St Munchin’s College, Corbally Rd, Co. Limerick

Becoming Me

I free my soul
I’m coming straight out
The doors were smashed
Straight off the hinges
The closet blown open
I’m back from the fringes
My happiness found
In the space where I could be
Free from my chain
Finally me


Too Weak to Fight

To be educated and enlightened
With information that’s irrelevant
To be cloned like sheep all cause
Mass production is so prevalent
To arrive home a failure
To be told that it’s alright
Just to fulfil a social norm
All this because
You feel too weak to fight

Dylan Marcus

Light of your Life

The fakers fall and hard workers succeed
Rewarded for lies and rewarded for greed
The many become few, the weaker will fade
The light of your life will be swallowed by shade

Diarmuid de Barra

The Apple Tree

Our youth and childhood is wasted
Unnecessary stress is tasted.
We can struggle through this together
It is a journey through the nether.
We are known by what we get
Our self-esteem is under threat.
We learn useless and boring facts
In a play of more parts than acts.
One day we will be free
To indulge ourselves
Under the apple tree.

Ronan Lynch

The Battle

Endless nights sacrificed preparing for war
Morals abandoned to righteous glory
Sweat and blood is spilt for a win
Lifelong rivalries between players are born
With a blow of a whistle the battle has begun
The die is cast; the die is cast until the game is won

Ciaran Gillane

Born and Reared

I was born
I was reared
I was bullied for being fat
All I had was my music
The beat my habitat
Till you entered my life
I finally became happy
You became my wife
You made me feel sappy
I live my life and love everyone who’s in it
Because you made me realize
I had a life to enjoy
And all there was within it

Jack Sleath

The Feeling

The feeling of failure creeps up your back
Like the shadow of a demon about to attack
The sound escapes, a squeal of relief
I try to impress, but i have no belief
I try and prove and beat the best
I pump my fist, stick out my chest
And tears of joy like diamonds shed
I release the demon from my head.

Ben Garry

Struggle to Understand

I struggle to understand why I’m here
And why I’m doing what I’m doing writing paragraph after paragraph
Which doesn’t appeal to my mind yet forces me to use it
I feel more as if I’m abusing it
I see a mirrored me in a different jersey
Yet with a similar goal
We both have an understanding of each other
As we treat it like a challenge that must be won
Yet when it is done, I struggle to look past it
I see most corners of the room several upon several times
Nor do I care, as I feel comforted by it
This is the reveal my weakness and my life
I go in need of peace, which sets my mind in a place of calm
I can understand this as I feel my heart in my palm
I go to see all people I know, things, and experiences
But I don’t make a new ones out of it
As I feel like I’m walking into a dream
It’s like I’m a river going off into another stream

Josh Callanan


We learn how to navigate these city streets
Find new places and great people to meet
We play sports, have great hope and achieve new goals
We spin off into the distance, out of control
We get taught new stuff, but never new skills
We vanish into bottles seeking cheap thrills

Shea Mullane


Bust up, bruised, broken and battered bodies clash and collide
Once strong and now scared soldiers stand side by side
One mistake or slip up will often cost you dear
From the sideline shouts and roars it’s possible you may hear
However they clearly don’t understand, it’s much more difficult than it may appear
Outcome, performance and results are really all that matters
Bones are broken and dreams are shattered
Traditional, bruising bloodbaths are met with rousing applause
Innovation, invention and new ideas are abused without cause
It’s clear to be heard that here muscles are torn
But out of this carnage, on this pitch true men are born
They deserve nothing other than glory but are treated with scorn

Daniel Cooney

To be Free

I become the person I wanted to be my entire life,
I have confidence to talk to you, my future wife,
I have confidence to share my feelings to you, to share my miseries,
Bad memories become good memories,
My life becomes golden with opportunities,
These lonely days are still new to me,
All I want is to be free.

