live Class

Constant amount of work

Now I chat to my friends through text

Its not the same

Nothing’s the same

About Virtual Learning


Extrovert to Introvert


From an extrovert to introvert

That’s what lockdown has caused

From the month of March

To this present moment

I wished the world would pause

Let me catch up

Allow me to take a breath

Before life goes back to normal

I’m not ready yet


I Am


I am the person you never notice

The person you never see sad

The person it’s fun to be around

But yet I’m the person that feels the loneliest


My Comfort


The shows I watch are more than shows

They are my comfort, they are my home

They make me feel all kind of ways

And I don’t know how to explain

But to make you feel my way

I shall put it quite plain

It makes me feel as happy

As all these rainy days.


The War


I awake in the early morning my superior giving me orders

He sends me down the trenches cross into enemy border

I swear I can’t deal with this anymore each day the same routine

Each day the fear of being struck by a bullet or being a place that shouldn’t be seen

Some of the soldiers are getting rebellious throwing paper aeroplanes around the class

Each and all saying things evil, rude and crass

Wait you thought I was talking about a battlefield? Of my aren’t you a fool

No you ignorant idiot I’m referring the battlefield called school


Messed Up


The world is a messed up place

The most messed up place is the mind

Especially in “our futures” that are scared to show their face

I wish I didn’t care or hate all the time


That kid’s over there struggling with depression

They won’t tell anybody that’s not going to happen

Won’t get it diagnosed that’s out of the question

They’re hurting behind the scenes but to you their laughing


You may think that kid is weird

Oh they’re just that way

That’s just the way we’ve all been steered

That’s the way we all are and it might be the way we stay


I Am the Girl


I am the girl known as the girl in foster care

Who can’t leave without getting parents concent

I am the girl who went to foster ace

5days after her big birthday party

I am the girl with the parents that bet her up

And refuse to admit it

I am the girl who can’t do normal kids’ stuff

Since 7 months ago

I am the girl who is anxious

Every month on court days

I am that girl




My sport is horses

I love all of it

The feeling of the wind

The unexpected

Is the horse gonna kill me one day when I get up

Am I gonna end up under him


Still though I love it

Every time I’m on a horse I’m happy

There’s an unbreakable relationship between a man and his horse

Every time u get over a jump it’s amazing


You’ve spent every minute training, falling and trusting in each other

And when you finally get to your goal its class


And at the end you learn

No matter how much you fall, you have to get back up

It’s amazing how much you learn from a four legged animal that can’t speak


Slowly and Slowly


The world is dying slowly and slowly,

People think that topic is quite boring,


Only we can make a difference,

All that litter is just too dangerous!


Animals are dying, there’s no denying,


People can make a change ,

Because lets be honest it’s just causing too much pain


The World


The world is such a strange place

It has changed in such mysterious ways

The word’s touch as been changed by this pandemic game that we are stuck for all these days

The way we interact has made it quite plain that we humans are not meant for change

We are meant to interact in many different ways

But 2 meters away and a mask stuck to our face is not one that I think should remain.

We no longer have the time or the space to interact face to face

I hope that all of this will change with in the coming days.

This pandemic sure has made us think of the gratefulness

That we should have felt before it was all so plain


Another Year


Another year, another lockdown another time away

Another time to use our creativity

Time to get my creative mind out

And start writing some more original songs

Let’s have some fun cause damn this year is quite a bum


I Live


I live in Ballinacree county Meath

Where there isn’t much to see other than trees

I’m stuck in lockdown with nothing but a frown

And I can’t even meet the lads in town

I play fut champs during the weekends

And that always ends with me going on twitter

And calling them a word that

I don’t think I have permission to send


Dear 2021


It’s true that 2020 was only the trailer,

January haven’t finish and the world is on fire.

First of all with the capitol

Then in Spain a little bit of rain

And a bit of snow so holidays are long.

Earthquake in Granada and everyone in the street,

People without sleep, but they have family to feed.

Dear 2021 you don’t stop surprising ourselves




What I see outside my window

I see leaves rolling around on the ground

I see wind rustling through the trees

I see cars come and go

I see birds swimming in puddles

I see masks put on and off

I see families giggling and laughing

I see everything while I am stuck behind the window




Lockdown I don’t think was very good

Because all there is where I live is trees and mud

So I sit at home in this European nation

Playing my PlayStation


People say it’s bad

But the fun never ends

And nowadays it’s the only way

I see my friends


In the Country


I live out in the country

In beside a field

The cows in the field are chunky

Prepared for a fresh meal

I like to watch the football

United on the Tv

Excited for a win

But then we lose 2-3




Lockdown is so bad.

Lockdown is making me mad.

Lockdown is driving crazy.

Lockdown is very annoying.

Will lockdown ever be over.

Lockdown will always of happened.

Lockdown is a curse to suffer.