Stephen McNamara


I am in a school that I enjoy going too
Walking every morning through grass coated in dew
I push my body through the pain
With my teammates everyday
Learning to start concentrating
As I walk through our archway
I work my hardest everyday with my friends
Knowing with every match ‘this could come to an end’
I prepare myself for the future and the obstacles in my way
Shaping my life like it is made out of clay
Some days I feel like I am broken
But I come from Munchins and I am proud of it


This is Me

I find out who I am
And I really want to scram
I tell you my biggest secret
You do your best to keep it
I get to be free
It’s not looming over me
I go through my pain for the benefit of my team
Because all I can do is wish for no seam
I don’t stop till I win
I’ll throw it in the bin
I win

Donnchadha De Brún


We live in a society
Where being unique is criminal
Cause the messages are subliminal
But they don’t know it
The texts are contrasting
But they won’t show it
I look in the mirror and see me
But imagine if that weren’t to be
I fear for the people who are stuck in the past
Cause they won’t last past 2023.
They’re racist, sexist, homophobic agendas won’t stay
The people will shut them away
Cause they got fight
But just need time to show it

Marcus D

We Conquer

We conquer the big bad world
We grab the lather ball in the air
Never learning how to share
Side by side,
Sliding, gliding,
Winning, cheering
All for one shot
On the spot
Hit the ground
Hear the roar
Feel the crowd
Sing the score
Wear the jersey
We shall never give it up
What’s up willing attitudes
Never falling floating high
Till we fall or given a call
The weak get weaker
The strong get stronger
But hey what to say
Where to go just do it
For the man
The man is great
Do not hold back
Release yourself
And your ways
We stride faster
Jump higher
Growing always stronger
Forever evolving
The men we were born to be

Josh Egan

This is Where

This is where I go to “learn” not that I do
And have to earn a jersey set in time
But get peace of mind and be kind
And I will slump into a chair in the last class of the day
The bell rings forty minutes in
And I feel my body jump out of my skin

Philip Burke


We get older every day and learn
We make fiends that we will always have
We learn stuff that we will use for life
We have fun and enjoy ourselves
The day starts and ends


Good Friends

I have very good friends
That often come round my ends
I go to take my mind off stressful situations in life
So I don’t go into the afterlife
I have to preform to be respected
So that I won’t be neglected
I have to work hard to get better results
So I won’t get slagged with insults
I go to be the best I can be at what I do

Ruairi Keane

We Try

We eventually all go to die,
But we never say a proper goodbye.
I’m barely getting through the day,
The only colour I ever see is grey.
We stay while everyone else is out,
I never know what life is truly about.
We stay here in the safe house while the world goes up in flames,
We try to watch as everyone else just shifts the blames.
We are always here but it never really matters,
We try to watch while everyone else is served on platters.

Darragh Cronin

My Thoughts

I pretend to care about people I can’t see
We pretend to learn things not worth learning
They are afraid of death and believe they’ll never know it
People forget to live because they remember they might die
You pray for them so you don’t have to help
You think you’re taught to think
I hate everyone like me because I am riddled with flaws I love about myself
I am the nicest jerk and the smartest idiot and I love it
I look back at everything I just wrote and find it really cringey



We go to school, make friends,
Experience life in a new way
We stand tangled together in each doorway
We batter each other with hard-crunching tackles
When we shake off our fear, we shake off the shackles
We try too hard to become what we think makes a man
But true strength we discover is not what we planned
We experience the lows of death, love and sadness
Some drown it in drink or descend into madness
But we see the light and escape from the dark
And walk on hand in hand through the storm

Dylan Kelly


We never do anything at all in school
The stupid stuff we learn is really cruel.
You can get stabbed in school for nothing
Even for something small like shoving.
During school people smoke at lunch
They do it because they think they’re the cool bunch.

Scott Quilligan


Violence is in its element and it hurts like hell
And the only way to escape is to wait for the bell
We learn nothing and sit and stare all day
Where it’s at home we would much rather stay
People get excited when the day is over
And stop at nothing to get through the gates as fast as they can
They will stop at nothing to be the best man
People act tough so they can survive
But its free will that they are deprived
Your day can get ruined by one mistake
But you must succumb to the heartbreak

Jack O’Halloran

Boys become Men

All boys become men in the place they call The Place of Hell
All men run once they hear the bell
Everyone loves to take the piss and have fun
Until the journey home has begun
Everything can get ruined by only one
But we keep on going until we won
The bell represents the start of the day
It is your choice to take it away

Joshua Costello


We come to learn in an asylum of pointless Education
But the system has our minds in a state of Hibernation
We don’t want to wear this uniform it’s far too hot for shirts
Knowing that when we go we have to do Homework.
We have to wear our jumpers when we don’t want to.
And every day in school is made for you to just get through

Martin Deluca


We learned to write poems in school
Where lads come to act all cool
I sit and listen to teachers unnecessarily
While I sit there and dream unmeasurably
Where we go to late trainings to win everything
And go to musicals to learn to sing
We stare at the clock waiting for the bell
As we sit there beginning to feel unwell
Go to fight and act hard for each other
When we all care about as much as another

Rhys Cosgrove

This is Where

This is where we are taught pointless information
By people we don’t like and are no relation
This is where we waste most of our time
Doing stuff we don’t like resulting in crime
This is where people can’t wait for a break
To relieve the stress of school and stop acting fake
This is where sports are played, and we all gel together
Our field is our home no matter the weather

Jack Kirwan

Strong Together

I grew up and matured
Screwed up unassured
I lived and belong
Improved, became strong
I made and lost friends
I will be here forever
No one can change that
If we stay strong together

Antoine Kinsella


I wait to be 18
In this place known as Pallasgreen
I burn tyres and light fireworks
This place filled with nothing but berk’s
Guards egg the houses that egg others
Houses belonged to mothers and brothers
I escape everything and it’s just me
And I know it’s no Capri
But this is where I was raised
The place that is slightly razed
This is where I live
This is where I strive

Josh Mulhare

The Tone of the City

This is where the city is painted green or blue
It’s where chants are sung to the unproven ears
Of the people who don’t understand
It’s more than the 90 minutes
It’s the tone of city
Until the next, it’s the bragging rights
From two teams at their heights
Where teams to be reckoned with amongst
The best even now when its 3 points in league
No one cares about both sides stand
To make a change, one singing for the people
Without voice risking fines and
Even being banned from stadiums
While the others are more about the man in charge
But as much as people wish death on the others
Off a rival based on religion
What’s a hero without a villain.

Nicky Power

Growing Up

I am growing up and learning in the place where I was born
I play rugby with the club in the biting winter morn
I have to come home every day, get up too early for this crap
Have a good laugh with my friends and know just where I’m at
I have to face things I don’t want or need to ever face
People look at you differently, you’re somehow out of place
You have to get up in the morning
You think that someone cares
Until they turn around and walk

Sean Falvey

I go to School

I go to school and get an education
Where I learn about geography and the plantation
I make new friends and enemies
Who are always filled with jealously
We leave our bodies on the line
Even if the contact feels like a land mine
We support our team to the end
That’s where we will make more friends
I live and I grow with my family
And hopefully live my life happily.

Tadhg O’Shaughnessy


This is where we learn and play
In this school we have jean fay
This is where we have fun on the field
In Fortine we play to get shield
This is where we get roared and busted
And get thrown into hay
But were only teens and at the end of the day


Everyone Acts

Everyone acts so hard and tough
And this is why I have had enough
I sit and think about going home
To write the perfect poem
It’s not the learning but the knowing
I learned how to be myself
And then I go home and look at the bookshelf
I sit and stare at my watch till the day is done
Until the new one has begun

Cian Conneely


I have a laugh and the craic here
I am also from here
I chill with my friend will here
These are my ends here
I give everything my best here

Josh Leddin

Scars Never Heal

Aisling broke up with him in the Westbury field
He is heartbroken still, those scars never heal
Munchins won the Junior Cup in Thomond Park
Stepped into the light from out of the dark
One of the lads met his dream girl
He caught her and gave her a twirl
Antoine sunk a 3 pointer to win the cup
And he said yup yup cmup
This is where I won my cup final in U.L. for the dines
It was mighty fine



We won the Munster Junior Cup
We type on a computer
Not looking to our future
Keane turned into Ronaldo


Junior Cup

Kelly fainted on the first day of school
I won the Junior Cup with Munchins
I met new friends
I grew up with my friends
And I trained for rugby with my school for the last 4 years
Kelly felt sick as he bought a roll from the deli
And it didn’t sit right in his belly
The cup was won
The school went mad
The whole of Corbally were proud
Friends were made
Rugby was played
Life was great